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  1. Sinemet Question

    Hi Tjon, I have to disagree with the above post - Sinemet is not like Ibuprofen (take only when you have pain). My understanding is that Sinemet has a long duration effect and a short duration effect. It works best if taken on a regular schedule regardless of symptoms at the time of your next dose. Some people (including me) find that it keeps them awake at night and adjust their schedule so that the last dose of the day is not too close to bedtime. I use an extended release at bedtime which seems to help with that problem. I'm in my 7th year since diagnosis and, like Adams, get almost total relief of symptoms unless I'm under stress or very tired. Good luck and keep us posted. Gardener
  2. DAT

    Adam, That's a thorough answer and very helpful though I think that in your last sentence you may have intended to say "It will not tell your doctor if you have Parkinson's ..... My understanding is that the test is not a diagnostic tool for PD. Regards, Gardener
  3. Strange sensations

    Dr. Okun, It's been over a year since I asked about these chill sensations. They have increased since then so I started taking my temperature when they are occurring and discovered that my body temperature is registering between 95 -96.2. Can I assume that my body temperature is causing the chills and, if so, would PD cause fluctuations in body temperature? Thank you for your time - I get so much information from your forum. Gardener
  4. Evening restlessness

    No, I haven't but I'm beginning to develop an educated guess and believe, at least for me, that it is the build-up of medication in my system rather than wearing off. I'm tapering my late afternoon and evening dosage and so far there is some improvement. I especially notice that I'm not flopping around like a fish the first hour or so after going to bed. Need more time to work on this.
  5. Good morning!!

    Thank you "N" for the response. I'll try the gel drops along with the wetting drops - I have worn contacts for almost 50 years but haven't been able to wear them because of this issue. Would love to use them again as my correction is very high.
  6. Good morning!!

    Hi all, I often read this thread but haven't posted here. Anyway, I was interested in the dry eye issue as I have been struggling with this for at least two years. Do you know if it is a side effect of the medication or caused by PD? I also use the wetting drops all day but they really don't help much. My eye doctor wants to prescribe medication for this but the options are expensive and I really don't want to add any more pills to my system. It's one of the most difficult symptoms to deal with. Take care, Gardener
  7. Hi Fred, Trazadone has been around for a long time and was used as an antidepressant but is now more commonly prescribed for insomnia. It has been a life saver for me and since starting it I have been getting 6-8 hours of sleep. Gardener
  8. Hi NCFred, The first few years my MDS was scheduling me every 4-5 months. I traveled 6 hours roundtrip. Looking back, I think it was excessive as my progression was slow. It really depends on your symptoms and progression. If you are managing well with your current treatment, there is little to be gained by frequent appointments. If I had it to do over I would have allowed them to schedule me a follow-up but cancelled if things were going well. Welcome to the forum. Gardener
  9. PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    Hello PD Guy- It sounds like you and your wife have been through a very long difficult period in your marriage and you are still together so, no, I don't think it's a lost cause. I hope that your wife is willing to participate in marriage counseling with you but, if not, go without her. Good luck and keep us posted. Gardener
  10. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    After reading comments on the Open Forum stating "no PD if you can still smell" I asked the Doc to respond - I'm sure his opinion will be among his next postings. I have not lost my sense of smell either though I do notice some decrease with certain scents.
  11. Apathy - any suggestions

    S- For me, apathy has been the symptom that has affected my quality of life more than all the others combined. At first I thought it might be depression and my doctor prescribed an antidepressant. I was on it for about three years but it didn't help so I stopped taking it. Exercise might help but apathy can make it difficult to initiate it. The initiation of anything, social interactions, hobbies, even making a phone call is where I struggle. Once I've started something I usually see it through. My best advice is to fight it with everything you have! Gardener
  12. Sense of Smell

    Hello Dr. Okun, It has been stated in the Open Forum that if a person still has their sense of smell a Parkinson's disease diagnosis is not likely. Is this true and if so, why haven't I been asked about my sense of smell during my 7 years of appointments with three different MDS and several NP? I have noticed a diminished sense of smell with some scents (Chlorine beach being the most affected) but certainly not a loss of smell. Can you set the record straight for us - thank you! Gardener
  13. Dual Diagnosis

    Thank you for sharing your story - tragic as it is. If we are to believe the statistics, 50% of us will experience dementia during the course of our disease. Our caregivers and loved ones will suffer along with us. I hope that you and your daughters can find some way to heal and gain strength from your husband's courageous battle. Best wishes, Gardener
  14. Weather and PD

    Cold weather makes jaw tremor worse and brings out tremor in arm and hand that I usually don't have. It also makes rigidity worse. It doesn't have to get very cold for this to happen.
  15. Evening restlessness

    Hi jsaltsfaver - Your husband's restlessness describes my own. I can't sit at a table after eating either. The really curious part of this is that it primarily occurs in the evening. I'll bring it up at my next appt. but like most of these issues, my MDS doesn't provide an explanation. If she can't observe she dismisses it. Thanks to all who responded. Gardener