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  1. Gardener

    Morning weakness

    Hi Fred, Are you getting enough sleep? If not, it might take extra dopamine to get you going. Before I started Trazadone (which has been a miracle drug for me to help with sleep) the mornings were really rough. I'm still slow for the first couple of hours after awakening - it seems like that first dose just takes a little longer. Gardener
  2. Gardener

    Ask the Doc

    The subject is "swelling." I have noticed that this has happened to others who have posted a question in the doc forum. It doesn't happen very often - maybe I should just repost the question.
  3. Gardener

    Ask the Doc

    Forum Administrator, If it is only visible to me why does it appear in the doc forum and currently has 46 views? Gardener
  4. Gardener

    prescribed pramipexole

    Hi Fred, In year two after dx I was on a similar dose of Sinemet along with pramipexole. I experienced impulse control issues as well as insomnia. I stopped the pramipexole and slowly shortened the intervals of Sinemet to eliminate wearing off. This strategy has worked well for me. As LAD said, everyone is different and there is probably not too much downside to trying it - just be aware of the potential side effects. Gardener
  5. Gardener

    Ask the Doc

    Thank you, Linda. I'll wait and see what happens next.
  6. Gardener

    Ask the Doc

    I asked a question to Dr. Okun in the ask the doc forum but for some reason it appears in the forum but with no answer. I have noticed that this has happened to others - a question will appear in the Doc forum but with no answer. What's happening? Gardener
  7. Gardener

    Dropping Things

    Hi Bill, I drop things a lot and in my case I think it has more to do with stiff hands, not shaking hands as I generally don't have tremor. Gardener
  8. Gardener


    Hello Dr. Okun, I've been having fluid retention on my affected side (mostly hand and lower leg). My hand is quite painful when this happens. I've had stiffness in both hands for many years and Levodopa does help. Could this be PD or should I be investigating other causes? Thank you. Gardener
  9. Gardener

    Is DBS being oversold?

    Hi Johnny, There may be something to your concern. At my 5 year mark, I was asked if I would consider DBS. My doctor wanted to put in a referral for an evaluation. I responded that the meds seemed to work well for me and that I hoped I would never have to face DBS but also wouldn't rule it out down the road. I also wonder about DATscans - are they being over sold too? Seems like a simple levodopa challenge is an effective diagnostic tool. Better yet, time will reveal the answer for most people. Glad you had a nice Father's Day. Gardener
  10. Gardener

    medicare coverage

    Noah, Did you sign-up for a Medicare supplement and, if so, is it a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medigap Plan? These plans often pickup the expenses that Medicare doesn't cover. You have six months from the date of your Medicare eligibility to sign-up for a Medigap Plan without going through medical underwriting (very important for people who have PD). The Advantage Plans are very different and in my opinion more costly in the long run for people with a medical condition that requires frequent and long term care. Good luck! Gardener
  11. Benyamin, Thanks for posting - very interesting. It would be more revealing if she was not on medication and used exercise only to evaluate its effectiveness. How can one know if it is the medication or exercise that is helping the most when both are used together? That being said, I'm impressed with the amount of exercise she is doing especially given her age. Gardener
  12. Gardener

    10 good years???

    Enjoying this post - I'm 7 years in and doing much better than I imagined when I was diagnosed. I can't do half of what I used to be able to do but it's the other half that I'm pleased about. We're all different but also alike in so many ways.
  13. Gardener

    Dyskinesia vs Akinesia

    Hi Otolorin, A couple of years ago, I was taking 1,000mg of c/l a day and experienced wiggly feet and involuntary movement in my hand. Over the past two years I've slowly reduced my medication to 650mg and almost never have dyskinesia. I do have more PD symptoms now but I've adjusted and very happy to be on less medication. I have a question for you - do you experience any tremor at all? Gardener
  14. Gardener

    Dyskinesia vs Akinesia

    Hi PD, Maybe these are questions for the Doc, but it is my understanding that dyskinesia can be present with both tremor and non tremor PD types as it is a symptom of excess dopamine. Akinesia is a defining symptom of PD and I believe can be present in both types as well. I am not tremor dominant and have experienced both symptoms. Gardener
  15. Gardener

    Loosing My Mind

    Hi Rayb, I'm afraid I don't have much help to offer but I'm here to lend support. Everyone experiences this disease a little differently and what you describe sounds like apathy. I also struggle with it and find socializing very difficult. Maybe because I am much older than you, I'm not too distressed about it except for the times when it affects those close to me. Have you tried an antidepressant? Some here report that it helps - I tried Celexa for several years and didn't feel much different but it might be worth looking into. Also, you don't say if you are taking medication yet but you might find some relief once your meds are optimized. Hang in there! Gardener