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  1. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    After reading comments on the Open Forum stating "no PD if you can still smell" I asked the Doc to respond - I'm sure his opinion will be among his next postings. I have not lost my sense of smell either though I do notice some decrease with certain scents.
  2. Apathy - any suggestions

    S- For me, apathy has been the symptom that has affected my quality of life more than all the others combined. At first I thought it might be depression and my doctor prescribed an antidepressant. I was on it for about three years but it didn't help so I stopped taking it. Exercise might help but apathy can make it difficult to initiate it. The initiation of anything, social interactions, hobbies, even making a phone call is where I struggle. Once I've started something I usually see it through. My best advice is to fight it with everything you have! Gardener
  3. Dual Diagnosis

    Thank you for sharing your story - tragic as it is. If we are to believe the statistics, 50% of us will experience dementia during the course of our disease. Our caregivers and loved ones will suffer along with us. I hope that you and your daughters can find some way to heal and gain strength from your husband's courageous battle. Best wishes, Gardener
  4. Weather and PD

    Cold weather makes jaw tremor worse and brings out tremor in arm and hand that I usually don't have. It also makes rigidity worse. It doesn't have to get very cold for this to happen.
  5. Evening restlessness

    Hi jsaltsfaver - Your husband's restlessness describes my own. I can't sit at a table after eating either. The really curious part of this is that it primarily occurs in the evening. I'll bring it up at my next appt. but like most of these issues, my MDS doesn't provide an explanation. If she can't observe she dismisses it. Thanks to all who responded. Gardener
  6. Evening restlessness

    Thanks, Dave. I will bring it up at my next appointment. The restlessness is always in the evening. When I wakeup, before meds, I'm very calm and don't feel like moving at all until the Sinemet kicks in. During the day I function fairly normal and try to keep moving. What kind of wearing off dyskinesia do you experience? Gardener
  7. Dropping Things

    Hi Bill, Things have been flying out of my hands since before diagnosis. I think it is PD and not medication. I find that I drop less if I slow down and concentrate on what I'm doing. Glad that most of your PD symptoms are under good control with Sinemet. Gardener
  8. Evening restlessness

    I'm having a combination of exhaustion/restlessness in the evening and wonder if others feel this as well. It's difficult at times to sit still in a chair yet I'm too tired to do anything else. It continues when I go to bed for the first hour or more where I toss and turn unable to find a comfortable position. This has been slowly building into a problem especially when our kids are visiting. I'm wondering if this is a symptom of too much Levodopa or just progression. Any thoughts? Gardener
  9. Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    Hi Otolorin, I started one year after diagnosis. I tried Amantadine, Mirapex and Azilect my first year. The Amantadine was not effective, I had compulsive issues with Mirapex and intolerable side effects with Azilect. I tolerate Sinemet very well. How are you doing? Gardener
  10. Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    Hi Johnny, I haven't been able to find a MDS who I am comfortable with. The options are few where we live. I also have myoclonus jerks, mainly in my jaw. Sinemet does seem to help but I need to stay on a high dose and maintain a strict schedule. My doctor thinks that I'm taking too much but when I try to scale back the stiffness in my legs and back is more than I want to deal with. So far, dyskinesia hasn't been an issue. I'm in my 7th year since dx and managing fairly well. Gardener
  11. Getting to thankfulness

    Hi Miracleseeker, How long has your mom been dx with PD and how long has she needed your care? I admire your dedication to her but hope that my children will be spared the task and that I will go from some other cause before PD claims my independence. Take care, Gardener
  12. Handwriting changes

    Hi S- Hand pain was one of my first symptoms and disappeared completely when I started Sinemet. I've now been on Sinemet for five years and the hand pain will sometimes return when my medication wears off or if I use my hand in a job that requires gripping. If you do have PD the medication will hopefully relieve most of your symptoms. Good luck and keep us posted. Gardener
  13. Dyskinesia

    Mark, To be clear, dyskinesia can occur in the on state and off state with excess levodopa and dyskinesia can occur with excess levodopa with or without Parkinson's disease. Do I have that right? Thanks. Gardener
  14. Dyskinesia

    Hi Mark, I've read that dyskinesia is tied to the individual dose and not the accumulated daily dose. In my case, I'm having what I believe is dyskinesia (wiggling feet when seated in a recliner chair) that occurs in early evening after my 4th dose of 1.5 25/100 Sinemet. The wiggling begins about 1 hour after the 4th dose and usually lasts less than an hour. It doesn't bother me enough to cut back on my medication although I have tried to do so and the rigidity pain is worse than the wiggling. I also would like to know if dyskinesia is a function of both excess medication and disease progression or if you could have dyskinesia with excess Sinemet but no PD. Thank you so much for taking time to answer our questions. Gardener
  15. Problems that repeat

    Hi Murray, Without knowing any specifics it's difficult to comment but a couple of things come to mind. You could be experiencing changes in behavior/personality because of disease progression. Also, if you are taking levodopa it also has some of the impulsive side effects that the agonists are known for (take a close look at the drug side effects). It could be that you are sensitive to that drug as well. I have gone through periods when I don't feel mentally together but they are usually when I have had days without a good sleep. Are you sleeping well? Hang in there! Gardener