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  1. I have this also. It doesn't hurt or bother me but it is a curiosity!
  2. Thanks, Benyamin, for putting together this promising information for us. Gardener
  3. Hi John, I had myoclonic jerks of the jaw before dx (I didn't know what they were at the time and referred to them as jaw tremor). The Sinemet took care of them. Recently, I've been experimenting with reducing my medication and have noticed a return of the jaw jerks. They happen most frequently when I am eating or talking. I have come close to cracking my front tooth. I would like to know more about the prevalence of these movements in PD but can find very little information when searching the internet. Do you experience them in your mouth? Take care, Gardener
  4. Hello Dr. Okun, A few months ago I developed a fullness/clicking/echo/ringing in my right ear and doc treated it with prednisone (she said my tube was not draining properly). The prednisone worked quickly and for a couple of months everything was okay but I am now plugged again in the same ear. I don't want to keep taking prednisone for this problem. Could this be PD related? Thank you. Gardener
  5. Hi DayneE, I can understand how restaurant work could be difficult at any stage of PD and especially for a server. SSDI will look at your previous work to see if it might be possible for you to perform a less physical job. Have you thought about trying office or some other type of work? When I was finally dx, I had already been off work for a few years as a full-time caregiver for a family member. My SSD benefit window to apply was to expire in three months so I had to apply. It took a full three years to get approved. My age (58 at the time) helped my case. My attorney said that the Judge would take that into consideration. All in all, it was a very frustrating and sometimes humiliating experience. In retrospect, I think I would have been happier spending those early years engaged in something more productive and enjoyable. When your life is full and balanced, you have less time to dwell on the disease. Best wishes, Gardener
  6. Hi Bill, You will know if the Sinemet is working if you start moving more freely. Your pace may pickup, your arms might swing more, and overall you feel less stiff. I especially notice a difference when walking down my basement steps. You are still on a very low dose so you may not notice a difference until you titrate up. By the way, you have a wonderful attitude about life. Take care, Gardener
  7. NN, Could you elaborate on the tests performed to dx MSA. I surely hope that your gut feeling is wrong. Thanks for sharing. Gardener
  8. Bill, That's great! Hope you are feeling better soon. Gardener
  9. Hi Bill, I'm not sure I follow your question. There isn't a difference of opinion on using Sinemet and doing physical therapy. As Daven said, it's not an either/or. Exercise and physical therapy is good at any age. Sinemet therapy is sometimes reserved for later years with PD, especially with young onset PD. Young onset is defined as 40 years and under however some doctors treat ages 40-50 as young onset. 66 would not be considered young onset. Since you have Dementia with Lewy Bodies your medication treatment would likely differ from those with idiopathic PD and it would be important to follow your doctor's advice. Wish you well, Gardener
  10. Most people can't tell I have PD. For those who know of my dx, I prefer not to talk about it. When asked how I'm doing, my response is usually "fine." I have been asked what it feels like but am unable to describe it. The wide array of symptoms start to sound like I'm a hypochondriac so I would rather not answer. Gardener
  11. I would do both if you can manage it. The sinemet won't do much for your balance issues. Physical therapy and exercise should help a lot. If the medication works for you, you'll find that it eases the stiffness enough to enable exercise. Gardener
  12. The headline for this study is misleading: "Most patients with Parkinson's showed NfL levels in the normal range" so this blood test doesn't appear to diagnosis Parkinson's Disease but rather it helps doctors determine if PD is idiopathic or atypical. Am I understanding this correctly? Gardener
  13. Hi Otolorin, Take a few deep breaths and think this through. It sounds to me like your anxiety disorder is in overdrive because of the Parkinson's diagnosis. It might be that a change in occupation will be necessary but your life is not over. With proper treatment, exercise and rest you may have many good years ahead. This forum is a great place to work through issues and get help. Best to you, Gardener
  14. Roger took the words right out of my mouth. Don't delay - hire an attorney. This smells bad! Gardener
  15. Agree with MS. If you aren't worried about this women taking advantage of your Dad, then let it go. It would be a good idea to check in from time to time to make sure that he is okay and to establish a relationship with his wife. It would not be unusual for a person his age with PD for over twenty years to show signs of dementia - the only way you will know for sure is to spend time with him. Best of luck, Gardener