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    My understanding is it always works but your progression continues anyway lol I think 10 yrs is about right It really worked for me but recovery from the surgery is major when they say 3-6 months they mean 3-6 months but for me it meant no more pills or dyskinesia just get up and go again
  2. Balance

    try wearing hiking boots silly but works for me S
  3. Ive had pd for about 10 yrs deep brain about a year ago, no more meds ,what a relief I've recently had a lot of fatigue I've tried nuvigil with some success but wondered what others with pd related are doing thanks in advance S
  4. DBS Benefits & Un-Benefits

    this is totally nutty,do you have any evidence for your claim or is it all a conspiracy
  5. medical marijuana

    ok ill start if you can reduce your simenet dosage its worth it
  6. medical marijuana

    Why not describe your own experience using medical mara I know I would be interested in details of your experience
  7. When to quit work?

    I worked in a foundry as well when I got diagnosis for pd. Have you considered if it is safe for you to remain in that environment,solvents,welding fumes,ect. sorry too add to your worries. S
  8. Taking sinemet, body twitching

    Hi I hate to say but maybe time for second look at your doctor thats a lot of simenet to take in one dose I take half a pill every hour and a half If I took that much id have problems too gluck S
  9. My understanding is loss of smell is a typical parkinsons sympton often a early warning of it S
  10. Increased creativity due to meds

    heres my website; scottwheelock.com
  11. Hi...new to forum. Spouse has YOPD.

    I have a fourteen yr old son who loves sports. he says want to play baseball?I say maybe in twenty minutes when my meds are up,fifteen minutes later I'm out there 90% of the time its great .I wounding do this on my own .sure I go to gym and yoga but that push really has helped me to realize I can do a lot more than I (feel) like I can.Hope this helps S
  12. http://www.fiercepharmamanufacturing.com/story/teva-recalls-parkinsons-disease-drug-because-it-may-be-superpotent/2014-08-26 called my doc will get back with his info my pills say teva on them may be nothing but wanted to pass on
  13. what do you sleep on

    lol that pd in a nutshell
  14. medical marijuana

    all said and done, smoking M. seems to be helping a lot of people whose life is very hard. As to drug abuse: prescription pill abuse is currently americas no. 1 drug problem and after all aren't we all sinemet addicts