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  1. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Normaly I would say your doctor knows best but I think its a bit unusual to start someone on rytary is your md a movement disorder specialist please keep posting S
  2. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Normaly I would say your doctor knows best but I think its a bit unusual to start someone on rytary is your md a movement disorder specialist please keep posting S
  3. 23 year old female worried about PD

    Ive rethought my answer if you have something other then pd it may be important to get a diagnnnosis early intervention pd not so important although I know very little about juvenile pd except it is very rare goodluck S
  4. 23 year old female worried about PD

    Realy if you have pd all medical science has to offer is symptomatic relief it will become clear if you a pd or not that being said, medical science is very good at that syptommatic relief (although drugs can have side effects) what I'm suggesting is consider yourself a person with stmptoms forget about the labels
  5. what do you do for fatigue

    I'm now on a vsmall dose of rytalin insurance wouldn't pay 4 nuvigl I don't feel drugged but I often get through the day and say "whatdouknow I wasn't tired at all today" hopefull it will last
  6. Hypervigilance?

    I of course don't know do you have a neurologist you trust and has known both of you a while also is he taking meds
  7. Approved for DBS

    ty tom I thought something seemed funny 5k ,that says it all
  8. What caused your Doc to suggest DBS?

    I had good luck with my dbs the thing to remember is its brain surgery and will take time to recover
  9. Just diagnosed at age 40

    I'm very sorry ,I remember being scared too still-- joint pain? I'm not familiar with that being associated with pd at least not at begining anyone else?
  10. Approved for DBS

    and of course you could have a hard recovery(6 to 12 months) or a easy one (jump up and go) or most likely somewhere in the middle! S
  11. Approved for DBS

    sorry that was a little harsh! my understanding is those symptums that respond to ei dopa will respond to dbs that is unique to the individual and since progression continues those that don't will get worse complicating this is you will be able to exersize more so that may delay progression there is a 2-3% chance the operation will go badly ,that's not high but its not nothing either hope this helps S
  12. Approved for DBS

    lol my speech and balance are much improved what is your objective in scaring people waruna your best source of info is a neuurologist s
  13. Approved for DBS

    When I choose dbs I felt I had nothing to lose the meds where not working I increased dosage and had side effects that required physical therapy the operation was not so bad, did both sides at once, the recovery was long but not longer than i was told it would be the good news is it was very successful,I never thought i would feel this good again so, yes its a gamble but theres a possibility of a big win and the odds are in your favor any questions you have I would be glad to answer S

    My understanding is it always works but your progression continues anyway lol I think 10 yrs is about right It really worked for me but recovery from the surgery is major when they say 3-6 months they mean 3-6 months but for me it meant no more pills or dyskinesia just get up and go again