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    Azilect , BK Mertz, Requip Modutab 14mg, Levadopa/Carb 250/25 half of tablet 4 times a day (altogether 2 tablets a day)
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  1. Linda, I do understand the history, but except for pdmanaz there are others .. I hope we both learned the lesson . Sorry for being sharp . Have a good day )
  2. >>Perhaps you do that with other posts in which you are not interested? I do skip your threads. But this thread was open by someone who already argued with you. Why do you post in his thread? He asked a very specific question- do you really believe that it is a right place to talk about what you felt last Monday? This forum changed since you started flooding. What you do is very annoing. And very unpolite.
  3. miracleseeker, this is not only about length. This is about flooding. Linda still doesn't understand that her posts are very annoying. She is sure that when someone tryes to stop her it is personally. Looks like nobody can stop her... 😒
  4. >> as any GI discomfort seems to affect my tremors and general well being So true!
  5. I found this video in some of the recent posts - very good explanation about PD drugs
  6. Do you feel better after some physical activity? I feel some tension inside me - but not all the time and it almost disappears after intensive physical activity - mainly walking. I wonder if this is what you feel?
  7. Dear Linda, Compare the length of your posts to the post of the others . Try to write in 2-3 sentences what you want to say - taking into account that this info should be useful for the author. And maybe you will see why pdmanaz respond so angry. When someone writes such a long posts it makes very difficult to navigate through the thread . Especially when the long post has almost no useful information. If you answer pls try not to write more then 3-4 lines. Thank you.
  8. >> I know I am rambling, but can you help me understand how this Ropinrole er should make me feel? It's different for each of us - you never know how your body will response. I know this feeling - internal noise - but I don't think it is due to requip because it stated only before a few months and I'm taking requip for about 6 years. In my case it may be side effect of levadopa or just a progression of my PD. But it tells almost nothing on your case ...
  9. >>i am on the Ropinrole er, I am on the last week of doubling it and up to 8mg. Will I be able to go higher or is this the max? I started from 8mg, now I take 16mg R ex , at some point instead of increasing requip my doctor started small dose of dopicar (sinemet?) , for some reason she didn't want just to increase requip dosage again, but I take less levadopa because of requip. as far as I know maximal dose is 24mg. hope it is possible to understand what I wrote
  10. Agree about ice - you need heating pillow or heating cream. I use finalgon, there are others. And the most important for me is yoga. I practice iyengar yoga because it is slow and it is a out stretching.
  11. my MDS claims that there is a big chance that AZILECT slows the progression of PD, so I never felt any effect from taking AZ but I continue to take it (started in 2010) about antagonists - I read that if the patient is younger than 60 it is recommended to start from antagonists and only if there are serious side effects or if it impossible to continue increasing the dose - then add levodopa. I was 49 and had no side effects and antagonists save me almost 3 years without levodopa. even now I take half a pill of levo/carbo 250/25 every 4 hours - so it is 2-2.5 pills a day - I think that it is quite good for 7-th year of PD one more med that helps me - PK Mertz. I don't feel much difference when I take it orally, but my MDS starts giving it by infusion and it is a big difference - muscles are much more relaxed, less pain
  12. Doctors change their mind every few days, I prefer not to experiment on myself Also it is nice to think that I fooled PD and won a few years of a normal life
  13. do u take any pills for PD? I think if the symptom would disappear after you take something that helps you with other PD symptoms than it is PD-related.
  14. Manolo your message made me think again about antagonists vs levo/carbo .. I heard or read (or both ) that for the people younger than 60 (? ) it is recommend to start with antagonists , but for those older than 60 - with levo/carbo will try to find the reference
  15. I am , works ok for me