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  1. pdmanaz, You are not the administrator of this forum, just a user like the rest of us. The administrators have stated that this area is unmoderated. If you don't like the content, then don't read it. It really is as simple as that. If something really offends you, report your objections to the forum administrators. If you want a moderated forum for PD, shell out some money and start your own. This forum is provided to us free of charge. Dave
  2. Roger, Whats your problem? If these religious zealots want to discuss religion and how it helps them get through the day, that's there prerogative. I do not have their belief system and Linda's thread has no effect on my life. Is it any different than the Good Morning thread that rarely discusses PD issues or the Medical Marijuana thread that talks about the wonders of MM for every disease known to man but rarely mentions PD. This is an Open Forum and if the administrators have not closed the topics, I guess they have no issue with them. Your objection to the thread is because you object to their religion. Are you afraid they're going to convert you? Just ignore the subjects you don't like. Life is to short to worry about what Linda is writing about. Dave
  3. Luke, As you state in your post, there are other diseases that can mimic Parkinson's. Are you taking any medication for your symptoms? If you're thinking of having another DaT Scan, I would wait at least two years from the original one. Basically give the disease some time to progress. If that one comes back normal, odds are you having something other than Parkinson's. The DaT Scan just determines if you have a dopamine transporter problem indicating that you have PD. Another disease that mimics some of the symptoms of PD is Dopamine Responsive Dystonia (DRD) but will have a normal scan. If you do have PD, its not going anywhere. Short of exercise, there is nothing that can slow down the progression. Take a deep breath and try to relax. Live your life while you still can. Dave
  4. Lu, I live with chronic pain but I'm not taking methadone. I have read it's a very effective pain medication. You need to set aside the stigma of what they normally use the drug for. Give it a try. It's my understanding that it's a very inexpensive drug for pain relief. Dave
  5. Bill, I think you will be pleasantly surprised in how much BIG will help.
  6. Bill, that shouldn't gross anyone out. That is by far my most annoying symptom. When I'm ON, I pee like someone in their late 50's, but when I'm OFF it's like this major production that takes an excessive amount of time. Glad the Sinemet is starting to help. Dave
  7. Here's a question for the forum. I was putting away the dishes this morning when I noted to my wife that I've broken a lot of glasses over the past year, six to be exact and a glass water bottle. My wife purchased some heavy glasses which I broke three of them and the other three were a lighter style. What type of drinking glasses are you using in your home? Would be very interested to hear from some of the caregivers as I'm sure they've been through the broken glass syndrome already. Thanks. Dave P.S. I'm not ready for sippy cups just yet.
  8. You have Parkinson's, taking L-Dopa is not an issue. My question is, what does this drug do to a normal person? If you have to take pills, they should at least treat the underlying condition.
  9. Roger, I agree that the L-Dopa challenge is probably the gold standard, but you have to have visible symptoms that the doctor can see for it to work. My challenge was in his office and they did a thorough exam of me prior to the challenge and a second exam an hour after I took C/L. Not only did the challenge demonstrate improvement within my follow up exam, they explained to me some of the subtle changes that I wasn't aware of. My doctor is a firm believer that this test can be administered in the office. If no improvement is detected on the first dose, he repeats the test a second and maybe a third time upping the dose each time. If you have PD, the C/L will eventually help some symptoms. I think sometimes a patients symptoms are questionable or borderline. The imaging tests aren't experimental and can help confirm the diagnosis for the patient and the practitioner. Doing the same test 5 to 6 times over a long period of time in hopes that the result will finally change is insane. Do you think it's wise to take these drugs over the long haul if the diagnosis is in doubt? Dave
  10. Ed, I had some of the issues you speak of with Sinemet. My problem was that it's effectiveness ramped up quickly and fell off just as fast. There's a lot of things you can do, such as moving doses closer together. My doctor ended up switching me to Rytary and even that took about a year to settle on a good dose and schedule. Rytary is an extended release version of Carbidopa/Levodopa whereas Sinemet is an immediate release version of C/L. Talk to your doctor so the two of you can figure this out. Dave
  11. Bill, Adverse reactions can occur right away, years down the road, or never. Don't worry about it until it happens. Dave
  12. Bill, My MDS is the one who prescribed the BIG program for me. I've been on Carbidopa/Levodopa for several years and after procastinating on dong the BIG program for over a year, I finally completed the program this past December. I highly recommend doing both if that's what you need to improve the quality of your life. It's not BIG vs Sinemet but rather whatever it takes. Dave
  13. That was awesome.
  14. Otolorin, Yes, I drive while taking my Parkinson's meds. I do not take Sinemet but rather a much more expensive C/L called Rytary. I leave for work everyday at 6:00am to travel in one of the countries worst traffic areas, the suburbs of Washington D.C.. I only sleep about 6 hours every night, usually broken up in the middle of the night with a bathroom stop or sleep walking in the bedroom. When I was first diagnosed, I was prescribed Mirapex but that drug just increased my fatigue. I've never experienced a sleep attack on any Parkinson's medication as of yet. I do experience fatigue if I don't take my Rytary at the prescribed times. My PD is rigid dominate, meaning I don't have a pronounced tremor. The dyskinesia I experience is in my hands and no I've never taken anything for it. I also experience dystonia in my right hand and legs when I wear off or take too much Rytary. Basically timing is everything and I've learned to build a routine around my medication. I agree with Gardener, you need to take a step back and try to relax. PD is not the end of the world. I still do everything that I've always done, albeit a little slower now. This past weekend, I installed Durock Cement board and plywood on two walls in my furnace/storage room to reduce the furnace noise in my daughters bedroom. You can still be physical with PD. Don't let this disease control you. Dave
  15. I participated in a study in 2015 to determine the effects of Azilect on cognitive decline. Unfortunately, I was given the placebo during the study so did not receive any benefits during the study. I've been on Azilect since the study and it's been very helpful in allowing me to maintain some semblance of what I once was. Dave