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  1. Polly want a cracker?
  2. Manolo, You're going to have to set your timeline question to the side. The best answer I've received so far was from my MDS who said let's hope you progress slowly. No two people are the same with this disease. I've had Parkinson's for five years, officially diagnosed 3 years ago. I think (hope) I'm progressing slowly. My symptoms are basically on my right side but noticed some funky stuff happening on my left side. If you find the crystal ball, take a peek for me. Dave
  3. Matt, This doesn't sound like Parkinson's. It usually starts on one side and eventually migrates to the other side. If your only symptom is the twitch/tremor that hasn't progressed in 7 years consider yourself lucky and have a happy productive life. I'm not sure what the unsteadiness is. When I have balance issues, it's really obvious. It looks like I've had one too many which kinda of sucks cause I don't have the buzz that goes with it. If you're still worried, I hope your doctor can figure it out. Good luck from one programmer to another. Dave
  4. This is not the end of the world for your husband or for you either. Were you this upset when you didn't know what the diagnosis was? Parkinson's progresses very slowly so you have a lot of good years ahead of you before it gets in your way. By that time there might be better solutions and you'll be used to and prepared for all the different changes. You need to take a step back. The best advice I can give you is for your husband to start a vigorous exercise program as that is the only thing known to slow down the progression of PD. Dave
  5. Bill, Glad to see you're a convert now. I know you had doubts - resistance is futile :). Dave
  6. Chuck, This disease effects everyone differently so do what you think is in your best interests. If medication will help improve the quality of your life or you can hold off for a while, then go for it. The one thing that I do suggest is an exercise program. Dave
  7. Patriot, Not everyone can get by on exercise alone. Like you, I have a vigorous exercise program. I walk on average 20K steps a day, yet every morning I wake up to cramps in my feet which don't go away until I've taken my Rytary and it has kicked in. If I wear off during the day, my hands get stiff and cramp. Using a keyboard and mouse becomes difficult when this happens. My treatment is a combination of exercise and Parkinson's medications. Not everyone can just get stoned in the corner to help alleviate their symptoms. Marijuana is illegal in the eyes of the Federal Government so if you work for the feds in any capacity you can not partake in your cure without being terminated from you position. Dave
  8. If the C/L was working, tell him that's what you want. It's gonna be effective for however long it will be regardless of when you start. If he won't prescribe it, find another doctor who has more experience in treating PD. Dave
  9. Stump, he's been logging on. He's gone dark for the time being. He'll engage again if he feels the need.
  10. Shakes, I edited my comment due to the misunderstanding. Our wives have a lot to deal with and I'm sure your wife has some extra stress with young children. One thing I have noted in my life is that most people you interact with are oblivious to your problems because they are focused on their own. I lose and get stuck on words a lot. It can be embarrassing when your having a technical discussion with a peer and can't find the proper word. Some people fill in the blank for me and I don't even think they realized they are helping me. I have not publicly disclosed that I have PD. Dave
  11. Shakes, I'm a lot older than you but I still work full time. I struggle with all of the issues you state. I participated in a study a couple of years ago to determine if Azilect can aid with cognitive decline. I ended up with the placebo during the trial. Afterwards I started taking Azilect and my processing has shown some improvement. I'm definitely not declining as fast as I was. I still lose words, get confused, and take longer to do tasks that years ago I would have done in half the time. I'm a programmer and multi-tasking is part of my job description, something I struggle with on a daily basis. Am I better than I once was - NO. However, a compromised me is still better than a twenty/thirty/forty something operating at 100%. I've forgotten more than most of them will ever know. I plan on retiring in 3 1/2 years or applying for disability if I hit the point when I can't do my job anymore. My current bet is on retirement. Dave
  12. This past weekend the weather was perfect on Sunday (Mother's Day). My wife went to visit her Mom while I stayed at home to do some chores. First, I had to mow the lawn because that stuff that falls from the sky, rain, makes it grow. It also doesn't help that I put fertilizer down this spring. next up was to continue my task of painting the foundation. My wife's rules of engagement on projects is no ladders without a spotter. Being the typical guy, that surely does not count a step stool (ladder). I managed to do really well on the stool on the uneven grass as I slowly worked on my project. I finally decided to pack up shop for the day. I placed the stool on the patio (flat surface), stood on the top step so I could remove the tape around the gutter that I did not want to paint. I have no idea what happened next as my 198lb body fell to the ground, recording my first Parkinson's fall, as my back rammed into the 8x8 support post for my screened in porch which preceded the rasbury on my left leg and skinned knuckles on my right hand. I laid there on the ground trying to catch my breath which was unexplicably taken away for some reason, thankful that no one witnessed my Humpty Dumpty impersonation. The moral of the story is if your wife says no ladders unless you have help, you should listen. Of course I'm a guy and am invincible. For some reason I think I'm much younger than I actually am. Ahhh, to be twenty one again........ Cheers everyone. Dave
  13. Bill, It's my underatanding that Sinemet is absorbed in the small intestines. If it doesn't get converted during that time frame, it goes down the tubes. As for constipation, I've been dealing with this issue for the last 15+ years, long before I developed Parkinson's. I have chronic pain for nerve damage in my lower back. I take pain medication every day. Prior to PD, the constipation was an on and off again problem. PD has made this a daily struggle. I take Miralax every day along with the Apple Sauce concoction that my doctor suggested I take. I've modified it to my personal taste: 1 tbsp of Apple Sauce 3 tbsp of Wheat Germ (Kretschmer Wheat Germ - Original Toasted) Sprinkle some Ground Saigon Cinnamon for taste (supposedly good for my Diabetes) Heat in the microwave for 60 seconds Hopefully that helps you out. Dave
  14. Bluemoon, Live your life the same way as you were before you were diagnosed. Have another child if that's what you want. Parkinson's isn't going to kill you, just make life complicated sometimes. I doubt your 4 year old would understand. Exercise is the best thing for you. Dave
  15. Have any of you had your back examined? I have peripheral neuropathy completely unrelated to my Parkinson's. An EMG and Nerve conduction study can confirm where the nerve damage is coming from. Mine is from a disc that exploded in my back many years ago. It was like a hand grenade went off in my back becuase the disc was mostly calcified when it happened. I digress, let a doctor determine what's the best course of action. Lyrica works a little better than Gabapentin. I'm unable to take either but have tried them and they were helpful except for the side effects. Dave