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  1. George, Whether you take or delay meds is sometimes a hot topic depending on your opinion. One thing I have personally noted from my own experience is if you're focusing on the disease, your symptoms are gonna be magnified quite a bit. First, you need to find things that will distract you from having PD. It's not going anywhere, so fretting about it is wasted energy. Excercise everyday!!!! If you still feel that your quality of life needs something extra, then by all means discuss with your doctor on what they think would be best for you. You could try starting with Azilect to see if it might help (pretty rare if it does, but still worth the attempt). Be careful with the agonists as they can cause some serious unwanted issues. Not everyone experIences these problems, so if you go that route have your family keeps tabs on you. If all else fails, you can go for the gold standard of Carbidopa/Levadopa in the form of Sinemet or the new formulary which is Rytary. If you decide to go the meds route, it might take some time to find the right combination/dose that will improve your quality of life. I take Azilect and Rytary. It took nearly two years to find the dose and timing that provides the best relief for me. Patience is the key when it comes to Parkinson's. It progresses slow, so time is on your side. Regards. Dave
  2. Need your opinion...on Retirement disability

    Stu, I'm quite a few years old than you and I hear you on what you're saying. To be honest, it sounds like your meds aren't optimized. When I was first diagnosed I started off with Mirapex and it really made me tired. I was experiencing a lot of the same issues that you are. It seems like a common theme for some people who take agonists for their PD. I ended up changing doctors and he started me on a low dose of Sinemet (Carbidopa/Levadopa). I now take Rytary (extended release formulary of C/L). My symptoms are controlled extremely well and you would need to be an MDS to tell if I had PD, may be exaggerating or over confident but you get my point. You should talk to your doctor and tell him/her what's going on. If you're ready to retire, then go for it. I'm a programmer and also have other health issues. I could easily collect disability if I wanted to. I still love what I do and the money isn't bad either. 43 is pretty young to retire. I'd personally be bored out of my skull. Dave
  3. Restore Gold

    JDS, I'm not suggesting you refrain from participating in the forum. Although, I have noticed that the only time you participate is to support and push the products that you sell. I found it interesting that you felt the need to reach out to your testimonials to post on this site to support your product. I've had Parkinson's for several years now. I take only what is prescribed by my doctor. Like your testimonials, my doctor is very pleased with my current state. You would not know that I have Parkinson's if you met me. Sometimes you just have to give the doctors and the medicine prescribed to you some time to settle in. It took over a year to stabilize everything and yes even turn back the clock on some symptoms. Dave
  4. Restore Gold

    JDS6958, You need to refrain from commenting on the product you sell and profit from. If anyone else comes on here trying to sell their products, they are banned from the site. Just because you say you have PD does not give you the right to peddle your products that you are profiting from. As for UDCA (TUDCA), We should wait for the results from a real study demonstrating what it does for a person with PD rather anecdotal testimonials from people who may or may not even have PD. Dave
  5. Restore Gold

    PD, From what I understand, you have to add in the factor of how long someone has had PD. Just because someone is diagnosed yesterday, doesn't mean it just started. I have mild dyskinesia but only when I start to wear off (I feel the need to be different). The sad part is if you don't have PD and take these drugs, you'll never get dyskinesia. So, it probably has something to do with disease progression. Dave
  6. trazone

    I take rasgiline (azilect) and trazodone on a daily basis. Check with your doctor if you are concerned.
  7. trazone

    Noah, I've been taking Trazodone for 7+ years. I take a 100mg every night. I take the it around 9:00pm but don't go to bed until around 11. During those two hours I relax and basically let my day settle down. Once I hit the pillow, I'm out within 5 minutes. If I take it just before bed, it takes 30 to 60 minutes before I feel its effects. Regards. Dave
  8. I participated in a study a few years back to see if Azilect could aid in cognitive decline. Unfortunately, I was given the placebo during the trial but have been taking it once the trial completed. It has been very helpful in restoring my cognitive decline and my progression appears to have slowed down. Dave
  9. Hiccup

    Emily, Just wanted to throw out a quick cure for hiccups. Eat a teaspoon of sugar and they will stop immediately. My wife learned of this cure back in the early 70's and we've found it to be true every time. Our neighbour had the hiccups for two weeks straight. His doctor prescribed something for him but it wasn't helping. A teaspoon of sugar made them go away immediately. Dave
  10. Otolorin, Unfortunately I experience this phenomenon. It's not a huge problem but it does occur on a daily basis. My solution is to just ask the other person to repeat what they are saying. I had an Out-Patient Surgical procedure last week to replace my Neurostimulator. I've noted that this problem has gotten worse since then. I'm also interested in what others experience and what they do to combat this issue. Thanks for bringing this up. Dave
  11. Good morning!!

    Polly want a cracker?
  12. Worried about having Young-Onset Parkinsons

    Manolo, You're going to have to set your timeline question to the side. The best answer I've received so far was from my MDS who said let's hope you progress slowly. No two people are the same with this disease. I've had Parkinson's for five years, officially diagnosed 3 years ago. I think (hope) I'm progressing slowly. My symptoms are basically on my right side but noticed some funky stuff happening on my left side. If you find the crystal ball, take a peek for me. Dave
  13. Worried about having Young-Onset Parkinsons

    Matt, This doesn't sound like Parkinson's. It usually starts on one side and eventually migrates to the other side. If your only symptom is the twitch/tremor that hasn't progressed in 7 years consider yourself lucky and have a happy productive life. I'm not sure what the unsteadiness is. When I have balance issues, it's really obvious. It looks like I've had one too many which kinda of sucks cause I don't have the buzz that goes with it. If you're still worried, I hope your doctor can figure it out. Good luck from one programmer to another. Dave
  14. 30 yo Husband diagnosed with YOPD

    This is not the end of the world for your husband or for you either. Were you this upset when you didn't know what the diagnosis was? Parkinson's progresses very slowly so you have a lot of good years ahead of you before it gets in your way. By that time there might be better solutions and you'll be used to and prepared for all the different changes. You need to take a step back. The best advice I can give you is for your husband to start a vigorous exercise program as that is the only thing known to slow down the progression of PD. Dave
  15. Ambien is usefull for insomnia

    Bill, Glad to see you're a convert now. I know you had doubts - resistance is futile :). Dave