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  1. Andy, I’m a couple years older than you but was dealing with the same issues. I participated in a study a couple of years ago to determine if Azilect could aid in cognitive decline. I’ve been on it a couple of years now and it does help. I’ve also found that the more physically active I am, the more mentally sharp I am. I thought I was in the twighlight of my career only to find that I have more to give. I’ve written some of the most complex systems in my career over the last couple of years. My employer does not know I have PD. Dave
  2. DaveN

    Pain in hip

    Lori, You should make an appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor to make sure that it’s not something else. Not all problems are PD. Dave
  3. DaveN

    The period at the end of the sentence.

    Genden, Please accept my condolences. Out of curiosity, how old was your husband? Dave
  4. DaveN

    Young onset PD testing

    David, While I whole heartedly agree that members should preface our remarks as our own and not as medical fact. We should refrain from saying whether someone does or does not have PD. Warrun01 holds very strong beliefs and means well. A lot of folks come on here looking for answers and we all try to be supportive as best as we can. Dave
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    I get the hiccups much more often than I used to. My wife learned of way to instantly make them go away from a science teacher. Eat a spoonful of sugar and you will find them gone immediately. This works every time for me. My neighbour had the hiccups for two weeks, his doctor prescribed all sorts of stuff to make them go away - one spoonful of sugar made his troubles go away. Mary Poppins gets it right every time :). Dave
  6. DaveN

    Does this look like a PD Tremor?

    Matt, Several things. First, your tremor seems a little fast. I'm not a doctor and I can only compare to what I have and what I've seen in my doctor's office. Second, when my tremor occurs, I don't have to move my thumb to set it off. My tremor will occur when I'm resting. Movement can suspend the tremor for a few seconds dependent upon the intensity. Moving my thumb like in your video might be enough to stop my minor tremors. I don't see your curiosity as arguing, I understand. I am not tremor dominant. My tremor is more of a nuisance than anything. I will say it is more prevalent now than when I was diagnosed four years ago. My meds do a very nice job of masking my symptoms. Hope this helps some. Dave
  7. DaveN

    I think I have parkinsons

    Branden, This does not sound like Parkinson’s. PD develops over a long time and usually starts on one side. I’ve never heard of it going into remission then coming back. I hope your doctors figure out what’s wrong with you. Don’t try to self diagnose yourself, you’re only going to see PD in every symptom you have. Dave
  8. DaveN

    Does this look like a PD Tremor?

    Matt, It doesn’t look like a Parkinson’s tremor to me. Not to make light of your problem but have you ever heard this old joke: Patient: Doc, my arm hurts when I bend it this way. Doc: Don’t bend your arm that way. Have a nice day and Happy Easter to you. Dave
  9. DaveN

    Akathesia, is this present in your off?

    Sherrie, I’ll have to try the tapping next time also. Most of the time I’m not even aware of the swaying until my wife tells me about it. Dave
  10. DaveN

    Sleep Number Bed

    Do any of you have a sleep number bed with the adjustable base? My wife and have had a sleep number for the last 15 years and like it but are considering upgrading to the adjustable base. Looking for reviews and experience with this type of bed as it relates to Parkinson’s. Thanks. Dave
  11. DaveN

    Sleep Number Bed

    My wife and I decided not to purchase the adjutable frame. It’s too expensive $3,000+. That part of the purchase has a no return policy. Way too much money to spend on something you don’t even know if you’ll like. As for the sleep number mattress, we will be buying a new one. We’ve had ours for 15+ years and with the exception with the edge of the bed on my side, it’s like the day we bought it. The newer bed has a better design where I will be less likely to wear out the edge. I sleep walk/sit on the side of the bed, hence I’ve worn out my side of the bed. We’re giving our current sleep number to our oldest daughter. Dave
  12. DaveN


    SmallOwnGuy, I’ve been taking Rytary for several years now. My dosing times are 6:00, 10:30, 3:00, 9:00. As you can see my times are scheduled in a way to not interfere with my meals. The only times I notice when the Rytary is ineffective is when I’m constipated. Let me know if you need anything else. Dave
  13. My input on this subject is going to be rather blunt. If you are unsure about driving in the snow whether you have or do not have PD, do us a favor and stay home. It’s hard enough navigating my daily commute with the drivers who do not know the rules of the road. An unsure driver is a danger to everyone and should refrain from operating a motor vehicle. Dave
  14. DaveN

    What drugs? supplements like inisine?

    Hiker, I've never heard that Azilect causes drowsiness. Lack of sleep will cause it. Azilect can be used as a starter drug and may or may not help with your symptoms. Most tolerate the drug without any side effects. There are exceptions and I'm sure they will add their two cents in. Dave
  15. DaveN

    Evening restlessness

    Gardener, Usually, it shows up in my right hand. My hand will have a mind of its own. It’ll open and close and basically move on its own. It’s sorta of like having restless leg syndrome in my hand. The other day it hit me while driving on a road trip where it primarily was in my shoulders. It’s mostly annoying when it happens. My doctor witnessed it first hand and said it was wearing off dyskinesia. That type of dyskinesia is not common, so yay I’m special. Dave
  16. DaveN

    This & that!

    How are you doing is usually a rhetorical question. Nobody really wants to hear the real answer to the question.
  17. DaveN

    Evening restlessness

    Gardener, I occasionally have this problem here and there. For me it’s associated with wearing off. I take Rytary and when I’m low on dopamine, I experience wearing off dyskinesia. You should touch base with your doctor to see what he thinks. Dave
  18. CWBuddah, Sorry to be blunt but there currently is no cure for Parkinson’s. It progresses slowly in each person at different rates. It normally takes many years before you become disabled from the disease. The only thing known to slow the progression is a vigorous exercise program. The best option to combat the symptoms is to take the prescriptions your doctor gives you when your symptoms begin to disrupt your life. It’s extremely difficult to manage with natural ingredients. Dave
  19. DaveN

    Parkinson's patient abusing opioids?

    If your mother s in pain, your not going to be able to take her pain meds away. Jus because she’s asking them does not mean she is abusing them. The doctors are not going to over prescribe pain meds. All of the doctors can see what she is taking without talking to each other. Based on the current war on opioids, her doctors are going to be very stingy in prescribing them. My suggestion would be to talk to her about your concerns. If she wants to share, great, otherwise leave it be. Dave
  20. DaveN

    New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    S, Sent you a PM in regards to your last post. Dave
  21. DaveN

    Levodopa not really working

    Mical, You need to talk to his doctor. He may need to increase his C/L dose. Tremor is the hardest thing to capture. Dave
  22. DaveN

    Internal Tremors

    I doubt you’re here to really help. Your link is just one abstraction from selling a product. Everyone here is already doing a vigorous excercise program and frankly I don’t see the ladies taking testosterone. Give it a rest. Dave
  23. DaveN

    What caused your Doc to suggest DBS?

    So you say, where’s your stats to say otherwise?
  24. DaveN

    What caused your Doc to suggest DBS?

    Not true. I recently had my spinal cord stimulator replaced, upgraded. The only reason my doctor did a general was because we switched manufactures and there was a chance that the leads would need to be replaced. Next it’ll be done under a local. Replacing the battery is a simple procedure. He usually does battery replacements with a local if they’re not replacing the leads. Dave
  25. DaveN

    What caused your Doc to suggest DBS?

    Stump, You need to pay closer attention to what Mireille said. Her battery (IPG) was replaced under local anesthesia. Dave