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  1. Good morning!!

    We've had a few flakes which gets me all excited but it doesn't stick which disappoints me! Can someone point me to the instructions on how to post a picture?
  2. Good morning!!

    Linda, thanks for the encouragement and engaging me. It helps a lot. I have never posted a photo but will try to figure it out!
  3. Good morning!!

    JB, I am still here, reluctantly. I have experienced some progression, albeit mild, but enough to upset me for a while. It has greatly disturbed my state of denial. Had my MDS visit about two weeks ago and he increased my C/L which was another blow. Another bite of acceptance I guess...:( On a brighter note, DH and I are set to retire July 20. A couple of months ago, we moved full time to our Georgia "mountain" house up in NE Georgia but are still working full time in downtown Atlanta. It is a b!tch of a commute but we are saving quite a bit of money. Just a few more months to go. It actually snowed a tiny bit yesterday which always thrills me. Hugs to all here! I read everyday to see what you are up to. The smiles you give me help more than you know. Love, Sheila
  4. Good morning!!

    Makes me cry everytime I read it.
  5. Insurance? I'm only 57.

    One more word before you are officially diagnosed or start medication. Revisit your life insurance, especially if it is term. You might want to consider whole life to keep the payments from going up every time you renew. When our term life came due for renewal (after my diagnosis), we could no longer afford the same amount. We changed to whole life and bought a much smaller policy for end of life expenses. It was certainly a reality check.
  6. Good morning!!

    Peace, I am so sorry to hear about your beloved horse. It's so painful when they leave us.
  7. Good morning!!

    I'm still here !! Not as super as I used to be. Will post more later. Hard to do on a bumpy express bus and an IPHONE
  8. I am in Atlanta and unfortunately, Emory is about the only local source for MDS's and it can take months to get in. MDS are usually associated with and near a research university. Other sources would be Vanderbilt or UAB in Birmingham. I go to Dr. Victor Sung at UAB. Also, Augusta's a good source, too, I think the hospital is called Regent University Hospital but I am not sure. They keep changing it.
  9. Good morning!!

    At my bi-annual visit with my MDS. We drive from North of Atlanta to Birmingham twice a year. With an 8am spot it makes for a long day. Hope all of you are well. I am just under one year from retiring. I have mixed emotions about it. I will miss my coworkers but looking forward to having the free time and living full time in the "mountains" in North Georgia We will be up there to watch the Solar eclipse Aug 21 Locals are expecting lots of people coming to watch Very strange Have a great day!
  10. This works for me...what works for you?

    I kinda did both. I bought Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner that has lavender & mint in it,too. I only use the shampoo on the back of my head where I get a build up of dry skin and use a regular shampoo on the rest. I have definitely seen an improvement in my scalp. I got the tiny bottle of pure oil for my bath water and put drops in every morning. Have not tried it directly on anything but will try that,
  11. Sounds like you were quite the pin cushion! Thanks for volunteering for this.
  12. Good morning!!

    Thanks Peace. I am grateful that I didn't land on my knee cap. My shin is turning an interesting shade of green now. Feeling melancholy, don't know why. Stayed home in my pj's yesterday. Me and the cat watched Law & Order reruns all day.
  13. Good morning!!

    JB your post made me both laugh out loud and tear up a little. I would find such joy in that road trip! instead of a sundae, I'm having incredible barbecue ribs with DH. we might get a dipped cone later if I have room.
  14. Good morning!!

    Morning y'all! Getting hot down here in Georgia and I don't tolerate it well at all. I should move to Canada near JB. Had a weird experience at the dentist Monday. I went to get a permanent crown installed. When the dentist started the Novocaine shot, an electrical shock went radiating up to my right eye and ear. I yelled to get him to stop. The really weird part was the right side of my body started tremoring, legs, feet, hands... I couldn't control it. Normally, I don't have a resting tremor but I sure got the full Monty then. I got up and walked it off and popped a Leva/Carbo right away. It was quite disconcerting to say the least. And, I fell crossing the street this morning on the way to work in downtown Atlanta. My knees caught the brunt of it so no face planting. Can't say what caused it but I suspect I turned my ankle. A sweet young lady helped me up so I wouldn't get run over. It was embarrassing for sure but my knees will look sad for a while. So much for my pity party this morning. I am fine but humbled. Love you guys!
  15. parkinsonism vs. the disease

    I have found you can Google just about any word and Parkinsons and there is some website linking the two.