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      Línea de Ayuda 1-800-473-4636   ¿Qué es la línea de ayuda 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) de la Fundación Nacional de Parkinson? Es un número de teléfono gratuito que ayuda a las personas con la enfermedad de Parkinson, sus familiares, amigos y profesionales de salud, a solucionar diferentes inquietudes.   La línea de ayuda ofrece: Información actualizada Apoyo emocional Referidos a profesionales de salud Recursos comunitarios Amplia variedad de publicaciones gratis    


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  1. Sounds like you were quite the pin cushion! Thanks for volunteering for this.
  2. Thanks Peace. I am grateful that I didn't land on my knee cap. My shin is turning an interesting shade of green now. Feeling melancholy, don't know why. Stayed home in my pj's yesterday. Me and the cat watched Law & Order reruns all day.
  3. JB your post made me both laugh out loud and tear up a little. I would find such joy in that road trip! instead of a sundae, I'm having incredible barbecue ribs with DH. we might get a dipped cone later if I have room.
  4. Morning y'all! Getting hot down here in Georgia and I don't tolerate it well at all. I should move to Canada near JB. Had a weird experience at the dentist Monday. I went to get a permanent crown installed. When the dentist started the Novocaine shot, an electrical shock went radiating up to my right eye and ear. I yelled to get him to stop. The really weird part was the right side of my body started tremoring, legs, feet, hands... I couldn't control it. Normally, I don't have a resting tremor but I sure got the full Monty then. I got up and walked it off and popped a Leva/Carbo right away. It was quite disconcerting to say the least. And, I fell crossing the street this morning on the way to work in downtown Atlanta. My knees caught the brunt of it so no face planting. Can't say what caused it but I suspect I turned my ankle. A sweet young lady helped me up so I wouldn't get run over. It was embarrassing for sure but my knees will look sad for a while. So much for my pity party this morning. I am fine but humbled. Love you guys!
  5. I have found you can Google just about any word and Parkinsons and there is some website linking the two.
  6. This intermittently happen to me but I think it is the tension of the compression on the muscle that triggers the dystonia. Once I release the tension, it goes away. Anxiety just makes it worse.
  7. The tea tree oil has intrigued me. So, yesterday I went to Ulta and loaded up. I neglected to get a body or facial wash. Any recommendations?
  8. Great. I have a long history of diverticulitis and they throw Cipro at me everytime. Something to think about and google!
  9. Did you start taking 1.5 tablets from day 1? Perhaps start with a half tablet each time and work your way up gradually to 1.5/dose. I have always been advised to taper on/off. And, the crackers do help.
  10. JB, sadly no snow, not a single flake. However, 40 miles north of us they got about 1.5 inches! That would have been the perfect amount for me. 26F this morning - rather chilly for this old gal! Hope everyone is having a good day.
  11. Don't the powers that be know better than to change things for us Parkies? I am getting too old to learn new ways. Life is good, there might be one or two snowflakes this weekend in North Georgia! I get excited when it does since it is so rare down here. (Damn, where are the emoticons?) Found them! Have a lovely weekend, y'all! Sheila
  12. Is it early for the sap?
  13. Dianne, just now reading about your son. I am so so very sorry about his passing. I cannot imagine what you are going through. Sending prayers up for you. Sheila
  14. Skiing, I am having a similar experience. I was diagnosed four years ago, no tremor, mostly lost of fine motor skills on my right side, most noticeable in my hand (I'm right handed). I am still at 25/100 three times daily and experiment upping the dosage and/or the frequency. Nada. I can skip a dose and can't tell the difference.
  15. I was wondering about her, too. It's out of character for her not to chime in once in a while! And where's KimAgain?