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  1. HI Noah, I use Valerian Root, Chamomile and I have tried Lavender essential oil. I have the best results with Valerian Root. I also sometimes use; Calm PRT, from Neuroscience- contains; Rhodiola Rosea root extract, phosphatidylserine enriched soy lecithin, glycine & taurine . You need to get this from a Physician. My naturopath orders it for me. A bit expensive, but it helps. Also, another natural powder that I have taken is; Inositol, made from rice. I get this thru Biotics or Wellevate- a reputable supplement co. my naturopath uses. You can buy inositol at health food stores, I've seen it in pill form. I have not tried the pill form, just the powder. DG
  2. MM- $430. for Azilect? Really?? I only pay $5. now. I was paying $45. with the online coupon they were offering.
  3. Hi MM, Azilect is now available as generic Rasagaline and cheaper. DG
  4. Thanks for this Johnnys I have been reading about this for a while now, as I have started having dyskinesia, now going on 22 years of Carb/levo. Along with the depletion of glutathione, 5HTP, B6, therefore significant muscle loss due to these side effects. Finding western med docs that believe in this or care has been a challenge. Now I see md 's that are naturalopaths. They get this stuff. The challenge for me is, I'm very sensitive with medications supplements. So taking 5HTP, b6, competes with med dosing. Which is every 2-2.5 hours. I have the best results taking it frequently. I'm hoping to start IV of glutathione, it means I have to travel 1.5 for this, but I need to try it. Thanks
  5. I will post when I hear.
  6. Her explanation to me was, and I did not ask for any details; NPF needed to down size and she was the only outside consultant, so it made sense for her to be let go... She hopes to start a PD nutrition blog and hopes all will visit her on Facebook for now. She is a very dedicated person and as Christie said, compassionate about what she does and how she can help.
  7. In my opinion, she was the only forward thinking health advisor...... Sadly, the majority of western medicine has been at a stand still. She researched and posted the latest studies and provided us with such personal care, like no others. I will certainly miss her here on the forum. I have visited her FB page and I will remain in touch with her.
  8. Hi friends, I haven't been on the forum for a couple of months. Does anyone know why the Ask the Nutrition forum is not available? So sad, Kathrynne was the best...
  9. I did try it. It works a little quicker.
  10. Hi Noah, I take 1- 2 Valerian, I think they are 500mg each, I'm not at my home now to check for sure on the mg. I also take 2 drops of liquid Melatonin. 3mg per drop, fast acting, they make a delayed as well. I prefer the liquid, I get tired of taking pills... Clonazepam....I shouldn't even comment, but there is a part of me that feels I have a responsibility to.... I know Neuro' rx it to patients with PD...That is old school..I won't go into to detail now. Using it as a RESCUE is fine, but more than 2-3 times a week for several months or more....that's a different story. If you want to read my nightmare with it, look back under Clonazepam.. or message me. SLeep tight!!
  11. Valerian root is available at most health food stores and I believe I have seen it pharmacies. I prefer to purchase at the health food stores, they typically are a quality brand and fresh.
  12. Yes, Dopa Tropics- made by Biotics Research It is a powder that you mix with water, all natural. I use it as a rescue mostly, as it works quicker. It's not as convenient while at work. Ins probably won't cover.
  13. I have been using it for a year now. Melatonin needs to build up in your system, so you need to take it for 2-3 weeks or more for it to work. I like the drops, they are concentrated. I take 2-3 drops on my tongue before bed. Each drop is 3 mg. it doesn't make me drowsy. I also take 2 Valerian Root, others on here use this as well. I have hear the prescription Melatonin, slow release works the best. Sweet dreams..
  14. I know it plays a significant role on nutrition, hormones etc...let's hope the death part isn't necessarily true....
  15. Thanks Hercules, Good info....I've been taking Dopa Tropic powder, inplace of Carb/ levodopa some days. ( being a powder it's not as convenient to take as a pill, and insurance doesn't pay for it) of course. It's a dietary supplement from Biotics Research. It is Munca Pruiens, a natural seed extract. It works faster than synthetic c/l.