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  1. Hello I was diagnosed 5 years ago at 51 with positive datscan. i have mild tremor in right leg and hand and negligible rigidity and Bradikynesia. Treatement is azilect and 2.1 mg pramipexol with little effect on tremor. Some times I take propanolol since I think it controls better my tremor especially in stressful circumstances. since tremor is the only bothersome symptom after 5 years would it make sense in your opinion to consider ultrasound technique ?
  2. I was diagnosed in august 2012 at 51with a positive DatScan and a negative MRI. I,m now taking pramipexol extended release 1,05 mg one pill/day and my symptoms are just a mild and occasional resting and postural tremor in right arm and leg and very very slight rigidity and slowness, not interfering at all with my daily routines, what I think is a very slow progression. By the time of diagnosis I started noticing progressive lightheadedness and arritmia, what was considered as pd or a side effect of azilect ( I discontinued taking it). Finally I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and after a recent ablation both lightheadedness and arritmia have disappeared. Given the almost simultaneous onset of tremor, lightheadedness and arritmia and the slow progression of pd symptoms would it make any sense that my pd was caused by some otherwise unnoticed stroke due to atrial fibrillation?. Would it be theoretically possible?. Sorry if that is a silly question.
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    Slow Progression

    In my case, I was diagnosed in august 2012 with a possitive DatScan. I,m taking pramipexol extended reléase 1,05 mg one pill/day and my symptoms are just a mild tremor in right arm and leg and very slight rigidity and slowness, not interfering with my daily routines. I imagine it can be considered as slow progression and I cross fingers!!! Best regards from Spain!!
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    Azilect and tremors

    Azilect gave me arrythmia. I had a coronarography and an electrophisiology study with negative results. After about 12 months taking Azilect (with no help at all in symptoms) I interrupted it. In a month without it my arrythmia has almost dissapeared. In my case azilect has been 100% useless. (diagnosed 2,5 years ago with dat-scan. Currently taking mirapexin 0,26 mg e.r. Only symptom: slight tremor in right hand and foot).
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    Hello, I was diagnosed "thanks" to a Dat Scan at 52 about 1,5 years ago, with a slight postural and rest tremor in right hand and leg as only symptom. Since then I,m taking Azilect as monotherapy and I haven,t noticed the slightest efect or side-efect. In fact I,ve stopped taking it for a week or so and have not noticed any difference. Here in Spain de Health Service provides this medicine at a very affordable cost (about 5 €/30 pills). My neurologist told me to take it in case of a hypothetical delay in progression. I think I,m progressing very slowly but I think exercise is way more effective than azilect, a highly expensive drug no one seems to know exactly what,s its use.
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    blood donation

    Sorry, I should have said slight occassional postural and rest tremor.
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    blood donation

    Hi from Spain, I,m 52, male. About 8 months ago I was diagnosed with PD after a DatScan. My only symptom for about 16 months is a very slight occasional tremor in right hand/arm and leg which I can generally control concentrating in relaxing. Since diagnosis I,m taking Azilect 1mg. Appart for the occasional tremor and the shock of diagnosis-which to me seems almost unbeleavable- I feel 100% OK, in fact my neurologist says in his repport: no other sign of parkinsonism. For that reason I,ve tried to continue donating blood after diagnosis (as I have done regularly for about 20 years), but the doctor in charge told me (after consulting a manual ) that donation was impossible for me since PD is a demyelinating desease, what seems to me strange. I would appreciate your opinion.
  8. Hello, I,m 52, male. After about 10 months since a slight and occasional resting tremor in my right arm and leg apperered, a Datscan confirmed diagnosis of early PD 3 months ago. I exercise regularly as always but when I run for 5-10 min. my right leg blocks. It unblocks immediately if I run backwards or walk. I have not noticed any rigidity or slowness. Since the diagnosis I have taken Azilect with no difference in my tremor, but lately I have noticed dizziness some minutes after I start walking. My neurologist has told me to interrupt Azilect for 15-30 days and see what happens. I.m on my forth day without Azilect and I have no observed any difference neither in the tremor nor in the dizziness. I don,t know if the dizziness is caused by Azilect or is a new symptom of PD. Besides I am perhaps missing the claimed slowing effect of Azilect on the disease progress. Thank you for your comments on my case.