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  1. Restore Gold

    Very nice of you et al indeed. Keep up the good work. Fred
  2. Restore Gold

    What some may not have picked up on is that Jon (jds6958) runs a ministry, not a company. As I understand it, there is no profit motive and the ministry underwrites any loses. Fred
  3. Restore Gold

    Yes, I know and I wish you and your mom only the best. However, here is where you are not correct. It does not matter how much or what medications I take nor the degree of PD symptoms I have. In fact, the amount of my PD's progression is also of no concern. What matters is that almost immediately after starting UDCA my PD symptoms almost evaporated and remained that way for nearly 4 years without any change in medications. Now, some tremor has returned but it is nothing significant like my pre-UDCA tremors. So I am still on UDCA and I intend to continue its use well into the foreseeable future. One thing is certain and that is UDCA has caused me no harm. Fred
  4. Restore Gold

    Some Final Thoughts (maybe) for the Lurkers: Wow! Just one simple question from Italy52 has caused such a rumpus. Already there are 44 replies and 813 views covering 2 pages. It seems that newbies are still in search of a miracle as I was many years ago. Alas! Our Neurologists only have drugs like Sinemet to hopefully reduce symptoms such a tremors. However, these drugs do not always provide effective relief of symptoms and they have side effects of their own. If one had bothered to read through my thread, “URSODIOL - A Potential New Drug for PD,” [I know it’s a big read] they would have found the answers to most of these questions. As for many others in this forum, they still don’t believe our findings but have not tried taking it. So here is my nutshell synopsis: UDCA (Ursodeoxycholic Acid) is the generic name for the brand name prescription medications Urso, Ursodiol and Actigall. Recommended daily dose is 1200 mg daily. TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) is the generic name for the taurine conjugate form of Ursodeoxycholic Acid. It is a non-prescription FDA approved health food supplement. Recommended daily dose is 1200 mg daily. Restore Gold (a supplement): Serving Size: 4 Capsules Daily. L-Tyrosine 400 mg; 1,600 mg † TUDCA mg 300 mg; 1,200 mg † Grape Seed Extract (95% Extract) 60 mg; 240 mg † Green Tea Leaf (50% Extract) 200 mg; 800 mg † N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 400 mg; 1,600 mg † Acetyl L-Carnitine 100 mg; 400 mg † Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 100 mg; 400 mg † † Recommended daily dose If you like Restore Gold but do not or cannot purchase it from WHP, you can buy all of these ingredients separately to obtain equal results. UDCA, TUDCA and Restore Gold provide equal benefits for symptom reduction in Parkinson’s disease. Restore Gold believes that it imparts additional health benefits which may include a further slowing of disease progression. The slowing of progression is only a hoped for result. There is no way for any of us to determine if this is in fact true. Not everyone benefits from this regimen as each of us is different and Parkinson’s is not just a single disease. For those patients for whom it does work, results in the form of symptom reduction vary from almost immediate (1-3 days) to as much as 90 days. My personal experience was 36 hours. Most who posted their results in my thread had similarly fast results. One of those patients was a founder of WHP. Based on my emails, most who have tried this regimen prefer to remain silent. Currently, there is a clinical study of Parkinson’s patients and UDCA. This study is scheduled to end May, 2018. Question: Will UDUCA, TUDCA or Restore Gold interfere with any of my other medications? UDCA and TUDCA are not known to interfere with any PD medications. However, the Restore Gold web site says that the ingredient L-Tyrosine can interfere with some antidepressant medications and thyroid medications. We recommend that you consult with your pharmacist or medical professional prior to use. Question: Are UDUCA, TUDCA and Restore Gold safe for me to take? The use of these products may be contraindicated for you if you suffer from any gastrointestinal issues. If you have any doubts, check with you PCP or pharmacist. All of these products are FDA approved. In the case of UDCA, there is a long term (20 year) clinical study demonstrating its safety at these dosages. UDCA and TUDCA are synthesized bile acids which have been in use since the 1950’s. Bear bile has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Its first recorded use was in the Tang Ban Cao (Newly Revised Materia Medica, Tang Dynasty, 659 A.D.). Bear bile contains high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) known by Chinese doctors to be useful for treating liver and gall bladder conditions. Question: If this product is so beneficial, why doesn’t my neurologist prescribe or recommend it? Every specialist (doctor) has an arsenal of “approved” drugs that they prescribe from. They can legally prescribe any other drug that is not on this list. The uses of any other drugs are then referred to as being “off label.” For example: the drug that I take is Ursodiol which is normally used to treat Gallstones and Primary Biliary Cholangitis but not any neurological disorders. A prescription for Ursodiol is normally issued by a Gastroenterologist. Since my Neurologist issued my prescription and I do not have any liver disease, my use of Ursodiol is considered to be “off label.” As such, my Neurologist could incur increased liability should anything happen to me. Many of today’s drugs where, at one time, “off label” for their current usage. Recent clinical studies have shown that UDCA or TUDCA may be beneficial in treating a whole host of other neurological disorders such as ALS and Parkinson’s. Fred mrfritz@comcast.net
  5. Restore Gold

    IMHO, you would be better off taking Sinemet rather than Mucuna Pruriena. As for RG or plain TUDCA, I think it is worth trying for what ails you. Fred
  6. Restore Gold

    I don't want to speak for anyone else, but RG is TUDCA with other supplements added. Re my Ursodiol thread (UDCA & TUDCA). I know you've read those posts over the past few years. Fred
  7. Restore Gold

    You're confusing Azilect (a brand name) with Rasagaline (its chemical or generic name). Think Advil and Ibuprofen. https://www.drugs.com/availability/generic-azilect.html Fred
  8. Restore Gold

    I have but two things to say about this: 1) There is no such thing as generic Azilect. Either you are buying Azilect or you are buying %^^&*. At $100 per month, IMHO it is more likely the later. 2) When I was first prescribed Azilect I told my neuro that it was not helping me. He said he was not surprised as many of his patients responded likewise. Subsequently, two other neuros told me the same thing but their consensus was to continue taking Azilect just in case it is helping.
  9. Restore Gold

    I think I know as much about Restore Gold as anybody (I take UDCA) but I don't understand where that 3 year timespan came from. Unless you are in an advanced state, you have neurons that are impaired and nonfunctional but haven't died yet. It is those neurons that we believe are reactivated by the action of [T]UDCA. Fred
  10. Azilect was my first PD drug. I started taking it in 2012 and I still take it today. It did not reduce any of my symptoms nor did it halt progression. However, it is impossible for me to say if it slowed down progression. That is why I continue to take it today along with my Sinimet and Ursodiol (UDCA). The experience of others may and probably will differ. Fred
  11. Restore Gold

    It is never too late to try. If your primary symptoms are tremors, there is a good chance that it may help you. If it does, DO NOT stop or reduce your dosage of Sinemet without consulting your doctor. [T]UDCA does not contain any dopamine which you still need. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime. Please let us know of your results. Thanks and good luck. Fred
  12. Restore Gold

    Apology accepted. Have a great day. Fred BTW - The name is Fred. MrFritz is just my handle.
  13. Restore Gold

    You are more than welcome to express your opinion here or elsewhere but in doing so, you open yourself up to rebuttal. So excuse me for expressing my opinion that you may be suffering from other issues which may have diminish your niceness gene. You see, my only agenda is to help others in this forum as I have been doing for many years. As for Restore Gold, I have no interest in this company, nor do I recommend its products or those of anyone else. What I do recommend is Generic UDCA or TUDCA. This is based on my personal results (http://forum.parkinson.org/topic/15448-ursodiol-a-potential-new-drug-for-pd/) and published studies performed by real medical researchers. The first study spearheaded by Dr. Oliver Bandmann, MD PhD, Professor of Movement Disorders Neurology, University of Sheffield, UK (you can Google his bio) can be found here: http://brain.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2013/09/02/brain.awt224.full.pdf Currently, there is a human clinical study underway of UDCA in Parkinson's patients which has an estimated completion date of May, 2018. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/study/NCT02967250 The Last Word: Both UDCA and TUDCA are well studied and have been in use since the mid 1950's. They are FDA approved synthesized bile acids. Bear bile has been in use in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Unless its use by you is contraindicated, by trying it you can only incur one of two possible results. Either it works for you or not. All you have to lose is the initial cost of a trial supply. If it works for you as it did for me, be prepared to be as amazed at its results as I was. Note: People with more advanced Parkinson's may not benefit from this regimen and, as I've said before, it does not benefit everyone with PD as we are all different. Fred Help Spread the Love
  14. Restore Gold

    I just love reading this forum where people are free to express their "expert" opinions on subjects for which the have zero knowledge. So let me enlighten pdmanaz while answering italy52's question. Restore Gold is primarily TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid) with some additional supplements. TUDCA is a readily available health food supplement. It is the Taurine derivative of UDCA (Ursodeoxycholic acid), a prescription medication sold as Ursodiol, Urso and Actigall. Regarding Restore Gold (TUDCA), you can read Jon's most recent post in my Ursodiol thread: As for UDCA, I have been using Ursodiol since October, 2013. Want to know more about it, you can read the thread or post a question there. There are a large number of people using both products with a high percentage pf success. But just like PD meds, no one product works equally well (if at all) for everyone. We're all different. Fred
  15. Extreme muscle tension. Dystonia?

    Hi New, Sorry to hear about your new issue. With PD, life isn't going to be boring. I was on Gabapentine for Neuropathy. It made me feel very tired and I lacked a normal level of concentration when driving. Bad stuff. I switched to Lyrica. Works well for me without making me sleepy. Warning! It's very expensive. Fred