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    Hi, I had a neuro psych done and results were quite poor. My work performance has also deteriorated and I received a poor review at work. I cannot afford to go on disability now, due to having a kid in college. So he placed me on rivastigmine . I was wondering if anyone else is or has been on this drug. How long did you notice a change in things? I have been on it two days, and feel somewhat clearer, but this might be a placebo effect. Any thoughts would be appreciate.
  2. Edward Sky

    DaT scan results

    I am having a similar issue. The thing that I find the most frustrating I get the feeling that not all the science is in on the DAT scan. I read an article the other day written by a german team that tremor based parkinson's show up differently on a DAT scan the rigid type Parkinson's. The tremor based maintains comma form.You don't read that in any of the Parkinson's books. I tried to contact the person who read the exam but they seem to important to communicate with a lowly patient. I just want someone else to read it. I took it to another Neurologist and he refused to read it and referred me to another doctor. He treated me like I am some type of drug addict. Now I am without a doctor who will write me a script for my Parkinson's meds just because one doctor undiagnosed me based upon a DAT scan. My frustration level is through the roof. I would just give up if my family didn't encourage me to keep trying. See the comparison of the difference below.
  3. Hi, I am having problems and need a second opinion on reviewing my DAT scan. Can someone recommend someone who I can contact to review it? I have good insurance. Thank you.
  4. I greatly appreciate your response Dr. Okun. I was recently undiagnosed based upon a dat scan which indicated I had asymmetry of tracer uptake within the left putman. I am so frustrated right now. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy not to have it, however my family doesn't understand when I am on Sinment, which I am so much more active. The doctor feels that it is a placebo effect. Personally, that doesn't make any sense to me since I was on other medications and nothing worked until I was placed on it. Two other doctors said I had Parkinson's, then this doctor felt the same way until the DAT scan. So frustrating.
  5. Hi, I recently had a DAT scan done and the result came back. I must admit I have tried to understand it and read it, however I am lost. Do the areas of the caudate nuclei and the putman determine if one has parkinsons? Thank you for your assistance.
  6. Edward Sky

    dat scan or all in head

    I recently had a DatScan done. It was slightly asymmetric, however I was told I don't have it. I asked my doctor why the meds seem to work? You guessed it Placebo effect. So I sit here and watch my hand tremor and wonder why I had so much more ability to move when on Levadopia.
  7. Edward Sky

    Using Carbidopa Levadopa for diagnosis

    I just took my first dosage about 40 minutes ago. I don't know if I am experiencing a placebo effect or not. Did anyone notice any type of changes with the first dosage?
  8. Edward Sky

    Using Carbidopa Levadopa for diagnosis

    Funny you should post this today. I saw my doctor today (second one) who thought I might have Parkinson's and gave me the same Sinemet test. Just picked up the meds and am going to start tomorrow.
  9. Edward Sky

    Somewhat Diagnosed

    Thanks for your response metfan. Have you had any luck finding information regarding your rights? What type of symptoms are you experiencing? Thanks.
  10. Edward Sky

    Somewhat Diagnosed

    I have been seeing a number of different neurologists to determine what is going on with me. The first diagnosis was fibromyalgia, then essential tremors, and the recent doctor said Parkinson's disease. At times I agree with the Parkinson's diagnosis, at other times I don't know and think my mind is playing tricks on me. The thing I find frustrating at this point is the books I read are in contradiction to my experience. For example, my left fingers and arm shake at times, my toes curl, however the tremor on my right foot seems more consistent. The book says this should be happening on my left leg/foot. Also, the books say that head tremors don't occur with Parkinson's yet Mr. Fox appears to have head bobbing issues. Also, I find it frustrating that I cannot find good data on what to expect from the progression especially from a cognitive perspective. I have small children I need to plan for, as well as a job which requires a good deal of cognitive ability. Also, I don't know what my rights are in relation to my insurance company, federal benefit (if I should become disabled), and health insurance. Finally, I wonder about what I can expect from a psychological change. How much is caused by the drugs and how much is Parkinson's related. I don't really care about my well being at this point, just worried about my family, I am too young (44) Any insights you could give would be appreciated.
  11. Edward Sky

    time to diagnose

    My left hand would tremor from time to time, I didn't think anything about it. Then I fell down the stairs three time within about three months, something very unusual for me. One time it was very painful. Now, my left thumb bounces all over the place (I notice it when I have my Iphone in my hand). It seems to get worse with stress. I seem to move slower, my balance is greatly reduced in 5 years, my sense of smell sucks and my entire arm shakes at times now. I get horrible bouts of fatigue at times. However I am having issues that are not Parkinson's like. For one thing my right leg has a tremor, not my left and I don't have a problem with arm swing. Also I am in my early 40's. I have been to three different neurologists now, and the second one mentioned possible Parkinson's, and the new one just ordered a new MRI and record review. I am terribly frustrated, I have a family to worry about and I need to know if I should be on medication to slow it down. Thanks.
  12. Edward Sky

    time to diagnose

    Hi, I am very frustrated about the entire process. I still have not gotten a diagnosis from my doctor, which I think is likely Parkinson's. My concern is the longer it takes to give me a diagnosis, the worse my problem become because it is untreated. I feel like my issues are getting more severe, such as shaking from the inside of my body and other strange movements. Can anyone tell me their story. Is this generally the course of Parkinson's that it take some time to diagnose? Thank you for sharing.