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  1. Evening restlessness

    I experience what I call the heeebie jeebies in the evening which is maddening. I use 1/2 tablet of clonazepam 0.5 mg (equals 0.25 mg). Works wonders. I've also used ropinerole and another time Mirapex but long term use gives me ankle edema.
  2. Azilect

    Great! Probably not as dramatic as initially but I'd hate to see what would happen if I stopped.
  3. Azilect

    I have used Azilect for two years and am on drug program with the manufacturer that provides me the med for $10/ month. You just sign up online. Also I started on 0.5 mg which was 1/2 the 1 mg tablet. There is no problem splitting the unscored pill with a pill splitter. I'm a nurse and have never heard about the ingredients being unevenly distributed in an unscored tablet. The ones you should never cut is something that is an extended release type medication.
  4. Mucana pruriens

    Thank you both for your responses.
  5. Mucana pruriens

    Has anyone used this product? If so how long, what brand, what if any benefit or problems?
  6. Lurkers? Past posters? Where are you??

    Yes, Swimmer, voice activated dos punctuation. You merely start dictating and when you reach the part of the sentence whee you want a comma, for instance, you just say "comma" and it is inserted.
  7. Thigh and IT band pain

    I have had this problem especially if overdoing like a 3 mile walk for juvenile diabetes. I had physiotherapy for several months for it which differs from regular Physical Therapy in that the physiotherapist manually works the tight knots that restrict the sustained release and mobility of the IT bands. It hurts like "h****" when they first start to break up the knotty adhesions but I refer to it as the "good" hurt because it makes such a drastic difference in the pain, stiffness and tightness. It has not returned sine completing the physiotherapy. I was taught exercises to help prevent recurrence.
  8. Carbidopa/Levodopa Nausea & Dyskinesia

    I also thought someone using Azilect (an MAO inhibitor) was not to be prescribed an SSRI (which is the class of drug that Lexapro falls into).
  9. Tai Chi -- fun while it lasted

    Hey you two Texan's: my daughter lives in Cedar Park!
  10. Rasagiline

    You also can get a very inexpensive pill splitter. My finger strength would not split them and you can get more even dose with a clean cut. I had headaches at durst but it does go away quickly so just stick with it. When you increase to the full tab you might notice the headaches again for a couple days.
  11. Workout Progress

    Joe, have you considered seeing a physiotherapist if you have one in your area? They are Pt's that are slightly different than a plain PT because they do mostly hands on therapy. Kind of like massage therapy that focuses just on the affected area along with specific exercises. I have had treatments with so much success for a terrible stiff neck. Also shoulder and legs. The muscles get so tight and they work out the tightness and exercises specific to the area stretch and strengthen the surrounding structures. It would help you do your exercises without pain. You are in Memphis and I am near Nashville. The place is called Results Physiotherapy and you have several offices in Memphis. You don't need a doctor referral unless you go longer than 4 weeks and then if needed they get the prescription from your doctor for you.
  12. Rasagiline

    Discovery everyone is different. Azilect (rasa gamine) has been very effective for me and I think others are being overly cynical. I also use Amantadine. It depends on your symptoms and what is effective for you. I am one that had no help from Sinemet and instead had a horrible reaction. You can always switch. In fact you are just beginning a journey of trial and error and continual change and adjustments with meds. Welcome, by the way. I am sure you will find lots of information here along with varied opinions. Winnow and sift.
  13. can't upload photos

    Check the Open Forum Feb 15, 2015 for photo upload help question and response.
  14. can't upload photos

    I had this problem and was helped by some techie members on forum. Basically edit the photo in a photo editing software (I did mine in windows vs Mac) until you get it reduced to the size allowed and it will upload no problem.
  15. Azilect & aged cheese: how big a deal is it?

    Remember SG it takes 4-6 weeks for full effect so don't look for immediate difference. You may also experience headaches(mild) the first couple weeks. That is normal. Good luck and I hope you benefit as much as I did.