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  1. Otolorin Yes I weigh the powder every night for the next day. I use a drug pusher electronic scale easily found online. There is no Brand name, it is just Mucuna Pruriens made by Signature Supplement.
  2. G for Grams is a measure of weight like once. Tsp is a measure of quantity, so I cannot help you with the conversion. How I feel? I feel OK most of the time, I have break through tremors off and on.
  3. I am taking 18.5 g of Mucuna powder 40% split in 4 equal doses per day. This is about 7.2 g of Levodopa
  4. I did not have balance issues then and I still don't. All my symptoms react well to the treatment. The most resilient is tremors on the left side and jaw tremor..
  5. The information that Carbidopa causes dyskinesia is only supported by Dr. Hinz's research. Everywhere else it is called levodopa induced dyskinesia. I bought in the Hinz's theory and when I switched to Mucuna from Sinemet the dyskinesia went away. I get my Mucuna through a health care provider from Signature supplement in Canada.
  6. I believe that it is the fast absorption of levodopa that makes us feel ill. I take levodopa from Mucuna and periodically I get this ill feeling 20 min after intake on an empty stomach. It never happens in the morning and I do take it on an empty stomach. It will usually occur at the 12:00 or 17:00 doses. I get pounding heartbeats, mild dizziness and an uneasiness feeling. It passes after 10 min. To manage this, I cut my doses in 2 and take it 30 min apart. It is also controlled with food but too much food leads me to believe I lose some absorption. So I tried taking it with 2 large TBS of brown rice and 1 TBS of coconut oil and it works. So I basically make sure my stomach has food leftover in it form eating earlier, or I eat with the dose or I cut the dose in 1/2 and take the second 1/2 30 min later.
  7. Hi! How are you now and do you still using macuna pouder as a treatment and share please your experience...

    I am taking from october 2016 NOW macuna l-dopa capsules 15% 4-5 capsules during a day + mirapexin 0,7/3 times a day + PKMERZ amantadin 1mg/3times and feel good

    dz 2012 first simptom 2008 no tremor femail 50 years old

    6 months ago stop azilect because of feelling bad

    thank you for your experience 

    have a nice day! Tamara

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    2. Tamara


      Thank you so much!,how do you think it is reasonable  to increase dosage of mucuna step by step?  My dosage is small but i feel it. 

    3. Tamara


      And where do you buy mucuna powder?  Thank you

    4. hercules957


      My Mucuna is made for health practitioners, I buy it through my Naturopathe Dr.  it is not available on the open market.

      Self medicating is not easy. There is always a risk of going through the required dose and become over medicated. I would not increase by much and take 5 to 7 days to see the effects.

  8. I am taking it. Search Dr. Hinz protocol for more information.
  9. The Mucuna I used is prepared for my Naturopath Dr by Signature Supplement from Canada. It is not available over the counter or direct without going through a health care provider. The Hinz protocol recommends using their own product from DHK. The Mucuna is 40% concentrated. The Now brand is from a good company but the concentration is low and it will be difficult to find a treatment dose that will have results. Self medicating is complicated and mixing too many ingredients make it difficult to determine what works and what does not.
  10. Ruth1372, Sorry I don't know.
  11. When using Mucuna in the context of Hinz Protocol therapy, no conventional drugs are used at the same time. I heard of PWP supplementing conventional drug therapy using Mucuna.
  12. My hand tremor is active when I start walking. At first I would pick up a stone and roll it between my fingers and tremors would go. I also hold my keys in the hand and play with them. But after 10 min of rigorous walking the tremor stops.
  13. I read that specialist use two main categories: Tremor dominant and PIGD (postural instability, gait disorder) dominant. We can live with PD, it is a fine juggling act. Many factors are competing to relieve or aggravate symptoms. It is not uncommon to take up to one year to reach a level of equilibrium. It is important to be well informed and not to speculate at how bad it can become and how fast this will happen. The future causes a lot of anxiety and the past brings on nostalgia. The present is where you should aim to be. Look at the positive side of things and life, it is a lot more beneficial than looking at the nasty, negative side. Exercise is part of the treatment, not an option. Reduce stress and obligations as much as possible and listen to your body when it is telling you that you need to rest. Most PWP experience cramping or pain at some time or other, some of it is relieved by medications some of it is caused by medication. Exercise and stretching often helps. It is better not to chase symptoms, they come and go, some come and stay, others never reach you. Acceptance is very critical to living with PD.
  14. Thanks for asking. I am stable. I noticed a bit of progression in tremors. I increased my dose a bit and it did not help. I went back to previous level, will stabilize the then I will reduce the dose and see what happens. I read that being over medicated causes the same symptoms as being under medicated. Addendum: I have since increased Mucuna from 13.5 g to 15.5 g and I am almost without symptoms once again. Finding the sweet spot is difficult and critical.
  15. I started MM one month ago and it helped me sleeping, cutting down on rigidity. But, I soon realized that I felt better using it during the day too. After about one week, I concluded that some dependence had developed. When I did not use my tremors were worse that before starting MM. I am going to start again and be more observant of my symptoms and not use it every day just to see. My neurologist was not surprised and stated that the shakes the next day is similar to when one takes a few too many drinks the night before. Any thoughts?