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    Buzzing noises

    i can feel rather than hear the current running in my wires, and it seems to bring on vertigo type symptoms. depends on how much i strectch my neck and the wires. I also have profound tinnitis, which is different..
  2. moomba57

    New Diagnosis

    I saw a specialist on movement disorders/ Parkinson and she confirms the diagnosis of Parkinson's and feels that I probably have had it for many years, with slow progression given the history and evaluation (extensive!) she performed.While it is possible to have concurrent RSD and Parkinson's, I may have had Parkinson's that presented as RSD, or misdiagnosed RSD, and we are going to start eliminating the RSD meds one by one to see if I even really need them. She says Parkinson Disease is much easier to manage without the complication of other meds, if possible. She is keeping me on Sinemet 25-100 TID but adding Lodosyn and if I still have trouble having me change the dosing to 1/2 tabs 6 x a day. She says that often she sees those who have a more difficult or volatile adjustment to levadopa are those who have had Parkinson's for a longer period of time.
  3. moomba57

    New Diagnosis

    I was diagnosed my my internist August 29th this year with Parkinson's an diabetes. I have had RSD in my left leg since 2004 and my right arm since 2010, (I Was told) and have been treated with Topamax, Lyrica, Amitriptyline, and Vitamin B all these years. Since I broke my arm It has been shaking and stiff and uncontrollable, weak, and progressive. I attributed that to RSD. My Right leg is also shaky and weak and I drag it when I walk, but I broke it last year when I fell. I broke my face when I fell in 2006. I fall a lot and do not have any balance, shuffle walk, have very little use of my right arm, have limited use of my left leg d/t a scarred up knee replacement x 2 in 11 mo and the resulting RSD (2005), My DR put me on Sinemet and I puked the doses up each time I took them, though I was walking on beds of slugs and had anxiety attacks so bad I could't take it.Now she wants me to take mirapex.I read the side efffects and I don't want to take it. I am waiting till Ican get into a neuro, which seams to be impossible in my area! My question is: Does it really sound like PD even though I can answer yes to All the questions on the screening questionaire, if the symptoms started after a trauma like a fall and broken arm?