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  1. Getting to thankfulness

    Why would anyone be thankful for being sick? No, not so thankful for a shaking hand, or PD mask, or memory problems, or word search problems, or...or...or.... Nope, not so much.
  2. Protandim

    Protandim is a Nrf2 Synergizer. It's basic purpose is to reduce oxidative stress. In other words, it basically functions as an anti-oxidant. I took it for several years as part of my Late Stage Lyme disease treatment. To the best of my knowledge, it does absolutely nothing for tremor.
  3. Attorney General Sessions hints that he may go after Medical Marijuana growers and Dispensaries. BOO! http://www.thedailysheeple.com/ag-jeff-sessions-suggests-prosecutions-for-marijuana-growers-sellers-and-users-in-legalized-states_112017
  4. I participated in the Fox Insight study. The watch and app frequently didn't stay connected and the technical support was TERRIBLE! It was a great idea but not run very well.
  5. Need help, Hate knowing its Parkinsons

    ALaurenLB1, Your symptoms don't sound like typical PD to me. PD usually starts on one side and progresses slowly, very slowly if you're in your 30's. Your symptoms seem to be on both sides, which is not typical for PD. I certainly would not tell your parents that you have PD. It doesn't sound to me like you have PD. I would not join a local PD support group. It doesn't sound to me like you have PD. I wonder if you were convinced that you had MS before it was ruled out? Take a deep breath. EXERCISE. See a MDS and let them make a diagnosis if that is appropriate. It is important that you get the RIGHT diagnosis; not just any diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with PD, you will quickly discover that there is no medication that does anything to modify the course of the disease. All we have are medications that hide the symptoms and all have side effects (some of which are worse than the disease). Good luck and let us know what the neurologist says.
  6. latest news on healthcare cuts coming

    It is absolutely inexcusable that the government (i.e. my tax dollars) are being used to pay for anyone's insurance. There is no "right" to insurance or any duty for anyone to have insurance. If a person doesn't want to pay for insurance, then they should accept the consequences. Get the government out of our insurance; out of our healthcare; and out of our lives!!!
  7. “On” when I should be “off”

    MM, Yes, both the Sinemet and medical marijuana do a good job on my tremor. If the Sinemet alone isn't helping yours, then I think your idea of trying a combo is a good one. It may just be a matter of getting the right combo.
  8. “On” when I should be “off”

    I don't know about the combo of Sinemet and MM. I haven't taken any MM since I started the Sinemet a few months ago. I certainly don't need both.
  9. “On” when I should be “off”

    MM, I'm taking one 25/100 C/L three times a day. The deciding factor was when I was in the ER with a kidney stone shaking like crazy. I realized that I had no medical options, since the hospital doesn't give medical marijuana out to shaking patients. What would happen if I had a real medical emergency and needed to be in the hospital for an extended stay? I also have a multi-state trip coming up, and taking medical marijuana along for the trip would be a legal risk. The C/L does a good job on my symptoms, although it doesn't cover as many symptoms as the medical marijuana. It also has more side effects than the medical marijuana. Having said that, the C/L is more practical.
  10. “On” when I should be “off”

    I too awake refreshed and "on" in the morning before taking any medication. It lasts an hour or two. In other words, I think that we're 'on when we should be on'.
  11. Boy am I new to this

    Hi Meriban, Welcome to the forum! It sucks that you've been battling cancer and now have PD. However, if you've had a 5 year battle with cancer and won, PD should be a breeze! Unfortunately, doctors in the USA are little more than drug pushers. Go to the doctor --- get a pill. Have any problem --- the doctor will push a pill. PD is an incurable, progressive, degenerative disease. It can not be cured or modified by a pill. There is not yet a pill that can even slow the progression of the disease, although there is at least one promising Phase III trial underway right now. The only thing shown to slow the progression of PD is exercise. If your doctor didn't discuss the importance of exercise with you, I'd find another MDS (movement disorder specialist). I'm about your age and like you had a serious disease (Late Stage Lyme Disease) before being diagnosed with PD. Like you, my neurologist didn't say a word about exercise or anything else that might be beneficial. I fired him and found a doctor that knows that exercise is better than any pill. My MDS didn't push any pills on me and in fact doesn't recommend medication until really needed. I have observed that there are two kinds of people when it comes to dealing with a serious disease. The first kind is devastated by the diagnoses; goes into a huge depression; and sits on the couch waiting to die. The second kind (people like you) declare war on the disease; gets moving with exercise; and continues with life as normal. You are a winner! KEEP FIGHTING AND KEEP MOVING!
  12. http://pdrecovery.org/updates-latest-research/

    Twisted ankle causes Parkinson's Disease - sounds kind of ridiculous. On the other hand, it's probably as good a guess as any of today's researchers have. The bottom line is that no-one knows what causes PD. A twisted ankle; a stubbed toe; or a nasty corn might just be it! So, what it the cure? A good pedicure or a foot massage? LOL!
  13. Big News?

    There's a cure right around the corner - just as there has been for the last 40 years.
  14. Problems that repeat

    What? What?
  15. PWP hurricane victims?

    These disasters are a good reminder that PWP should keep a reasonable supply of medication on hand at all times. Of course, it's also smart to have food, water, and defensive equipment at hand. Every generation in history, until the last 2 or 3 generations, had supplies in their pantry or root cellar for bad times. In the event of a long term loss of the electric grid from a solar flare, EMP, or cyber attack, DOD estimates that 95% of all Americans would die in the first year. As you could even see in the southern USA, in a disaster, the sick, weak, elderly, and very young start dying almost immediately. People died in nursing homes after just a few days of electric power failure. A few days more, and people on dialysis would die. A little longer, then diabetics would start to die. As we can see in Puerto Rico, in a disaster lasting a week or two, food and water supplies run out. In the cities, the riff raff begins looting almost immediately. Good idea to be prepared, especially if you're a PWP.