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  1. That's just not true. According to her posts, New Normal and her husband have Parkinsonism, which is Parkinson's like symptoms caused by something else. For example, New Normal's husband apparently has Parkinson's like symptoms due to exposure to agent orange. According to the new MDS Parkinson's Disease diagnostic criteria, a negative dat scan is an absolute exclusion for PD. You'll note that this criteria works perfectly for New Normal and her husband. They both have negative dat scans and they both have been diagnosed with Parkinsonism, not Parkinson's Disease.
  2. Just a caution about fobs. Carrying meds without appropriate proof of a prescription may be illegal. With us parkies sometimes appearing to be drunk, if a cop searches you and finds drugs in your fob, you could be in for a world of hurt that could costs thousands of dollars to resolve and result in a night in jail.
  3. One of the keys to saving Medicaid is to make every recipient pay some sort of co-pay. When people pay nothing, they have no incentive to conserve. When I go to the doctor, I know that I'm going to pay 20%. If the doctor charges $200, then I pay $40. I do not go to the doctor unless I really need to. Many people on Medicaid go to the doctor or ER for very minor things because it costs them nothing (I'm paying for it).
  4. The issue here is whether a person can wait until they're seriously sick to obtain insurance. Can a person wait until their house is on fire to obtain fire insurance and then expect someone else to pay for it?
  5. I don't see any CBD product on the website that is even close to $45 per month. Which product were you talking about?
  6. The purpose of the physical therapy is to improve. The score of 42 that you had at your initial appointment certainly shouldn't be your score when you finish physical therapy. Furthermore, the physical therapist should show you how to do the exercises at home. You should not continuously be in physical therapy. It takes years (decades) for the increasing loss of dopamine to cause symptoms that can be diagnosed as PD. Almost everyone has symptoms for years before they are diagnosed. I was diagnosed in 2013. I probably fell over 100 times in 2014, including more than a dozen times on one particular day that I remember vividly. After a lot of work and practice on balance, I very rarely fall today. You can and should dramatically improve with physical therapy, exercise, and practice. I saw my MDS in November. He wanted me to see a neuro physical therapist and speech therapist. I saw them both for probably a month and am now doing the exercises they suggested at home, along with all the other exercises I already do. In particular, I was having a frequent problem with choking when relaxing. I had one incident when I choked so badly that I almost passed out. The speech therapist stuck a camera in the back of my throat and discovered that my vocal cords are badly bowed (instead of being parallel which is normal). They trained me on specific exercises to correct the problem and I've only had one relatively minor choking episode since. I must do these exercises every day at home if I expect the results to last. The point of this post is to say that you should get significantly better than you are now.
  7. I took the CW Botanicals.
  8. I tried CBD from hemp. Like Scott, I didn't notice any benefit and no longer take it.
  9. Glad it helped!
  10. What's the point in having 5-6 expensive Datscans and then not believing the results? If an expensive Datscan can not be believed, then what test could be believed? Worse yet, if the Datscans are correct and PD is ruled out, then the proper treatment is not being given.
  11. I saw a dermatologist and she said that these skin problems occur in most PD patients. She said that she could write a prescription, but suggested that instead of a prescription to simply wash my face with dandruff shampoo. That's what I do. I simply replaced the normal shampoo in the shower with dandruff shampoo and use it to wash my face.
  12. The MDS that I see insists on two things: 1. EXERCISE (including neuro rehab, BIG, Delay the Disease, etc) 2. living a normal life He thinks PD meds should wait until really needed, especially for younger patients.
  13. In other words, your job lets you be paid for getting exactly the kind of exercise that has been shown to slow the progression of PD. What could be better?
  14. Why would you retire or go on SSDI? Would you tell your patients with a mild tremor and a little rigidity to give up and go on SSDI or would you rehab them and tell them to go on with their lives? It seems to me that your entire career is the opposite of what you are planning to do for yourself. What support do you really need? Don't terrorize your wife and kids with constant talk about PD. Live your life and support your wife and family. A stage 4 brain tumor is a scary ailment! PD - not so much. Why not turn lemons to lemonade? If you're a PT, why not specialize in patients with neuro disorders, especially PD. It might be very inspirational for PD patients to be treated by a PT that has PD himself. Instead of giving up and quitting, why not be an inspiration for others. That's sad. Why are you trying to educate your wife about PD? She deserves to life a normal life and not to be constantly "educated" about your problem. There are people on this forum that have lost their families and friends due to PD. Healthy people (including family members) don't like to constantly hear about medical problems. Stop talking about PD to your family and friends and live a normal life!
  15. I brought this issue up with my MDS at my last visit. He said that the drugs available to treat memory are not very effective and have a lot of side effects. I did a few weeks of neuro rehab and they recommended Luminosity.