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  1. Thank you so much this is very helpful! I love my docs & pharmacist, but your perspective really helps cut through "normal" med use.
  2. So, I'm 52, female, diagnosed with PD 3 1/2 years ago. On 40 mg citalopram starting about 6 years ago or so, very, very helpful Was up to two to 2 1/2 25/100 3x time per day cdopa/ldopa & new MDS added the ropinirole XR 8 mg. got some relief. saw MDS six month check up and he wanted me to add 5 mg selegiline tabs, one in morning & one at lunch. My pharmacist here didn't want to file the selegiline since I was one citalopram. mass concern, emails to PCP and MDS ( both were NOT concerned about me continuing the citalopram) BUT I went ahead and drop of the citalopram (3 weeks now) and started the selegiline. success, I'm down to 1/2 ldopa 3 x day Where I need help: how do I take the ropinirole, selegiline and ldopa in the morning..yesterday morning was awful. I'm thinking ldopa + ropinrole together first and then selegiline after ( 30 mins to an hour) biggest issue I can tell I really need that citalopram, didn't expect any issues, but it really helped and I don't know what to do!!! I'll email my doc for how to add it back it, but is anyone here taking an SSRI and Selegiline together without issues? sorry for choppy email, just don't get much time to post. thanks everyone!!!
  3. Tool to make notetaking simpler (this is kinda long)

    Thank you, both - Benyamin & BigRingGrinder Big, I've not heard of LVST but look and there are certified trainers near me. I should do this regardless of my handwriting (which has always been bad) Benyamin, if I could link a computer to my brain it would run away screaming, methinks! Anne
  4. Evening! I've been diagnosed with PD since December 13, 2013 at the age of 49. I am the breadwinner in the family & so far am managing. My question tonight is about tools to help in my working day. I'm right handed & of course my tremor started there Doc is working with me on modifying meds to help with some right-sided dyskinesia, which has impacted my right hand with tight, flexed, painful positions plus I have a ganglion cyst and old damage from a broken wrist. So, I'm looking for suggestions for tech can could help with note taking, as that is the task that is mainly affected right now (and I constantly need to take notes, oh, recorders are not a possibility.) I've been looking at the Bamboo Folio - if I can get my chicken scratch to a digital platform, without having to retype it I'd be way ahead, because I can review and clean up more easily. For those days where I would inevitably be without my magic writing pad, I would love my magic writing pad to let me read my notes to it, so they could still be transcribed for upload, using something like Dragon Natural Speak. Bamboo actually uses paper & a special pen, haven't spent enough time on their site to see if I could even load an app to it. So, are there tablets where I could take notes even without paper & they have microphones (probably?) & I could load Dragon to it? (I know I can probably train myself to use my left hand, too & that even might be good for my brain...but some cool tech might be fun & employer is good about accommodations, but they don't have an unlimited budget either.) I would really appreciate any suggestions for gear or other forums that could help me with this search! I apologize for the length of this and let me know if this should have been on another board. Thanks! Anne
  5. Timing question

    Thank you!
  6. Timing question

    I forgot to add that I've been on Citalopram 10g for almost 5 years, just moved up to 20mg about 3 weeks ago. I've always taken the citalopram in the morning. The extreme nausea did not start with the new citalopram dose, that's been getting worse for about a year. Thanks again
  7. Timing question

    Thank you for your help on timing, we are still trying to figure out the horrible nausea I wake up with, docs are thinking gastroparesis or gallbladder disease, still waiting some test results. I forgot to ask another question, I take 20 mgs of citalopram daily (in the morning.) can I take it at the same time I take my 1st morning dose of 25 cdopa/100 ldopa (2.5 tablets?) Anne in Arkansas
  8. Timing question

    Super, thank you!
  9. Forum question not posting

    Are there any updates to when the pending posts to this forum will be aproved? I posted a few days ago (pretty sure I hit post.) Now that I know about "follow this topic" I'll check that in the future, this is helpful. Thank you
  10. Timing question

    Good morning, I have had problems with reflux and nausea the last few months. I am on 2.5 tabs 25/100 c-dopa/l-dopa 3x per day. For stomach stuff prescrhibed 1 40 mg pantrorazole (generic Protonix) per day and 1 150 mg ranitidine (generic Zantanc) 2x per day. When should i take the stomac meds, before or after the c-dopa/l-dopa? Pharmacist here said it doesn't matter, but I'm wondering if it does, since i take by l-dopa, protonox and zantac 1st thing in the morning. the reflux is somewhat improved the nausea Thank you, Anne in Arkansas
  11. Psyllium husk safe for Parkinson’s patients?

    I apologize if this is a duplicate post. Not very good posting from my phone. Can i substitute ground flax seed for the bran? Thx
  12. Psyllium husk safe for Parkinson’s patients?

    Can i use ground flax seed instead of bran? Thx
  13. Do tremors sometimes subside?

    thank you everyone! Anne Ilove this forum
  14. Do tremors sometimes subside?

    Hi, everyone! I was diagnosed with PD December 18, 2013 with confirmation during two trips to Mayo in the early months of 2014. Tremor dominant , right hand lower arm and reduced arm swing. Can't remember all the other things right now. I go back for my for my annual follow up in July. Original neuro had me try Neupro patches (super costly & no real relief.) Neuro at Mayo started me on c-dopa/l-dopa [100mg C-25m L] Titrated up to 2 1/2 tablets 3 x per day with very good tremor control. over probably the last two or three months, I've started having odd things happen with my right hand. It flexes involuntarily in a weird, stretched out & twisted posture. even stranger, the tremor seems to be better, as in very light even if I happen to be late with my meds. I know everyones' experiences are different, but can a PD tremor become more dystonia over time? anyone experienced anything like this? Ever seen a tremor lessen? {had to correct a misspelled word} Thanks! Anne
  15. Starting neuro patch for monotherapy

    Too funny! AMF is actually my initials, now I'll never look at it the same. Maybe, one day we can all say "adios MF!" to PD.