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  1. MRI

    Dr. Okun: I had an mri done two days ago and got the results today. I was told that no parkinson's was found but the machine found a tiny stroke. So tiny that it went undetected. I was told that I need to start using baby aspirin and a ultrasound will be done on my heart and neck. I did some research on the internet today. I found out that mri machines can not detect early parkinson's. If this is the case could you tell me why they had me undergo an mri? I wasn't thinking and didn't ask them why. Thank you very much Tim Wolf
  2. MRI

    Dr. Okun I am due to get a MRI and I have a cap or crown on one of my teeth. Will that be pulled out? Thank you Tim Wolf
  3. Dat scan

    Dr.okun: Tomorrow I have an appointment with my neuro doctor at the va and I am going to request a dat scan. How long does it take to preform a dat scan? Thank you Tim Wof
  4. restless leg syndrome

    Dr. okun: I talked to my psychiatrist's RN the other day and she said that I didn't need the "creepy crawly" sensation to have restless leg syndrome. Today (Christmas day) I must have paced a good 3 to 4 hours straight without a break. I noticed somthing strange. Both my hands and my forearms were stiff when I was done pacing. Is this common? Thank you Tim Wolf
  5. micrographia

    Dr. Okun: Will stress, nervousness or anxiety make micrographia worse? Thank you Tim Wolf
  6. Masking

    Dr,okun: I saw a dermatologist and she said she could see the was masking in my face and then a psychiatrist could see it. Is it possible that they could see it? Thank you Tim Wolf
  7. Acting out dreams

    Dr. okun: I had a dream where this guy called wanting me to help him load a truck full of steel pipe. I got up and ask my my if he called and she said something. Not knowing what she said I slept on the couch just in case he came by to pick me up. Is this acting out a dream or nothing to be worried about. Thank you very much Tim Wolf
  8. tirtrating continued

    Dr. Okun My tritrating is being done under the supervision of my Doctor down at the VA In Cincinnati Oh. I am feeling just fine. Right now I am down to 2 pills a day and on Tuesday the 17th I will be going down to 1 pill a day, Then no more. When I quit taking my sinemet will I be feeling any pain? Thank you very much Tim Wolf
  9. titrating

    Dr. Okun: Let me try this one more time. first week 1112. Second week 1111. Third week 111. fourth week 11. Fifth week 1. Does that seem to fast? Thanks Tim
  10. titrating

    I appologize sir. This is being done over several weeks. Not just one week. Sorry about that. Thanks Tim Wolf
  11. titrating

    Dr. okun: I am titrating down on my sinemet to see if I have parkinsons. I am doing this for my next visit at my nuero appointment. At first my dosage (all in a weeks time) was 1112, then 1111, then 111, then just 1. Isn't this rather fast? Would you please shed some light on this. Thank you Tim Wolf
  12. baclofen

    Dr. okun: I read in a post where baclofen is good for stiffness. I take it for muscles spasms in my back. Could the baclofen be the reason why I never have any stiffness? Thank you very much Tim Wolf
  13. micrography

    Dr. Okun: As you may well know, I have said in my other posts that I do not have a tremor. However I would like to know if you need a tremor for micrography. My hand writing starts out big and keeps getting smaller and smaller to where even I cannot read it. Also, is there a way that I can improve my writing? I go to church and would like to take notes on what the pastor is preaching on. Thank you very much Tim Wolf
  14. I think I found the answer

    Dr. okun: I was told by a dermatologist dr. that the pimozide could have caused it to come on randomly (at any time). I read on the internet that it would have started 1 to 2 weeks after you started taking it. Could it have come on at anytime? Thank you very much Tim Wolf
  15. Stiffness

    Dr. Okun: I take sinemet early in the morning, 1 at noon, 1 at four and 1 and eight. When I wake up in the morning shouldn't I be stiff? I thank you for helping me out. It really means a lot to me that you take your time to answer my questions. Thank you very much. Tim Wolf