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  1. Nausea after taking generic carbidopa levodopa?

    Pathfinder- Phenergan (aka promethazine) is actually a dopamine blocker and should be avoided by PWPs. Zofran will do the same thing without drowsiness or causing PD issues. I was on high doses of the former when I was recovering from brain decompression surgery in my 30's before they figured out I had YOPD. I felt great cause it makes you somewhat high but I also experienced suppressed breathing and low O2 saturation related to the drug. It also relaxes your CNS. hope this helps....................
  2. Engineers and Scientists with PD

    I'd like to hear your thoughts i am a scientist. I have some observations I'd be happy to share in return.
  3. Good morning!!

    Still here NN and doing well. It's nice to be missed
  4. Why do I swing only one arm while walking?

    Something interesting I have found- hold something in your swinging arm ( like a dog's leash) and your non-swinging arm may go back to swinging during the exercise.
  5. Good morning!!

    In honor of Labor Day I am going to take a nap
  6. Bonus Question

    you do realize Michael, this only makes us dorks, right?
  7. Daily activity. Today I am going to do...

    Cool shot Musicman- Watch out Kelly Slater!
  8. Loss of memory

    I do not remember writing large sections of my dissertation- at all- or most of my defense- I was told it was likely due to stress- only exacerbated by the PD. I do remember graduation however. Don;t remember post I made on another topic last month though. Is there a way to test for memory loss?
  9. New Words for NN Campaign

    You can keep all the words I sent NN- I made copies Hope you are breaking free of the apathy- we won't let go til you do
  10. Daily activity. Today I am going to do...

    Today I rode my stationary bike for awhile then off to work where I had the lab all to myself and a great cup of coffee. I signed up as a volunteer for Dreamflight- escorting ill kids from Europe around the theme parks in October- can't wait. Waiting on this latest tropical storm to throw some waves my way- Hey Musicman, when you were a local did you surf? Happy nite everyone!
  11. Bonus Question

    Best question yet, you stumped Roger and Roger your response made my laugh so thank you both.
  12. Good morning!!

    Awesome JB. Thanks.
  13. New Words for NN Campaign

    You cannot be apathetic receiving a wet willy.
  14. Bonus Question

    I never defined cold as above zero kelvin, now did I? You're move
  15. Anxiety, Restlessness and PD

    Well played