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  1. Is anyone on this combo now? How is it working for you? I will be starting Azilect soon on top of the other two. DB
  2. Best to ask these questions on the other forums (Doctor and Pharmacy) to start with or search the other forums as Linda suggested for past postings.
  3. Another PWP who is not on this forum told me to check out on google "Fluoroquinolones and Parkinson's Disease". I see where there are some possible neuro side effects in taking these types of antibiotics but nothing to indicate these antibiotics were ever identified as a cause of PD. Anyone done any research on this or have a doctor who is knowledgeable on this particular topic? DB
  4. PD impacts the autonomic nerve system (the nerve functions that happen involuntarily in the background) which affects things like urology, blood pressure, breathing, and eyes/pupil adjustments. Perhaps light sensitivity is a result of this? Check it out. DB
  5. Yes it does Linda. Thanks to all!
  6. Hello Forumland, Hope you are having a "winning day". Does anyone have a good website or document on PD and PD education that you would post to Social Media or send as an attachment to family and friends in the name of PD awareness? Could you post it here? Looking for something concise and informative. Thanks in advance! DB
  7. Linda, I tried to send you a msg but can't. Is it time for an inbox cleanup? DB
  8. Hi Doctor, Not to cause thread drift but you talk about "sides". Do all PD patients eventually have the disease spread to both sides of the body or can motor related symptoms stay on one side for the patient's lifetime (tremoring etc)?
  9. No pain in ankles but swelling if on my feet for extended periods. It is a side effect of some parkinsons meds. I think the medical l term is edema. Advised to put my feet up where I can at the end of the day to reduce swelling. Welcome to the forum!
  10. Thanks pdmanaz. I understand your opinion on this. Electronic forums in general are a poor medium for discussing/debating some topics/issues. I have learned alot from this forum on PD related subjects. Have a good one! DB
  11. Interesting comments miracle seeker. Thank you. IMO the Christians I know would say there is a path to heaven for all. LGBT issues are both political and moral like many others. Like I said above, I support anyone starting a thread on these issues.
  12. You are right pdmanaz-- there are alot of things I do't know. You will have to take that issue up with the forum administrators if you want to narrow the range of allowable topics or trim the archive. I do not take you seriously on your predictions of how I would respond to any topic. Thanks for participating. Hope you are doing well with your PD. Good night to you.
  13. This was Linda's thread and her "mission statement" upfront was IMO clear. Over 44,000 hits is a testament to the interest (or critique) of topics related to Christianity. There have been some who have questioned why the entire thread is on a PD forum and they are certainly entitled to their opinion. I encouraged Linda to stay on track when she was discouraged over a year ago and I am glad she stayed with it. At the same time I support the right of atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other belief systems to start their own thread on this forum. Everyone has the freedom to chose what they read or don't read if they find the topic objectionable on the "Open" Forum.
  14. I take a 6mg XL dose of Requip at 6am with my first of 4 daily doses of Sinemet 25/100. What is the advertised life of this Requip dose? I am guessing it covers the day basically and that is it. Thanks for your time!
  15. Thanks BillBRNC, Do you have hallucinations as a DLB specific symptom?