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  1. Another PWP who is not on this forum told me to check out on google "Fluoroquinolones and Parkinson's Disease". I see where there are some possible neuro side effects in taking these types of antibiotics but nothing to indicate these antibiotics were ever identified as a cause of PD. Anyone done any research on this or have a doctor who is knowledgeable on this particular topic? DB
  2. PD impacts the autonomic nerve system (the nerve functions that happen involuntarily in the background) which affects things like urology, blood pressure, breathing, and eyes/pupil adjustments. Perhaps light sensitivity is a result of this? Check it out. DB
  3. Yes it does Linda. Thanks to all!
  4. Hello Forumland, Hope you are having a "winning day". Does anyone have a good website or document on PD and PD education that you would post to Social Media or send as an attachment to family and friends in the name of PD awareness? Could you post it here? Looking for something concise and informative. Thanks in advance! DB
  5. Linda, I tried to send you a msg but can't. Is it time for an inbox cleanup? DB
  6. Hi Doctor, Not to cause thread drift but you talk about "sides". Do all PD patients eventually have the disease spread to both sides of the body or can motor related symptoms stay on one side for the patient's lifetime (tremoring etc)?
  7. No pain in ankles but swelling if on my feet for extended periods. It is a side effect of some parkinsons meds. I think the medical l term is edema. Advised to put my feet up where I can at the end of the day to reduce swelling. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Thanks pdmanaz. I understand your opinion on this. Electronic forums in general are a poor medium for discussing/debating some topics/issues. I have learned alot from this forum on PD related subjects. Have a good one! DB
  9. Interesting comments miracle seeker. Thank you. IMO the Christians I know would say there is a path to heaven for all. LGBT issues are both political and moral like many others. Like I said above, I support anyone starting a thread on these issues.
  10. You are right pdmanaz-- there are alot of things I do't know. You will have to take that issue up with the forum administrators if you want to narrow the range of allowable topics or trim the archive. I do not take you seriously on your predictions of how I would respond to any topic. Thanks for participating. Hope you are doing well with your PD. Good night to you.
  11. This was Linda's thread and her "mission statement" upfront was IMO clear. Over 44,000 hits is a testament to the interest (or critique) of topics related to Christianity. There have been some who have questioned why the entire thread is on a PD forum and they are certainly entitled to their opinion. I encouraged Linda to stay on track when she was discouraged over a year ago and I am glad she stayed with it. At the same time I support the right of atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other belief systems to start their own thread on this forum. Everyone has the freedom to chose what they read or don't read if they find the topic objectionable on the "Open" Forum.
  12. I take a 6mg XL dose of Requip at 6am with my first of 4 daily doses of Sinemet 25/100. What is the advertised life of this Requip dose? I am guessing it covers the day basically and that is it. Thanks for your time!
  13. Thanks BillBRNC, Do you have hallucinations as a DLB specific symptom?
  14. For those with diagnosed Lewy Body dementia, what were the prominent symptom markers for this "brand" of dementia versus the other types?
  15. 3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. (KJV) Linda, if you can read this know that you continue to be in my prayers and thoughts. Like miracleseeker has said, we hope you are having computer issues and will be back on line soon. Can't imagine it could be anything else that would keep you away if you are physically able hit the keys! DB
  16. Hello Doctor, I had an MRI and Datscan in my baseline testing that aided in my diagnosis of idiopathic PD several years ago. I am doing well with my sinemet and requip ER combination for symptom control so far. I do have some history in my family for Alzheimers but not PD. My question is this. Is there any advancements in diagnostic imaging that can detect things like Lewy Body dementia or other PD complications? Is there any value in periodic MRI type imaging along the way in the course of this disease? My initial guess is that most diagnosis still hinge on symptom identification and of course post mortem studies. Thanks for your time as always!
  17. Did Linda go sneaking off to the Bahamas for the winter ? Anyone have communications with her lately? Hope she is okay! Her message inbox must be full.
  18. Hi Linda, I have done more forum reading than contributing as of late. The PD cognitive symptoms are starting to catch me more frequently (apathy etc) so I have to make a bigger effort to stay in the game here and there. Hope you and others on this forum are off to a good start in 2017! I have been on some other faith forums as of late and am astounded at some of the arguments/discussions that supposed Christians make without any accurate biblical knowledge on the topics in question. ( On-line forums truly can be toxic at times and can be a poor medium for productive debates or discussions.) Here is a link to articles on how we can all sharpen our bible studies and knowledge. It is a life long process and not only helps deepen our own faith but also helps our evangelistic efforts as Christ's disciples on this earth. Hopefully these reads will be of benefit to Christians and non-Christians alike. DB
  19. Hello doctor. I have just started a 44 session radiation therapy course for stage 1 low grade prostate cancer. Other than the advertised urinary side effects (which overlap with PD and BPH symptoms) and fatigue in the later weeks is there any possibility of the other PD symptoms worsening during radiation? Thanks as always for your time!
  20. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 1First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, 2for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. ​As we go into the new year which will bring a change of administrations and leadership, let Christians be reminded of the need for prayer for those in government positions in our country. We need to pray also for world leaders, especially in countries where not all enjoy the possibility of a "tranquil and quiet life". To ask the Lord to reduce the barriers to Christianity throughout the world is a worthy prayer request. It is recounted and paraphrased that Ronald Reagan was closing a news conference around the holidays and was asked what he would like for Christmas and he said.... World Peace. The reporter followed up with a question....but what would you like in a box? Reagan thought for a moment and said....I will take it in a box or however I can get it. Jesus Christ came to earth for our salvation and is the answer. He is the Prince of Peace. Hope all have a happy and successful new year! Hang in there Parkies! DB
  21. Gentlemen Don't neglect your other periodic screenings. My PSA went from 4.4 to 5.2 in about 5 months so my sharp urologist did a 48 sample Prostate biopsy. 2 of 48 samples had some low grade cancer cels (stage 1). Will do about 8 weeks of well focused radiation to zap it with predicted 100% success. Christmas present.-- early detection! DB
  22. At my recent 5 month followup with my MDS I was upfront telling him about small changes in cognitive abilities that I have noticed. Anxiety/apathy, attention span, executive function (planning, etc), short term memory. None of these things problematic at the present time but small stressors none the same. Yes I have even fumbled with credit cards in my wallet and almost left one with the signed receipt in my restaurant bill portfolio. Words come slower in conversation. My MDS pointed out that dementia in it's early stages covers many of these things in it's definition. I have the added burden of AZ in my family history so chances are elevated for me to have dementia the older I get. Like Texas Tom pointed out. Time will tell. Still independent on all fronts but will be looking for a financial planner in the new year to ensure estate and retirement finances squared away as I do all that stuff now and my wife does not. She may need my son and maybe a planner running along side in the future. Hang in there NN! DB
  23. Thanks Linda. Glad you had a good day. My sons and their growing families will be flying in for Christmas so it was relatively quiet around here today compared with past years. Still managed to go to a buffet serving lamb ???????? (which my DW and her Oklahoma kindred do not eat). LOL I do my best to have a grateful heart each and every day. Hope you are doing relatively well Linda.
  24. Do you have any leeway on mask type/choice? I use the nasal pillows with a thinner strap--- minimalist. I slso use a headband to keep mouth closed when sleeping.
  25. Hi Linda, I decided to contribute to the Christian persecution discussion over on your forum. We are agreed that Christians historically do not hold the corner on religious persecution but in today's world it does take more subtle avenues for all. It is not limited to physical injury or death. Undeniably the founding fathers laid the foundations of this country on biblical underpinnings without any mention of a particular denomination. While citizens of the USA are free to worship or deny diety as they wish (part of the attraction in migrating here), it does not mean that it is time to destroy and rebuild America's foundation. DB