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    Too Much PD Medication?

    I have had PD for approximately 14 years. The following is medication I am currently taking Carbidopa/Levodopa 25/250 mg 7x p/day (every 2 1/2 hours} Entacapone 200mg taken with above 7x p/day Azilect 1 mg 1Xpday at 8am Gabapentin 300 mg p/day 4x p/day at 8am; 12pm;4pm & 8pm Amantadine100mg 2x p/day at 8am & 8pm Famotidine 200mg 2x p/day at 8am & 8pm Quetiapine 25mg 1x p/day at 10pm Nortriptyline 25mg 1x p/day at 10pm Additionally, Neu-Rx-TF; Vitamin D, etc. I am trapped with all of this medication prescribed by my Neurologist! What should I do?
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    I cannot copy and paste in any forum. Cannot do anything in"Ask the Doctor" forum?
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    I started taking the new PD medication Rytary on March 9, 2015. My PD physician prescribed the Rytary as follows: 61.25/245mg CAPS- 3 capsules each day at 8am; 12noon; and 4pm Still had "off periods" Added Rytary-36.25/145mg CAP-1capsule at 7pm then added same strength I additional capsule at same time. I also take 2 Selegiline TABS 5mg at 8am and 12noon with Rytary. Lastly, I take Gabapentin 300mg CAP at 12noon, with Rytary and at 10:30 alone. Everywhere I read PD patients are getting great results. I am disappointed so far, still have "off periods", etc. I was taking Carbidopa/ Levodopa every 3hours, plus the Selegiline and Gabapentin at the same times as above; plus Entacapone. How long does it take to work? How long should I give it to work? If it does not work, then what? Are my other drugs affecting Rytary? I have insomnia, could that effect Rytary? What foods effect Rytary? DBS? Any other guidance, suggestions, etc. is welcomed. HELP! pm