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  1. I found a converter..edited post...i cant open it..can you?
  2. So how can i load a pic, i tried sending it as an emial to,get in url mode...didnt work, suggestions?
  3. After weeks of challenges, we are finally on the road. IMG_0098.webp
  4. Good discussion. Like Patrot said it can be good stress...i tremored at a symphony...can't imagine if I had been to a rock concert! I tell grand kids it is my happiness barometer...happier I am, tremor increases...they think it is funny. On a serious note, I have avoided adding meds when stress increases symptoms. Once environment changes, symptoms relax
  5. Enjoy. God Bless NN
  6. Kudos to Murray...great post, well said.
  7. I tried to remove this post. I used wrong reference link. Regardless, it is an interesting topic...high level of uric acid and its relationship to PD...sorry guys.
  8.'s_disease Wondering if l dopa causing increase of uric acid relates to bladder infections, joint pain, kidney failure seen commonly in PD
  9. I'm confused. Been fussing with rt leg pain for weeks. 2 90 minute deep tissue massage just on leg. 3 chiro appts. Lots of ice. I get fine...boom it returns. I'm starting to think it is PD trying to find alternative exercises. Anyone have severe contraction of whole leg? saratoris (sp) muscle and calf...knee..and attachments to all muscles. I thought dystonia was in one muscle group...not one total leg. So is this PD?
  10. Quiet still, thanks for your response. Very helpful. Do I have this right? : 1. Rigidity is when a limb will resist movement..even if someone pushes on it. The limb will actually feel it is pushing back. 2. Spasciity is when muscles will contract and seize for a period of time. 3. Stiffness is when it is difficult to move, but it will eventually resolve after exercise. 4.Dyskinesia is when a limb or body part moves in an uncontrollable unnatural way. 5. Dystonia is like an extended cramp. It could be toes curling...or arm bending. Sigh...methinks it is dystonia. I stretch every moment I can. Both shoulders have ratchet sounds. They keep moving as long as I stretch every day. To your suggestion, I am having a 90 minute deep tissue massage tomorrow And resuming water exercise. This could atill be an issue that will resolve itself. So....with PD, the brain misinforms muscles because of dopamine reduction. HOWEVER, we can offset and delay with exercise and alternative therapies. I think I get it. Just don't know how I can control a screaming episode in Walmart when leg goes for a walk by itself! 😳 QS, thanx again. NN
  11. Hi PDmanaz, Thank you for your, first, u understand we are all different and few of us are medical professionals. When I joined the forum, I wanted to know how PD evolves...and I wanted true anecdotes. Thru the years, I have learned that one must be very careful interpeting symptoms of others and remedies. However, it is interesting to share info to enlighten...not necessarily solve. I tend to over analyze and over think everything...which is getting more difficult as my "thinker" isnt the same as before. I have learned PWP and especially care givers have life experience not found on Dr Google. To your question, what do you do? When a new symptom arises, I start analyzing...trying to determine if it is PD or not. I am 70, so most aches and pains, cognition, and unusual autonomic things are natural. I research, and "wait it out" to see if it is transient...or if I own it. Now....many PWP will adjust their med regimen according to their symptoms or environment...adding or subtracting doses til symptoms relieve. I don't do that normally. I have at times gotten very symptomatic in an environment I can't change...I will,take a C/L. My first line of defense is change the environment. My thinking: this spasm episode is so off the charts, I know I need intervention. I have to try to identify it before going to MDS as I don't want to mis represent the symptom, and start taking another PD med. So, after all attempts to solve it..the nxt step,is HERE....inquiring of the forum...and look at the great input I have received, PDman (sorry I shortened your name...but it makes me smile), This a long answer, typical of me...but your question brought back memories of pre PD or initial PD.....PD is a huge universe..but soon we all find our tracking...stay with me PDman ( this is gender neurtal)....and lets learn together hopefully we get more discussion. NN
  12. Didi I am sorry you and DH (dear husband) are going through this. Every response you have been given is genuine and true. I can only add in my experience psychiatrists are devoted soley to brain chemistry. After your initial visit, they prescribe medication after a 15 minute assessment based on self/spouse observation. I knew at PD onset eventually brain chemistry would be an issue. I searched carefully for a psychiatrist who was conservative in prescribing, experienced enough to use time tested rx, and who had a thorough understanding of interactions among drugs. It is vital he works carefully with your MDS. Both DH and I have been successful with minimal rx to control PD depression /anxiety. Didi, as you have seen by responses, DH's behaviour is common to many of us. Each is different. You will find an answer. Also post to care giver forum as well as here. Collectively, their wisdom is immeasurable.... second only to their compassion. They can help you through this. We all know the experience of no...or incorrect ...medication. Most of us also know how quickly things normalize with the correct medication. You WILL find an answer. Be patient...especially with yourself. In our world, no one is perfect. Be kind to yourself. NN On a side note: Hunter described PWP's emotional roller coaster better than anyone. It gave me comfort to know others feel the same....and we are not alone. As Beau's Mom says...daily we live with a degree of grief as we recognize a bit of us leaving..but we must exchange grief with acceptance...which it sounds like what you do. That balance line...betwee grief and acceptance ...shifts daily. Stay strong, we .....can do this. Quiet speak, I listen. Definitely, on point as usual. John: its all about Dr Low 😉 Love the ones you love.
  13. Hi Bill, I am not a medical professional. However, your "dizziness" sounds similar to symptoms DH (dear husband) and I have. For us, it is dx'd as orthostatic hypotension. It is not a big deal unless it reaches acute stage. Our neuro had us take a tilt table test which monitors heart & blood pressure etc at different levels and determines rate of blood pressure as you arise. With that knowledge, doc can determine if it is serious. Based on our experience, I would advise you tell doctor and be tested as he feels necessary. OH is a significant component in anyone's dx and worthy of your attention. Good luck. NN PS. In my case, dizziness etc occurs approx 10 mins after standing. It's important to know that possibility to protect yourself from falling unexpectedly.
  14. Ok, folks...have read alot from Dr Google...changed exercises...tried supplements like potassium, calcium, magnesium...."rigidity" or "stiffness" has now evolved into the most awful debilitating pain of all time. All you former athletes and/or smart people please advise. Twice the thigh, groin, calf pain has increased to "charley horse" level...but entire leg is in constriction and pain...tendons are tight..and even with generous adipose tissue, the thigh muscle is obviously in spasm.. During the worst times, knee and ankle are tight and hurt. Other than those two times, pain and cramping come and go. I have noticed I think it is worse as I come down from meds. There are times with little me false hope that I'm cured. I am so grateful DH is a chiro who can work the spasm out...but if this happened in public I'd be humiliated...I've had 5 unmedicated births...have a high pain tolerance and generally can manage any pain situation...not this one. I experiencing the "D" word??....dystonia?? NN PS: This could mean a "no" to kayak and trike.....🙁
  15. Welcome, Ellen, to the forum. Try a search for cannabis or CBD oil on the forum. It has been discussed at length with varying opinions and anecdotal summaries. I have restlessness u speak of. I recently found the medical name for it and neuro says it is common. It may be common, but difficult to explain to someone who has not experienced it. I have found jets in a powerful therapy pool will provide temporary times adequate to allow sleep. Also, a yoga rubber roll helps provide pressure points to nerves...especially tail bone which then releases the chaos in legs. Good luck to you. NN