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  1. Good morning!!

    And the "kitty has Ella's tongue." I'll be back soon, fighting a bad cold right now and the cold is winning........... Take care everyone!
  2. 23 year old female worried about PD

    Newtie, I understand how you are feeling, I've been there. As a matter of fact I got BFS during the time I was so worried about having PD. Ironic isn't it? BFS can increase dramatically during stress, I twitched from head to toe every few minutes. Alarming and annoying. A "twitch" and a "tremor" are two completely different things. PD = tremor. BFS = twitching. And PD tremor and symptoms are always on one side when they first start. Never heard of a butt tremor or shoulder tremor in PD, it is usually a hand or limb at first. Eye twitching is very common and not unique to PD. It usually happens when stressing your eyes a lot, like reading the internet a lot, etc. and eye fatigue. btw - I stressed over PD for a very long time, it ruined many aspects of my life and put me into a severe clinical depression, try not to let this happen to you. After all my stressing, which went on for about 5 years........it turned out my "mystery" symptoms were not PD, they gradually subsided, went to 3 different MDS's, no diagnosis. Although, there have been reports of people as young as you getting PD, it is very rare. If it would help you, go to an neurologist, and MDS preferably.
  3. 23 year old female worried about PD

    Newtie - This is something called Benign Fasciculation Syndrome, it sounds very much like what you are describing.

    I (was) invisable, changed my name. My symptoms started in 2009. They have subsided greatly, although, not completely gone. I never did get a PD diagnosis; no PD motor symptoms developed. Do you experience internal tremor and body wide parathesia?
  5. Summer adventure season starting

    Peace, I agree with Linda. You make a lot of sense in your posts and speak sincerely and straight from the heart. Thank you for the book recommendations, they sound interesting to me.
  6. Summer adventure season starting

    Stump, you definitely made some very interesting points. I have heard many of them before. I really cannot address all of them, my decision to oppose hunting is something I feel deep within and it is hard for me to express it on paper. I am a vegetarian, not a vegan. The milk products, eggs that I consume do not involve killing of an animal, I pay 3x the normal cost for eggs to buy cage free eggs. I go out of my way to make sure I am purchasing milk products from farms that treat the milking cows humanely. I make every effort to dine at places that consider animal ethics; Chipoltes, Panera, to name a few. I do my best to live consistently with my beliefs. One of the many issues I have with hunting is the "type" of meat that hunters feel the need to consume; I do not see the need to consume deer, elk, rabbit, squirrel, ostrich, etc., unless a human is starving in the Wilderness. Meat eaters can also do their best to seek humanely treated slaughterhouses, factories, etc. for their meat. Veal is another very sore subject with me. To house veal calves in little huts on a short leash to keep them from building muscle and to keep them anemic so the human can enjoy tender, light colored meat is cruel at best. We humans worry so much about our pleasures these days. Why should needless pleasures come before the feelings of a living, breathing animal? Lamb is another meat I see no reason for. If one is a meat eater, eliminating these particular "delicacy" meats should not be that much of a hardship. I don't believe all animals should automatically be considered "fair game." By killing these animals in the wild, you are taking away food sources from other animals. An animal is wired instinctually for attacks from prey, not attacks from guns. In my opinion, it is an unfair, unnatural death for an innocent, unassuming animal in his natural environment to endure. Maybe a bullet is a quicker death, but guns and bullets do not originate in nature, nor do they contribute to the "Circle of Life."
  7. Summer adventure season starting

    Swva - Sometimes a picture is the first and only thing you see and one does not have a "chance" to "stop" the viewing. If this was about "changing" to suit others, I could preach a sermon about killing animals for human pleasure. I simply asked that a separate thread be made, not that Stump "changes."
  8. Summer adventure season starting

    I realize these posts on hunting are considered "Summertime Adventures" by some, but to others, it is considered "unnecessary killing of animals." I know this is a "sport" to you Stump and to others on this forum and you are very proud of your accomplishments, however some of us do not share in this enthusiasm and to be honest, are down right offended. The passion I have against this topic is as strong as the passion you have for it. I am sure I speak for others as well. As I am sure you are aware, "Hunting" is a very controversial subject. I have a respectful suggestion for you: Could you make a separate tread with Topic: Hunting? That way those of us that are very adverse to the subject; especially pictures and descriptions on how the animal succumbed, would be able to avoid such a thread. Because there are other adventures I was interested in reading on this thread, I was forced to view innocent, unassuming dead animals. Hope you can understand my request and find it reasonable. btw - I am not interesting in opening a discussion on "Hunting," just merely requesting it be named on it's own thread.
  9. Need help, Hate knowing its Parkinsons

    Lauren, are your tremors on one side or both? It would be best to see a Movement Disorder Specialist, this is a neurologist that specializes in Parkinsons. If you do have it, I'm sure there are support groups in your area, don't go to one until you know you have it, don't tell your parents until you know for sure either. When young people get PD, they do very well for quite a long time, I know some people that have had it over 30 years and are managing well. Don't jump to conclusions yet. Back problems cause a lot of havoc in the body, your symptoms could be related to your back issues. The back controls the whole body. This on-line support group is very good, come and talk often for support and help.
  10. Good morning!!

    You did the right thing LAD, the one "gift" we get from medical (or any) hardship is extreme empathy!
  11. Good morning!!

    I am so very sorry for your loss Peace, the loss of an animal is a very hard loss to endure. The bond we form with them is so wonderful. It is hard to describe to anyone that has not experienced it. I have had many animals of different kinds, but never a horse. The few opportunities I had to pet and ride a horse brings back fond memories, they are such majestic, amazing creatures. You are very fortunate to have had the experience to bond closely with Max, how wonderful. I'm sure you have beautiful memories that you will have forever. I agree, it is much better finding that they passed away peacefully rather than having to make the decision, although, at least with domestic animals, it is fairly rare. I hope you find peace and healing.
  12. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    What past medication do they thing may have altered Dopamine?
  13. Muscle weakness?

    Ask the Dr. to do an EMG & NCV test.
  14. Good morning!!

    Jb - My absolute favorite characteristic in a person is "Humility." If one accomplishes great things or has great wisdom, but is not humble, it cancels out all the good, at least for me. Then there are those that accomplish no great things and are not wise, but have egos the size of the globe. So, Jb, you are probably too humble to realize you shine as a person with my favorite characteristic..........now, don't let it go to your head! lol!
  15. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Doubleup - My advice to you is to have the test. You remind me a lot of myself. I feel you need the peace of mind and you need it now. There is no price tag on peace of mind. Some people can live without answers and take things as they come, some of us have a harder time living like that. If you need the peace of mind for quality of life, seek to get it. Without it, you may risk having it affect every part of your life, believe me, I've been there.
  16. Good morning!!

    Jb, your Mother was a very wise woman......."The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," applies here............
  17. Good morning!!

    So sorry for your loss. The more we love, the more we grieve. Grief is the price we pay for love.
  18. Good morning!!

    Cats do things that make sense to them, but not to us. Cats like to pounce on things that are moving, especially things that are kind of long and move in wiggly ways........like fingers. If I wiggle my fingers near Ella, she gets in the "attack" mode. It is a hunting instinct. They love to hunt, it is born in them and the pickins are slim in a house, so fingers will do! It all boils down to "instinct" don't take any of it personally or feel they are being "mean." Marcia, so what did kitty say he wanted when DH asked him? I'm thinking it might have been his attention. Ella will sit and stare at me and if I don't give her my direct attention, she "meows" in a demanding tone! It's their way of talking to us.
  19. Good morning!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you Jb. Your post was so well said (as always.) Dianne - You are so right. Seems our Thanksgiving mixes into Christmas for some, I guess it is too close on the calendar. It is obviously a distinct separate Holiday with special meaning and I have always said it does not get enough attention, people seem to forget the meaning of Thanksgiving and just use it as a day to get ready for Christmas shopping. The worst is decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, please, let the Pilgrims have their day! I have always wanted to be Canadian. I spent a lot of time in Canada growing up, my family had cottages there and my Mother had relatives in Toronto. I have always felt a draw to Canada. Sure does seem the Canadians are not always in a political turmoil like we are in the USA. Maybe the "grass just looks greener,".......but, it sure does look that way.
  20. Good morning!!

    LAD - I just love those pics of Baxter, he is adorable.......somehow I missed him before. Just love those bravelets, I have some of the newer charm type bracelets with messages, but never saw any like those that your boys gave you, very unique, very inspirational, very lovely.
  21. Good morning!!

    jb - Your imagination is very impressive to say the least!! What a story teller you are!! You truly have a "gift!"
  22. Good morning!!

    omg, too cute for words! Actually, kind of reminds me of "Ella" in action!
  23. Good morning!!

    Wow, lots of beautiful pics to see! LAD, such nice pics of your trip to Europe, I've never been........always wanted to go to Ireland. Love your kitty pics too, such a pretty belly on that kitty, I just want to tickle it, although, I know that would be a "no-no." Jb - I just love Marco, I am sorry he gets no respect from those kitties, but he must understand, they mean no harm, they are just being "kitties." and born without much human contact makes them even more adverse to doggies, I believe. You know, I must defend those kitties or "Ella-cat" would be cross with me...... Yes, I do love the name "Ellacat!"
  24. Good morning!!

    jb - Those muffins sound wonderful! I love pineapple, and sour cream and cream cheese too! How yummy! I had a piece of homemade pineapple, sour cream pie one time! Loved it! Mums are so beautiful...........I love everything about Fall, my favorite season! Summer is my least favorite, believe it or not! Nope, not a Summer person! Hope the barn kitties got their fill............sounds like you are doing a good job taking care of them. As a matter of fact Jb, sounds like you are doing a good job doing a lot of things, you seem to always be busy! I am busy at times too, but then I slack off a lot too! lol!
  25. scared

    I don't have much more to add Scaredfor him, but I want to let you know, I empathize with your fear.......been there, done that. Fear is an awful way to live........it affects every aspect of your life. Get as many factual answers as possible and then therapy if you are still dealing with fear, believe me, you will be glad you did.