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Everything posted by ellaangel2

  1. Wow Marcia, as far as the cancer goes, sounds like you beat it! Fourteen years cancer free is wonderful!
  2. Interesting stuff Lenamegan, although I did have to read it slowly 3 times to absorb it all and now my brain is tired! Thank you for sharing this info, never read about this. Hoping MDS's are up on all of it! I am assuming you must not only be a medicine/science geek, but an animal geek too! I am a very passionate animal lover. Not just a "pet-lover," but respect all animals; wild, domestic, even insects, and everything in-between! I call myself a bit of an "animal geek!"
  3. Jb - Sounds like my usual morning the "important" things first and then make the decisions for the day......I usually do a few chores and then head for the "vacancy," not necessarily in that order either!! I think we earned that right, after so many years of having a boss and a time schedule to meet. It is one of the few perks of getting older and being retired........
  4. When a patient does not outwardly display, while in Dr's office, 2 cardinal symptoms of PD, the Dr. will not diagnose, he cannot diagnose, by law. Dr.'s thoughts are, what's the hurry? Probably won't start meds until absolutely necessary and when/if progresses to obvious PD, patient will return. The sad part is patient goes through a lot of mental, emotional anguish if their presentation is not textbook. It is human nature to want to know what is causing symptoms. When they say "you are anxious and stressed," I say "Of course I'm stressed, I have symptoms I have never had in 50 years and cannot get a diagnosis, who wouldn't be stressed!!" Believe me, I understand all too well. When your new insurance kicks in, be sure to go to a Movement Disorder Specialist, not a General Neurologist.
  5. Serenity - is your tremor also on left side only?
  6. I love that quote Lad! So true, there are always helpers, reminds us we don't have to carry everything on our shoulders alone. I believe we are all put on this earth to help one another, we are not living just for ourselves. We are all "instruments" for each other. We must "allow" people to help us, not only do we receive the gift of help, but it allows the person helping us to receive the gift of giving.
  7. Those to docs do not sound like MDS's. I have read a lot about PD. Have read/heard of false negative Datscans for PD, but never false positives. Everything I read said Young Onset has a slower, smoother progression. I would seek out a 3rd, or even 4th if need be. I would not decrease my meds just to make these 2 happy. Really sounds unreal to me.
  8. ok jb, quit holding out on us, tell us how many books you have written???? Come on, I know an author when I see one!
  9. Yep, nothing like Nature for quiet and solitude, I so love those 2 things! Hard to come by these days. We have to make it "happen." Well, said always!
  10. Wow Stump, you sure do make those fish entrees sound good, you really must be quite a cook! I'll pass on the squirrel and rabbit dishes though .........I'm a vegetarian, do eat fish though.......
  11. Jb - Your imagination is unreal (that it is!) Although, your imagination isn't all you've got going for you.........hard for me to name all you attributes, I guess I have to say ".you are just plain special!" blushing now! No wonder we missed you so much!
  12. Just a quick comment about tea - tree oil, since we all know I am all about animals........don't believe anything you read about using it on animals, either for skin treatment, bathing, or wound treatment, it is highly toxic to all animals.
  13. Starting to get very concerned about Linda, has anyone heard from her? Linda, you are entitled to a "break," but please, just let us know you are ok.
  14. Texas Tom - Your story reminds me of a conversation I overheard while in a restaurant. Man was ranting and raving about how Alzhimers was a made up disease created by Dr's that want to make more money!! I had all I could do to hold myself back from letting him have it!! Easy to say, when you or a loved one is not suffering from the disease.........although, even then, should not be "easy to say." Just plain ignorance and lack of sensitivity, no others words for it! As they say, "one "gift" having health problems give us is empathy."
  15. Welcome Back Jb, we tried, but the forum just wasn't the same without you! I thought you came over to the States, possibly Canalside, our new area down near the Buffalo Marina, figured you would be driving your pancake food truck, serving nice warm pancakes and waffles with homemade syrup! Food trucks are the hip new thing going on over here. I kept driving around looking for you, even called out your name a few times......people looked at me a little strange, but I was determined to find you!
  16. My kitty did that too Marcia, I had to buy a couch that went to the floor, it was hard to find, or could have gotten one with legs and removed the legs I guess. Had to do the same with chair. Luckily, my furniture was very old and I was in need of new anyway.
  17. Marcia, you are very observant, I didn't realize Lad's pic was a "shirt." Now, I see the sleeves! by the way, I kind of like the green glow on your pic, kind of like an alien! A very attractive "alien," I may add! Love that shirt btw LAD! So cute! Good luck to you Diane, you are a trooper! I think you will do just fine. Jb, Daffodils are my favorite Spring flower, I was just thinking of planting some for next year, after admiring my neighbors lush garden full. Problem is, I have been "thinking" about planting them for the last 5 years! Jb, please send some of those "elves" to my house, I really could use them! Spring is a beautiful time of year, but for some reason everything that needs to be done seems to be staring you right in the face all at once! Sometimes, I need a nap just from "thinking" about all that has to be done!
  18. "Pure" prune juice, butter, warmed....... Prunes themselves are usually a good "mover." A much more "fun" idea is some dark chocolate! it works, if you are not too "far gone."
  19. Too bad the site doesn't disclose who pressed the "like" button anymore..........well, Beau's Mom, I just "liked" your above post!
  20. We lived in a suburb of Buffalo, New York, as a matter of fact, I still live in the house I grew up in. Parents are gone. I've lived in this old house for 50 years. I have wonderful memories of my Summer's growing up in Bay Beach (near Crystal Beach.) Those were the days when you could stroll Crystal Beach Park without paying to enter.....we did, just about every evening. Beautiful beach (many sunburns acquired on that beach!) Very fair, Irish/German girl "pretending" she could get a tan. Loved the ice cream and dairy products, remember the very good cheese shop my parents would frequent, all kinds of aged cheeses. Oh, and my very favorite, the butter tarts, none, that I can find in the States that even come close. We also had relatives in Toronto and ThornHill, (I think I may have mentioned that a while back.) I remember it being a long ride past Toronto proper, way out in the country, my Aunt Ella lived in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere........remember her fondly; she loved & respected nature, animals and insects (much like me.) I remember her taking a spider out on a broom and setting it free. Like you said, more time to reflect on memories now and also seem to appreciate them more as time goes on........ btw - Love your idea of the Canadian Pancake Food Truck! Food trucks seem to be big here now, especially near our waterfront in Downtown Buffalo.
  21. Wow, you sure were a busy guy jb, that's a lot to do, that part doesn't always get recognized by others.........the cleanup is always the worst with any job, even when cooking a simple meal. I would say all that work deserved a good nap, or a good "Canadian Ale,"........maybe both! (I spent all my Summers growing up at our cottage in Canada......remember my Dad looked forward to his Canadian brew. I am sitting here as I "speak," eating my waffles with my Mrs. Butterworths comparison to the breakfast you are about to have though......
  22. Big 6-0 for me this year November....... Had Chinese with a friend last night too...... I didn't bake cookies yesterday, but if I did, I would definitely eat 7 of them! Life, sure is a "mysterious trail,"........perfect description.
  23. Don't see any "facial masking" on either of you in this pic, that's for sure!
  24. Trump is all you said Linda and more.......immature, spoiled, erratic and a narcissist! Very poor qualities for a leader of our country! and later, I'll tell you how I really feel!! Lol!
  25. lol!! so funny! Something, I'm sure all Mothers can identify with!