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  1. NN, How do you feel this afternoon? I have no idea what was going on with you, but it would have scared me too.
  2. Yikes, forget buying one. The price alone got my heart rate up.
  3. My appointment for my eye scan is tomorrow at 2:00. They will go over the results with me right after, and then send the results to my MDS. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Btw, it only takes 5 minutes.
  4. I have to stop all my PD meds for 8 hours next month for a few tests to determine if I have the run of the mill PD, drug resistant varieties, or even worse. Anyway, here is my problem, I take 1 Mirapex Er 0.375at night 1 Sinemet 25-100 3 times a day How do I make sure I have the Extended Release out of my body? Also, my biggest problem is stiffness, and dystonia. If you had to guess, how bad is this going to feel after 8+ hours? The tests are for balance and such.
  5. Isn't it odd how people come and go in our lives, and never know how they touch us? Those boys don't know you still think of them. Because of your story a snapshot of them is now with us as well. I wonder what became of them or who they will become. Thank you for posting.
  6. Ok, so they are both healthy! Hayden is a few weeks early, but still 21inches long and 8 lbs. How big was that boy going to be. Our daughter is going fine. So, this makes #2 c sections for her because of preeclamcia. They live in Washington State
  7. We are up all night. Our daughter has gone to the hospital for an emergency c section. We will have another grandson soon. My husband is so sweet pacing around. If course our daughter is on the other side of the country. Nothing we can do.
  8. You are funny Linda, but nice to say that. My husband said if I quit posting he would go nuts. I was making him crazy. I missed you guys. I still can't talk about everything right now, but if they are not sure then I should act like everything is just like before. Otherwise, I won't survive the mental part. you guys are my saving grace. Hugs!
  9. Thank you all for you kindness. Im going to stop being a drama queen for a hot second and try to get ahold of myself. Love you guys! Hugs and spoons all around!
  10. Well, here it is folks. They don't know why the meds aren't working so well. I may have just dystonia, or I might be a drug resistant type of parkie. It's either really good news or really really bad news. I need to change my name here or delete my account. I dont want my kids to know right now the reality of the situation. Thank you all for your support, and I wish you the very best.
  11. Hi Mike, Very long day. I'll talk more tomorrow, but next month they want to try a on-off trial, and do some kind of eye tracking & testing. Maybe I only have dystonia. Maybe, I'm an alien, maybe I'm a boot. Who the hell knows any more. I'm tired, weary, and fried to my very soul. Very sweet of you to be thinking of me. You are all sweet to me
  12. They just said on the today show that is autopsy showed LBD. It doesn't mean that is what made him do it, but it had to be scary as hell. Just the thought of it makes me cry.
  13. I'm just so freaking scared for you. I wanna be that friend I should be, but it is all happening so fast. Who will stay home with you 24/7? I just wanna know details I guess.
  14. Today, I go see my MDS and she will give me the results of all the stuff she has been putting me through and I'll finally see what all of them have to say. They are all going to be there in the meeting too. Weird. The up side is maybe Roger will finally ask me to prom when I get back. ♡
  15. Welcome Debbie, I'd offer you some sweets, but they have that covered. I make great fried green tomatoes, but they are out of season. So, I'll just offer you my friendship just like all the others have, and say ask us anything and everything. If one of us can't answer someone else can. Big hugs!