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  1. MM,. I just returned from a tour visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Did a lot of walking (sometimes over a little snow). Really had a good time with our tour group. Noticed a little tremor when time for my Sinemet. Other than that not much. I definitely agree that when you are having fun PD isn't on your mind so much. Lorraine
  2. Kaypeeoh,. My mom and grandmother both had essential tremor. When I developed a tremor my Neuro had me take a dat scan which would distinguish between the two. It showed parkinsons as opposed to essential tremor. This could be the test referred to.
  3. Love this picture. So nice to put faces to,the posters we read everyday.
  4. Thanks everyone. I will try your suggestions
  5. Hi all, haven't posted in a while. Hope you are all doing well. I have a question. I am tremor dominant. About an hour before next dose of c/l my tremor will break through. I also feel anxious and unsettled. After I take my c/l I feel ok. Is it the Meds or the Parkinsons? Anyone else have this going on? Thanks, Lorraine
  6. Diane, just read about your son. Thoughts and prayers are with you. What a remarkable strong woman you are. You are an example to all of us. Lorraine
  7. Thanks Diane. Great information. How is AB normal doing?
  8. Pdmanaz, I am 75 and got diagnosed 2 years ago. I have mostly a tremor and take a low dose of c/l. PD supposedly progresses faster if you get it when you are old. However my MDS said I was lucky to get it at my age and not younger. My progression has been slow. I try the one day at a time but we all have our "why me" days. I try to keep busy and enjoy life. If I have problems when I am 85 so be it I can't control it so in the mean time I try to live life as best I can. Good Luck
  9. NN, When I first posted on this board as a newly diagnosed PWP I received many welcoming posts. What they said was that this forum was the place to express our fears, our joys and to get and give information. I was told that there would be no judgement rather there would be discussion. I enjoy your posts and you certainly have a way with words and expression. . You have every right to express your feelings and I hope you will continue to do so. As you would say "keep on swimmin
  10. Mm, I take mine at 6 on an empty stomach then 11and 4. I eat breakfast at 7. The first dose on an empty stomach definitely works best. I don't know what stage i am in but I mostly have a tremor. I know when it's time for a dose because I start to shake. I'm a little stiff in the morning and my back hurts a little when I first get up. But I have arthritis so who knows. Sounds like what you are doing works. Lorraine
  11. Hi NN. I don't post much and I am definitely a lurker. I enjoy reading your posts and was sorry to hear about your husband. But your posts show what a strong woman you are and he is in such good hands. You will be strong for each other. Anyway in reading your posts I have wondered what a Harley trike looks like. A few days ago DH and I went to our local deli. In the parking lot wa a candy apple red Harley trike. It was so beautiful. There were handicap license plates on it. It looked brand new. Wow it looks like so much fun to ride. Now I will know what to picture when you speak of your trike. Am I spelling trike right??
  12. MM. i notice the same thing. When I am doing things around the house or out shopping tremor is not bad. When I sit down to read or watch tv it goes nuts. It also seems that my doctors (mds and neuro) don't seem that concerned about tremor. More concerned with balance and movement which for me are ok.
  13. Hi Texas Tom. Don't post much but wanted to wish you the very best with your surgery. Great that you caught it early. Hang in there and you will be cruising in that Porsche soon. Good wishes to you and your family.
  14. Roger, I have a physical coming up soon and will speak to doc about it. No bloating or puffiness.
  15. Hi all. Wondering if anyone else has this problem. After I have been sitting for awhile like at a movie or on a plane, when I stand up the backs of my knees really hurt. It's the muscles in the back. I hobble a few steps and then it goes away. I assume this is from pd but since I am 74 who knows. Would appreciate any info. Thanks, Lorraine