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  1. Good morning!!

    Be kind to yourself
  2. Tremor when nervous?

    The exact same thing happens to me. Whether it's my husband driving too fast, or an exciting football game that my team is losing, whatever the situation if I'm stressed I shake crazy. In the next month I am having root canal and a colonoscopy. Shake, rattle and roll!!!
  3. “On” when I should be “off”

    Hi Sunbird,. I take my last dose of 25/100 sinemet at 4. I have some tremors in the evening but not much else. When I get in bed at 10 my tremors really lessen even though I am not asleep. No problems when I wake up several times at nite. I take my morning dose at 6 but really don't feel "off". Don't understand why i don't have any Meds for 14 hours but don't have a problem. Lorraine
  4. Good morning!!

    jb, please know that your posts do add so much to this forum in a positive attitude. I have read so many of your observations and great stories and when I am feeling a bit down, they lift me up! The very best to you. Lorraine
  5. Dizzy

    Oops. Posted in wrong forum. Sorry
  6. Dizzy

    Hi all,. I recently switched from Azilect to generic Rasagaline. I seem to feel dizzy a lot. I take 25/100 sinemet 3 x day. Been taking sinemet for about 3 years since diagnosis. Wondering if the Rasagiline is causing it. Also feel a little nauseous sometimes. Anyone else have this problem? Hope you all are doing well. Lorraine
  7. Good morning!!

    That was terrific. You should be so proud of your son. Loved the lyrics! Lorraine
  8. meditation

    Thanks Linda,. That music was lovely and so relaxing. Lorraine
  9. Rasagiline

    Hi Dr. Okun,. I have recently switched to generic Azilect called Rasagiline due to cost. The open forum has a lot of negative posts on Rasagaline. Is it that different than Azilect? Thinking I should stick with Azilect. Are side effects worse? Haven't started it yet. Thanks for your help. Lorraine
  10. Good morning!!

    Hi Pathfinder,. We saw Baby Driver too and liked it. Sound tract was great. We are both in our 70's and our kids couldn't believe we liked all that action and loud music! Told them we're not dead yet:)!!!
  11. A little something to think about

    MM,. I just returned from a tour visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Did a lot of walking (sometimes over a little snow). Really had a good time with our tour group. Noticed a little tremor when time for my Sinemet. Other than that not much. I definitely agree that when you are having fun PD isn't on your mind so much. Lorraine
  12. video?

    Kaypeeoh,. My mom and grandmother both had essential tremor. When I developed a tremor my Neuro had me take a dat scan which would distinguish between the two. It showed parkinsons as opposed to essential tremor. This could be the test referred to.
  13. Got to meet Beau's Mom

    Love this picture. So nice to put faces to,the posters we read everyday.
  14. Feeling anxious

    Thanks everyone. I will try your suggestions
  15. Feeling anxious

    Hi all, haven't posted in a while. Hope you are all doing well. I have a question. I am tremor dominant. About an hour before next dose of c/l my tremor will break through. I also feel anxious and unsettled. After I take my c/l I feel ok. Is it the Meds or the Parkinsons? Anyone else have this going on? Thanks, Lorraine