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  1. Be VERY careful of klonopin. Addiction is easy and rapid, and "tolerance withdrawals" are almost a given, meaning you will take more and more.
  2. Thanks Christie. My progression is definitely NOT rapid, and I've seen 3 different MDS guys (including Dr Okun), so I suppose it's probably absorption or something else.
  3. BUt what if you have a positive DaT, but sinemet doesn't do much of anything?
  4. How? The manufacturer discontinued the coupon? If you found an online coupon for $5, please forward the info to me. Thx
  5. You might try the legal everywhere cdb oil (non thc).
  6. Bill, is it rigidity, stiffness, or tremors that bother your playing the most? For me, my fingers and hands are getting stiffer.
  7. Thx DG. Just happened to pick up my 1st month of generic Azilect ($430) yesterday. Will be trying it on Saturday. I don't expect anything, since I never saw any obvious benefit from the brand name Azilect anyway. I am discontinuing the CDB for now. I developed aches and pains all over my body that I don't remember having prior to the CDB usage. I will see if they all disappear in a few days. If so, I will wait a month and try CDB again....rule out if it was just a flukey coincidence.
  8. Very interesting paper. Not really mentioned: There are a number of drugs treating OTHER health conditions that are being tried off-label for PD, that show some promise. Also, cannibas and other "natural" products may be useful in helping manage PD symptoms and pain.
  9. I may be wrong, but I think you need to PUSH yourself to get much PD benefit. Normal living stuff just isn't enough.
  10. I am slowly changing my opinion of the CDB cream I am using.....maybe. I now think I am seeing some overall improvement in how I feel. It's slight, yet noticeable. I will wait a few more days before giving it a total thumbs up, but I am cautiously optimistic.
  11. Well, SO far the results have been less than spectacular. I seem to be calmer (not that I was a wild man before CDB), but I am not sleeping any better. I have not seen any change in my tremor, and I seem to have ADDED a few more aches and pain throughout my body. Now it's only been 2 full days, so I could very well need a little more time to give a fair analysis to CDB's benefits for my PD symptoms. Also, the trans-dermal method may not work as well for me as oil on the tongue or the inhaled options might.
  12. Okay, I just purchased a "one month supply" of CDB topical cream, a transdermal option, which I will try for a month and document my findings here on the forum. I may also supplement this with an occasional inhaled "e-cigarette", just to see if there is any difference or added benefit to that method of getting CDB into my system. I chose the transdermal method after a long, detailed talk with the guy at the store, who said that the testing results have been very good, and seems to get absorbed quickly into your body. I apply it to the back of my neck, just below the hair line, 3 times each day. I put some on last night before bed and had my 1st "acting out" dreams that I've had in many many months, so I'm not sure if that is terrible or it means I was sleeping good? I applied it this morning as soon as I got up. There are WAY too many stories about the benefits of CDB (not necessarily PD related) to completely discount it, so why not try it, right? It's not cheap, but it's less than Azilect. Wish me luck.
  13. For some reason sinemet keeps me mind simply won't shut down.
  14. I didn't check the site prices. The girl at my Dr's office gave me the pricing for the e-cigarette option. I better confirm that pricing....
  15. This is now available at my Primary Dr's office. About $45 for a one month supply. I'm really tempted to give it a shot.