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  1. Hey Musicman,

    What Lee Child's book are you reading now. I just finished Night School. 


  2. MusicMan

    10 good years???

    Probably the "10 good years" is an average based on ALL PD patients. Many aren't diagnosed until age 75 or so, and are already on the decline in general. 10 good years for them would be great! Remember, the average of 100 people age 75 who get 2 good years and 100 people 40 years old who get 20 good years is.....11! So, don't sweat the numbers. Exercise and stay positive.
  3. MusicMan

    Shot in the dark

    Start with a neurologist. For maybe $200 he/she can give you some insight on whether you should be worried or not.
  4. Diamond joins Linda Ronstadt as another celebrity with Parkinson's https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/23/arts/neil-diamond-retires-parkinsons.html
  5. MusicMan


    I don't understand the difference between Rytary and regular extended release sinemet???
  6. MusicMan

    inhaled levadopa

    I've read that your body needs acid to activate the sinemet, and that taking things like Zantac, Tums, Pepcid, etc negates the absorption of levadopa. If that's not true, I'd love to know so I can take Zantac too!!!!
  7. MusicMan

    Trying Sinemet

    There's no "cut and dried" treatment for PD, but I think it wouldn't hurt to add it at the same time. I think it has slowed down MY progression, but can't prove it...
  8. MusicMan

    What drugs? supplements like inisine?

    I would highly question anything that says Azilect may cause you to fall asleep while driving. Ridiculous....
  9. MusicMan

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    I'd be interested in hearing more...
  10. MusicMan

    inhaled levadopa

    Great! PWP will be able to eat protein high meals, maybe gain needed weight.
  11. MusicMan

    Rasagiline and other drugs

    I get brand name Azilect from Canada....$300 for 90 day supply
  12. MusicMan

    Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    It is what it is. There's no cure for PD, so it comes down to managing your disease the best you can. Here's the real problem.....Doctors in the USA want to make $250,000 a year (at least), so to do that, they need to see LOTS of patients........for as little time each as possible. A doctor can't spend TOO much time cradling each patient......they need to move on to the next patient. So, you are just not going to get lots of hands on care and concern for your condition. That's just the way it is.
  13. MusicMan

    Parkinson's patient abusing opioids?

    I was on clonazepam for about 4 months, 1/2 of a pill once a day. I ended up so screwed up from that small dose that it took me 6 months to kick it. I would say that if your mom is taking 2 pills at one time, that is a problem. This is the drug that Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) got strung out on. It has a very quick "tolerance withdrawal" effect.
  14. MusicMan

    Rasagiline and other drugs

    I think that Azilect has slowed my progression of PD, but have no proof of that. I don't notice any side effects. Start with .5mgs for 4 weeks, then up it to the 1mg....you should be fine.
  15. MusicMan

    Parkinson's patient abusing opioids?

    You don't mention how old your mom is. PD can be painful, so give your mom a break. Clonazepam is a BAD drug, and very tough to get off of. That may need professional involvement. The opiods are another matter. You need to find out how much she is taking. A few a day is not THAT big of a problem in reality. Lots of pills is a BIG problem. So you need more info.