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  1. I have a big bag of weed that I haven't even used for nearly 2 months. I just didn't get anything out of it, except a weird "high". I tried it for 8 straight days, but it didn't help me at any level so I just kinda forgot about it.
  2. Apparently, this coming Monday (July 3rd) a man with early onset PD is going to be competing on the American Ninja Warrior show, trying to make it thru the VERY challenging obstacle course. The producers are making a fairly big deal out of it, so it might be interesting to watch.
  3. Yes.....very much so. At this point I can consciously will myself to relax. I wonder how long I will have the power to do this tho?
  4. I actually bought some very good (kush) pot from a friend of mine, but I didn't notice any relief from any PD symptoms. In fact, I just didn't enjoy the "high" from it either. All in all, it was kind of a waste of money, in MY opinion. Results may vary....
  5. Advice? Have as much fun while you can, and don't fret. Key thought? "You will NEVER feel better than you do today", anything you want to do: travel, sports, work, love, etc, do now. Yeah, maybe they will cure it in 10 years. We can all hope. But in the mean time, live for today. I am having more fun NOW than I did 20 years ago. I am a little worse today, than this time last year. And last year I was a little worse than the year before. Don't let time sneak past you. Go out and have fun.
  6. After a few years now of taking generic sinemet, I'm starting to feel ill after taking it, even tho I'm taking the same amount. I usually take a few saltines with my dosage, so it's not the empty stomach thing. It's not a nausea feeling, but more of a dizzy, ill type feeling occurring about 15 minutes after taking it. Has anyone else who has been on sinemet for a while got to a point where it just made you feel sick?
  7. Just returned from an 11 night Caribbean cruise and had a ball.....barely noticed my PD, and I don't think anyone else noticed it either. Danced, ate, drank, snorkeled, hiked, went to shows..........all the usual stuff. Actually, my symptoms are worse now that I'm back HOME, than they were on the cruise!
  8. Well, a few saltines versus a full breakfast of 3 eggs, toast, and grits. Or a full lunch or dinner. I would THINK there's a big difference, but maybe not...
  9. Hey MS. Maybe I am just reacting to the "empty stomach" thing. Before, food might have absorbed some of the sinemet, making the impact less noticeable. Now I'm taking it without the food interference and it's hitting me hard?
  10. Exercise and Azilect. I have seen 3 MDS, ALL of whom had said that "if it were them, they would take Azilect". THEY believe it "slows progression of the disease, even if the FDA won't let them say it".
  11. Hmmm.....I actually saw our forum doctor, Dr Okun, who last time I saw him, made his assistant verify that I indeed had a positive DATscan, because I really showed nothing but a right hand tremor. None of the three MDS doctors I've seen have said anything about any bradykinesia, but maybe they're just not telling me everything.
  12. "PD still requires you demonstrate the required clinical symptoms of bradykinesia " Is that right? I don't have any bradykinesea. I do show a tremor, and a positive DATscan. I'm not sure that bradykinesea is a absolute necessary requirement.
  13. Well, I have been making a concerted effort to avoid eating 2 hours before taking sinemet, just to test the effectiveness on a more empty stomach. Before, I didn't worry much about the timing of meds and meals. Maybe I'm one of those few who don't have to be that careful about protein interference?
  14. Possibly, but it would be highly coincidental to always happen about 15 to 30 minutes after taking the sinemet
  15. Sorry...should have said that it's the same generic I've been taking for at least 3 months. Weird, ill feeling only started roughly 3 weeks ago.
  16. The only problem with this is that OJ has a LOT of acid in it, which can cause distress by itself.
  17. Dr. Okun, I just happened to be reading this entry on the website regarding Sinemet and shockingly read this statement... "Do not use carbidopa and levodopa if you have used an MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days. A dangerous drug interaction could occur. MAO inhibitors include isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue injection, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, tranylcypromine, and others. " What? !!! Is this outdated, or just wrong, data? Or should I not be taking both together? Thanks
  18. I definitely notice the twitchiness in your hand....
  19. From what I heard (I think even Dr Okun stated this), the dopamine pump reduces the whole protein interference problem that occurs when you take oral pills and eat meals. This would make sense. Personally, I would rather have a pump feeding me dopamine and still be able to eat like a pig
  20. You would certainly THINK that each one of us fighting Parkinson's has enough on their own plate to concern themselves with, that they wouldn't feel the need to interfere with how someone else is coping with, and/or fighting PD in their own way. But alas, there's always that obnoxious 10% of ANY population....whether it's the diseased, sports stars, celebrities, police officers, politicians, etc., that feel a sick compulsion to tear down someone else's castle. History shows, however, that these type people usually self-destruct on their own. So, let them wallow in their own bitterness and nastiness....they CERTAINLY aren't helping themselves do any better with their own PD. (Personally, I hope it ramps up their symptoms). Linda, just start a new thread. If it also ends up shut down, start another.
  21. In other words, a car will run the exact same on a gallon of gasoline as it does on a full tank....just not as long. So, does ONE 25/100 pill give you the same relief from PD symptoms as THREE pills...just not as long?
  22. I have been using the generic azilect for 6 days now, and I feel like absolute SH*T. Dizzy, feel like my legs are gonna give out, tired, brain fog. This new pill is the only thing different I have been doing, so I have to assume that's what it is. Anyone else having issues with the generic?
  23. Yeah!!! This is who we need on our side, fighting for a solution.
  24. Really? Never saw that...
  25. One day my foot hurts, next day my shoulder, then the groin, then ankle, neck, elbow, knee, etc. Different day/ different pain. Get used to it. That's PD.