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  1. Parkinson and treatment drugs

    Ha!!!! Me too! Love ya, D.
  2. Yeah, I'm 6' and about 156 lbs, and have been for the lat 10 years or so. Eat like crazy but can't gain weight
  3. Does anyone else have dreams ABOUT your PD?

    I dream about everything BUT my PD. I'm usually kicking a wild, attacking animal. About that time my wife is waking me up and yelling at me to stop kicking her...
  4. Eye Muscle Tremor

    Does anyone else have an eye tremor, or persistent muscle twitch in one of their eyes? I'm not sure if I have an eye strain type of twitch, or a tremor. With PD it's kinda hard to tell....
  5. Eye Muscle Tremor

    Thx Gardner. Mine has been going for about a week now, out of the blue. Funny thing is it's my left eye, but my tremor is my right side. I have been doing my CE on line for the last 2 weeks, so it's possible it is a "eye strain" type issue. With PD tho.....???
  6. Eye Muscle Tremor

    ....yeah, so would I.......
  7. Tumeric and other supplements

    Regarding Curcumin...according to curcumin researchers at Michigan State University, taking a supplement probably won't do you any good. "Finding a compound that can fix a protein when it first begins to misfold can lead scientists to identify drugs that can treat certain diseases. Doctors won’t be prescribing curcumin pills any time soon, though, Lapidus said. “Curcumin’s usefulness as an actual drug may be pretty limited since it doesn't go into the brain easily where this misfolding is taking place,” she said. “But this kind of study showcases the technique of measuring reconfiguration and opens the door for developing drug treatments.”
  8. Until ALL Americans rise up and tell congress that we HAVE to start controlling the rising costs of HEALTHCARE itself, no insurance plan is going to remain affordable. If our electric bills, or gasoline, groceries, water bills, ALL rose at the rate that healthcare costs are rising, our entire economy would collase. Why we allow this to happen is completely beyond me. I'm not talking about the cost of insurance (which is just a reimbursement vehicle....I'm talking about drug prices, hospital stays , surgical costs, etc!!) It's time for the government to step in and FREEZE healthcare costs until we can get a handle on things!!!!
  9. Need your opinion...on Retirement disability

    Stu, personally, the best thing I did for myself and my PD was take myself out of the stressful environment of full time work. My PD progression seems to be fairly slow, mainly 'cos I have no real worries. If you can "retire" and still pay your bills and have fun, then do it! (But yeah....lose some weight. At 6'2" you should be about 200lbs. I'm 6' even, 158 lbs)
  10. Restore Gold

    For what it's worth, my MDS told me that taking more than 6 tabs of 25/100 per DAY is the point where dyskinesia can begin in most people. Some people can handle 8 tabs per day, but usually between 6 and 8 is where it would start to show.
  11. Restore Gold

    %^^&*. Yeah okay. Argue just to argue..... If referring to Rasagaline as "generic Azilect" is good enough for Dr Okun, My MDS, and my Pharmacist, it's good enough for me. Surprisingly, the world is not awaiting approval from Mr. Fritz.
  12. Neck & Shoulder Issues

    I think the neck and shoulder pain is extremely common in PD, meds or not. Sometimes mine is terrible for days, but then mysteriously goes away for awhile. (actually it just moves to a different part of my body)
  13. Restore Gold

    Not sure where you heard that, but there is generic Azilect (Rasagaline)
  14. Restore Gold

    Most insurance plans in the US have very high deductibles, so out of pocket costs are very high. I was paying about $500 a month for Azilect before I found the generic thru Canada for $100 per month. Medicare is different tho. So, lots of people are paying lots of money for Azilect in the HOPE that it is beneficial. It's easier to substantiate spending the money when a doctor advises you to...
  15. How did you talk to others?

    I just figure it's no one's business...
  16. Restore Gold

    Azilect comes to mind.....
  17. Restore Gold

    That's funny....every time we go out for Thai, I always say, "see, I'm not TOO bad, I still can use chopsticks"!
  18. Restore Gold

    Here's MY worthless opinion.... Parkinson's is on the increase for whatever reasons. Some smart (marketing) people realize this fact, and figure they can financially capitalize on this. All they need is for a lot of people to buy their product for 2 years (which is about the same amount of time for symptoms to progress in a noticeable degree), before symptoms progress and they move in a different direction with their treatment. But 24 months at $100 per month, times lots of people, isn't too bad. Marketing on the internet is REALLY cheap, versus print ads or tv or schmoozing doctors, so the investment is fairly low. Maybe this is just MY naturally suspicious nature at work, but I have my doubts.....
  19. newly diagnosed outdoor active female

    If you want to go to Spain, I would go soon, maybe next year. Afterwards, plan your next "bucket list adventure" and tick it off as soon as possible. You may be fine for 10 years, or you may progress rapidly, there's NO telling. And despite anyone's advice and suggestions, nothing can be guaranteed to slow YOUR individual progression..... be it exercise, medication, or therapies. I'm doing pretty good for 3 years in, but I'm not kidding myself. I'm traveling and having fun while I can. I set a goal for a myself, "just hang on until you get thru this vacation", then when that's done, I set my next goal. Right now my goal is to stay in good shape until next February for my daughter's wedding. I'm walking her down the aisle, of course, as well as writing, playing, and singing a song for her at the reception. But I only look ahead for one year at most, plan out the year, and when it's done I start planning again. But that's just me.
  20. Back from Gainsville and Azilect Study - any others?

    Hey D! here ya go https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02789020
  21. New to Parkinson's

    As far as the kids go, It was great that the guy was on American Ninja. He didn't do so well, but it showed that we are not helpless, shaky, drooling invalids. Many of us get by for many years with mild to moderate symptoms. Kids get more from seeing something like that than most other things
  22. Medical Marijuana

    I have a big bag of weed that I haven't even used for nearly 2 months. I just didn't get anything out of it, except a weird "high". I tried it for 8 straight days, but it didn't help me at any level so I just kinda forgot about it.
  23. American Ninja Warrior

    Apparently, this coming Monday (July 3rd) a man with early onset PD is going to be competing on the American Ninja Warrior show, trying to make it thru the VERY challenging obstacle course. The producers are making a fairly big deal out of it, so it might be interesting to watch.
  24. tensing of muscles

    Yes.....very much so. At this point I can consciously will myself to relax. I wonder how long I will have the power to do this tho?
  25. Cannabis CBD Oil

    I actually bought some very good (kush) pot from a friend of mine, but I didn't notice any relief from any PD symptoms. In fact, I just didn't enjoy the "high" from it either. All in all, it was kind of a waste of money, in MY opinion. Results may vary....