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  1. Linda Garren

    See an MDS or continue to monitor as per my neurologist?

    I absolutely, strongly agree, Golden.
  2. Linda Garren

    Missing Meals?

    H, Dianne. I couldn't agree with you more. When even feeling a little stress, I shake and drop things and get so frustrated. I talk to myself as if I were a friend (or God) talking to me and tell myself that I have Parkinson's and of course you are going to drop things. I take a deep breath and slow down and learn to accept what is. It's not easy, but it does work. And Scoop, I have the exact same reactions to junk food and sugar, stress, and too little sleep and missing meals (and missing a dose of sinemet). Those are good reminders, though, of how important it is to plan and eat good meals and to get quality food that is not GMO'd and that is pesticide free. I get as much organic as possible even though it is more expensive. The difference in cost is worth the benefit (or, the benefit is worth the cost). And the taste can often be incredibly better than conventional foods. Our gut is extremely important to keep as healthy as possible since it affects our whole body.
  3. Linda Garren

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    Excellent post, LAD.
  4. Linda Garren

    Bible Verses....

    DB and LAD: This follows along with your posts above. And DB, great post, by the way! Linda Turning Point, with Dr. David Jeremiah Monday, 5/21 Thought Therapy Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 It begins with a thought. Peter thought he would drown and looked away from Jesus. Moses thought he was inadequate and looked away from God’s calling. The disciples thought the soldiers were more powerful than Jesus and fled into the night. Every one of our actions flows from a thought: conscious or subconscious. Often our thoughts are automatic and reactionary. What area of your life do you want to improve? Just take a moment and think about that. In what area would you most like to grow? With God’s help, you can improve your one corner of the universe. What it really takes is the power of God in our lives, and there is a passage of Scripture on this very subject. It takes effort to examine the thoughts running on repeat in our minds. A thought repeated becomes a belief. This explains why God’s first words to His people time and time again are, “Don’t be afraid.” He knows our fears and anxious thoughts. He only asks that we bring them to Him and replace them with the truth of His power, love, and wisdom. Although each of us will face challenges and deep loss, God invites us to trust Him. As we do, our anxious thoughts are replaced with His peace. He is with us. He loves us. He is working on our behalf. Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them. Elisabeth Elliot
  5. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Tom, what a delight to have you drop by! It's been a long time. You look great! How are you feeling/doing? How nice that you are taking your kids with you one at a time and enjoying being together. I bet they are loving it.
  6. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Is there any possibility that the shoulder pain may be connected to the unit that is in your chest?
  7. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Hi, jb. So sorry you are having trouble cognitively, but I think it is very early in the game to worry too much. You've had invasive brain surgery, and your body is adjusting to the trauma. Rest, rest, rest. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Be careful not to push yourself to get things done that need to be done. It will only prolong your recovery and set you back. Is your wife there to watch over you and encourage you to do that? Is your house doggie snuggling up to comfort you? Are the horses checking in on you outside your windows? Have you been in touch with someone else on the site who has been through DBS with whom you can discuss your symptoms? Others who have had the surgery said that sometimes adjustments need to be made afterwards. Have you had a chance to contact your surgeon to ask about the issues you are having? Thinking of you and praying for your recovery, jb, as so many others here are, too. VioLinda
  8. Linda Garren

    Shot in the dark

    Hi, Chris. I think most of us would agree that your symptoms are classic for Parkinson's. What we recommend is that you find a "Movement Disorders Specialist" who can give you an official diagnosis. Best to find one connected with a research-university-based medical center through their department of neurology. It's very important to call soon, as it can take awhile to get in to see an MDS since so many, many people your age and up are having symptoms, and the supply of MDSs at this point is not adequate. Medical students and practicing neurologists are in training for the specialty, however, as the growing need for them is obvious. You sound like someone who wants direct answers, so I hope you find our input helpful and not scary. We are here for you, and you will find the group here extremely compassionate, understanding, and helpful.
  9. Linda Garren

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    Good post, Scoop.
  10. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Thanks, Marcia. I should have thought of that.
  11. Linda Garren

    Just Interesting Things about This and That

    “Progress in America does not usually begin at the top and among the few, but from the bottom and among the many. It comes when the whispered hopes of those outside the mainstream rise in volume to reach the ears and hearts and minds of the powerful.” (Pro. 31:8-9) (From Jon Meacham's The Soul of America as reported in Daily Briefing by Nick Pitts, PhD, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Engagement at DBU
  12. Linda Garren

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    We understand. A non-MDS neuro could possibly help, but we hear of patients not getting the most up-to-date info from them, as they are researching, collaborating, helping patients etc., in their pwn specific specialties. It's hard for them to have adequate time keeping up with the updates re: their own specialties. It's the same for MDS's. There is so much information it would be impossible. When I look at what my own MDS does, I always wonder how in he world he does it. Full load of patients, some of whom he specializes in as a subset of patients with Parkinson's; research involving his and other patients; answering e-mails from patients (in a very timely way), etc., etc., and always upbeat and smiling and compassionate and energetic. It's mind-boggling. It's hard on those who do have to wait a long time to see an MDS, which most of us have experienced, but well worth it. Have you considered posting in the "Ask the Doctor" and "Ask the Pharmacist" forums here?
  13. Linda Garren

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    Hi, Christian. So sorry to hear of your problems. It sounds like your non-neuro doctors are well informed re: Parkinson's to have replied with the information they did, but you are very wise to have made an appointment with an MDS, as they are the ones with the most updated information. Is your MDS's practice associated with a research-based university? That is very important. Those of us suffering from some of the same symptoms you have (esp. fatigue and apathy) are very empathetic. We understand what you are going through, and especially at such a comparatively young age. On the positive side is that there is so very much research going on that seems to be making headway as far as early diagnosis and early interventions, as well as research focused on helping those of us who have had symptoms for years. There are a lot of very motivated top research organizations and individuals working hard to find some things to help us, so please keep that in mind. We are also here to support you in any way we can, as are a number of other Parkinson associations. Being in contact with those who are also going through what you are is one of the very, very, very best things from early on and forward if your diagnosis does turn out to be PD. I'm glad you found us. Welcome. Linda Garren DIagnosed 2013
  14. Linda Garren

    Bible Verses....

    Love it!
  15. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    ?? I've tried to figure out your cute post above, but so far no luck. LOL! Are those little chickens? And they are all in for the day? (Somehow I don't think that's it, though...)