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  1. To find out the background so that you can gain an understanding, please check your PMs. I certainly understand what are saying and would feel the same way without a little history. pdmanaz knows exactly what I mean. We don't need to get into a discussion about this. What I sent you is just FYI, and we can leave it there. My apologies for disrupting the thread.
  2. Yes, and I think that is part of our human nature. One of the many challenges, but well worth the effort to keep close to Him.
  3. I am so, so grateful for all of the posts here which I just read through and am so comforted by. We are so fortunate--so very fortunate--that by His grace He has given us the profound gift of faith in Him (Eph. 2:8,9). It's wonderful to be a part of this thread. Thank you for starting it, DB.
  4. Bless you for sharing this, LAD. Isn't it wonderful to know that is true, too.
  5. Hi, jb. I appreciate the "Don't be hard on yourself; try your best and be strong" saying. It's hard to do. But good reminder to try.
  6. Natasha, just skip my long posts... Easy way to take care of this. Perhaps you do that with other posts in which you are not interested? Please also check your PM for my message re: this situation sometime when you have a few minutes. Thanks. And to everyone, FYI: Many of us have noticed how this forum has changed dramatically in the past few months. I truly think it's because of the increasingly vast gap between our generations, with the younger posters being in the habit of short posts...sometimes not even intelligible because they are written so fast. You'll probably see those who do not communicate in that way gradually find other forums in which to participate where there are more of us old fogies. I'm on a search.
  7. Hi, PD. First off, just want to say you have done a nice job with this thread that has developed. It's very supportive and friendly, and you even started out your post to me in a kind way. I also appreciate that you deleted the last few sentences from your post. I think your leaving the sentences that expressed your feelings and deleting the ones that had an intolerant and judgmental feel to them was more consistent with the good approach you had taken in your posts prior to that. I know, pd, how you feel about my posts. I have heard you (many times) and understand. I think we all need to remember our forum is like the rest of the world where there are a variety of beliefs and approaches to life, and that that is something we have to adjust to. We are still lawfully allowed to express our opinions and beliefs in this country, and I believe the way I expressed them was as I meant it to be: just sharing what I've learned and why I believe in what (and more importantly, Who) I do. I'm concerned you may have felt I was writing the post directly to you, but it was meant as a post that was part of the thread and was for anyone who wanted to read it. I certainly realize there are many on the Forum who have no interest in Christianity and those people have explained to you over and over and over to just not to read those posts, like they and others do if they are not interested. I would also like to encourage you to do that, as well. Please remember that there were many people who felt differently and appreciated having the thread. You may not have seen the two or three posts I made since the closing of the thread where I took responsibility for the thread closing because of having reacted in anger at you and Roger for the unrelenting and increasingly stronger attacks at me. However, I should have taken a step back before responding and or just not responded at all. And just FYI, I was not shut down. The thread was. Admin probably thought that last scenario was how the whole thread was and closed it down without checking back on other threads. Several in our forum have stated they felt it unfair how Admin. made what seemed a unilateral decision, based on those last argumentative posts. I spoke with Admin. and discussed the whole situation with them. I made sure I had permission to start a new thread, and asked if they would mind working together on situations that come up if/when they or I feel it may be appropriate. They were quite kind about it and agreed. I would encourage you to continue as you are doing in this thread. Keep up this good work, pd, and try to allow for differences. You don't realize the power that you do indeed have when you attack someone in the way you did. It was more and more brutal and done in tandem with Roger. Step back and look at the situation: two grown men--one in his sixties and one in his seventies--ganging up and planning how next to attack a female poster. And think about how long I let that go on before I called Admin. about it. I wanted and still want you to have the chance to be the supportive, kind person I'm seeing above. And last, pd, you may want to consider who it is you are really angry with. Is it really me? Or is it the Lord, Himself? If it is, He can take whatever you have to say to Him and still love you. I have had the sense from your very first post on my thread that you may have suffered a lot of hurt in your life to be so angry. Linda P.S. Please just call me Linda. Though I appreciate your intention to be polite, I'm not "Mrs." Roger made that very clear with what he called me before he was banned--and he said something else after that that was what I envision the most hurtful thing he could think of saying to me. I saw it before it was cut off when the thread closed down.
  8. I don't think so, but could disrupt its natural cycle in our bodies, from what I've read. Some MDSs don't feel the same and don't seem to suggest a stopping point in taking it. Since I've read otherwise in articles on line, I tend to try not to take more than 10mg at night (and this only after taking 5mg for a few years began not to be enough). On occasion when I've needed something to help put me back to sleep (and this is not often), I'll take another 5mg. NN"s suggestion to google the topic is good.
  9. NN and Ginger, I loved what you each posted. Enjoyed further videos and music beyond those, as well. Thanks for posting.
  10. Natasha, I've found the same thing regarding heat, so your post was of interest to me. I use a heating pad underneath my back (temp on low) at night, and it has made a tremendous difference in helping me get to sleep and stay asleep. I have often awoken in the morning in the same position (on my back) as when I fell asleep. In the past I would toss and turn a lot at night.
  11. Now here is a very interesting thing about the above post I made that helps me understand something that happened towards the end of March. In the thread I initiated for those interested in Christianity, the thread was closed down on March 30 because of a couple of members who trolled the thread and attacked me in ways that were obviously meant to hurt and discourage me. I had reached the end of my rope when their last comments that day and in the immediate few days prior were especially meant to hurt. They had teamed up together and said some things that I tried to respond to objectively but then subsequently posted a further response to each out of anger when they continued to barrage and disrupt the thread by coming personally at me. It was not my best moment, and I've regretted it. I just now realize (and this is not to excuse me) this all happened at the most vulnerable time for me that month. I was really on edge. I told one of my friends here that I look at what I posted there and in another thread at that time and just didn't even recognize myself and couldn't figure out what was going on. (And again, this is not to excuse what I did), but I now realize that this situation took place at precisely the days of the month that are difficult for me--the days preceding, during, and after the new moon. This scenario is an example of just how much I'm affected. I can look at this situation now and be grateful that it had made it glaringly clear to me to take a few steps back in the future when this time of the month comes. I'd be interested in whether others have experienced this issue.
  12. I've had very occasional times in the past year with all of my muscles tensing up, and just like pdmanaz, it seems I should be able to control this just by relaxing, but that doesn't quite take care of it. It is very odd in that I can't figure out if I'm tensing the muscles intentionally, or whether something else is going on. T he tensing happens when I'm asleep, and it wakes me up. I think it happens close to waking up. In the past week I've been having the tensing happen more days than in the past. It's the first time (even since when first diagnosed) that I feel a little...scared. I remember contacting my MDS about it, and he said that it doesn't sound like it's a PD symptom, but may be related to (REM since it happens close to waking up). I have an appt. to see him in a month or so, and I'll ask him if he has heard of anyone else having the symptom. We just had a week or so of the new moon, and I have weird symptoms each month before, during, and after that phase. The symptoms I notice at that time are that I get very tense and agitated and extremely fatigued for days. The last two months at that phase I've noticed that I also have been having the problem above--the muscles tensing all over my body. All I can do is literally sleep through those days for the most part. I looked up geomagnetic storms at my MDS's suggestion after I told him of these symptoms in relation to the phase of the moon. I found that because of how the moon and earth are very close to each other near the new moon phase, the magnetic field becomes extremely strong, even though there is a strong barrier around the earth that protects us from the effects, in theory, but sometimes science has not caught up with everything we experience and what are the causes. The fact that (without exception) I experience what I do at the same time each month leads me to believe it is indeed related in some way. Dianne, I appreciate your mentioning that deep breathing from within the belly, and learning to focus purposely on relaxing help. I found that I hadn't been breathing from deep in my belly when I tried to relax and when doing breathing methods that I've read about. It makes a difference! What I have been doing is slowly breathing in for 7 seconds, holding it for 4-7 seconds and then slowly letting out the breath through the mouth. That has always helped me, but the deep belly breathing makes it even more effective. This morning when I woke up with the symptoms, I took 0.25mg generic Xanax and 5mg Nature's Bounty melatonin, and they helped, along with the breathing exercise to go to sleep for about three hours without waking up. It's amazing how sleep and rest do help in so many ways for so many things. (I don't often take the Xanax and melatonin except before regular bedtime, but I felt I needed to in this case. And it plus the deep breathing worked beautifully.) As a believer in and follower of Christ, I also ask Him for His help when things like this happen, remembering His wonderful promise that He's with us always--through everything. I remind myself that He never promised we won't go through difficult things, but that He allows them, that we can trust Him for the reasons, and that He will help us through them when we trust in Him. From experiencing just what He promises, I have found Him to be true to His word. Those times have strengthened me as a person and have strengthened my belief in and trust in Him. They also help me relate to others who go through difficulties and be able to empathize with them. These positive outcomes convince me that those are at least some of the reasons He allows difficulties. I love Him so much.
  13. I am usually successful in this by clicking on the video itself and copying the URL and then just pasting it directly into the post you want it to show up in. Then you can open it in the post. Has worked well for me. Let me know if anyone tried this and it works.
  14. Shrewsbury is 20 minutes from Hunt Valley. .
  15. Nice, Dianne!!!!!!!!! How very nice it would be to meet you in person.