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  1. Luke--Nice post.
  2. Shakes, you explained your situation very well, and I'm sorry some misunderstood that you were joking about divorce. I'm sure those who got upset did not understand it was a joke and would have replied in their usual very compassionate and kind and welcoming way otherwise. So please don't be put off by their responses. They are good people. And you sound like you'll fit in very well. Welcome. I can totally, totally relate to what you wrote about cognitive issues and how hard it is to remember words and also the problem of forgetting in the middle of talking about something just what it was you were talking about. Also, I've found I've had to ask people to please talk directly into the phone and to slow down so that I can follow them. I explain simply that I have Parkinson's and that it makes it difficult to keep up with what people are saying when they talk fast. It's interesting that I've had various reactions to that...mostly from young people whom I can tell feel really uncomfortable to slow down. Seems they don't really know how to do it sometimes. Understandable since they have grown up with peers who also talk fast and, I guess, have adapted. It's one of the situations that as an older Parkie makes me realize that I really am older, and I remember how impatient I felt when I was younger and had to slow down with older people. Serenity, I liked your post.
  3. LOL, jb! I'm glad you weren't overlooking the Grand Canyon, too, when you fell. Don't be too concerned if there are lulls in this great thread, jb. It just sometimes happens--especially approaching and through weekends. I found the same thing with the thread I had. I wonder if some of it right now may be because of the dark pall that has enveloped our country because of the chaos in our government. I think it affects us all--some perhaps not even realizing that it is affecting them. It's a terrible situation and one that should have been stopped way before this. Polilticos and lawyers and others are working hard on finding something that this president can be charged with to either rein him in or to give him an ultimatum to respect the laws and constitution of this country as well as the people who serve him. (I greatly revised this sentence, omitting my vitriol...) I hope you and the other readers here won't mind if I share something in relation to this. One reason I had the thread I did was because so many in this day and time don't have a clue as to who God is and how so many things that are happening were prophesied as far back as the Old Testament days. There is much evidence to validate the things recorded in the Bible which I hope to share at some point in a thread. For now what I want to share is that I can vouch for how the Lord offers and provides strength to those who turn to Him. He never promised we would not go through difficult things, but He promised always to be with those who have turned to Him as they go through those things. He can turn despair into acceptance and strength and the assurance that whatever happens, we will eventually be with Him for eternity. And while we're going through things like the unsettling chaos we're currently experiencing and that's making everything seem so out of control, He will in the end triumph over all. I realize that in this Post-Christian time in our country, many feel that the Bible and its contents are just a myth. Many have not been exposed to it and misunderstand so much about the Lord because of that. Many feel He stands over them in judgment rather than realizing He is a deeply loving God who gave His life for them,. He told us, "Greater love hath no man than to give his life for a friend." He desires that all come to Him and provides the grace and strength for each person to do that if they call on Him. He told us to seek Him with all our heart, and we will find Him. Thanks, jb, for the opportunity to include what I have. And as I said, at some point in the next months I hope to be able to start another thread on this subject which will provide a specific place to share and discuss these things (i.e., I want to assure you that I realize this is not the thread for ongoing discussion of it).
  4. Love it. And the beautiful picture, too.
  5. I'm very appreciative of the article you sent!
  6. I sure agree with MJ Fox's quote. Acceptance is such an important trait that makes for a happier life both for ourselves and those with whom we interact.
  7. Hi, J! It's so nice to see a post from you. I like the verses from poems that you posted. They go right along with a verse in the Bible that says, "The sins of the father are visited upon the sons."
  8. Serenity, it's quite possible that Borrelia caused my PD, though I guess we don't know for sure. I have most (and probably all) the co-infections that the article mentions. I'll be forwarding the article to my MDS for his info. and thoughts.
  9. You're a sweetheart, LAD. Thanks for bringing so much encouragement to us and for being such a good example of how to live the PD life.
  10. Hi, everyone. I was reminded the other day when reading the statement, "Hurt people hurt people," to see someone who attempts to hurt us in light of that thought. My dad often said that we would cry for people instead of getting angry with them if we knew what they may have been through in their lives. Though I do think we need to stand up to those who attack us, it may help in how we respond (or don't respond) to remember what may be causing them to hurt or defame or discredit us. I'd like to share a reading from this morning that applies: In Touch Ministries Daily Devotions May 16 Influences from Childhood Isaiah 61:1-3 No one's childhood is perfect. What we experienced during those years has a profound impact, even into adulthood. Things we saw, heard, felt, and even things we did not feel can affect us later in life. As one might expect, external influences do help to shape our personality. However, the result is not always predictable. For example, early years full of painful experiences leave deeps wounds in some, but in others, they contribute to the development of depth and perseverance. Whether your younger years were joyful or painful, it can be valuable to consider what their impact was, back then as well as in the present. You might start by exploring your responses to key childhood events. Next, identify traits that you appreciated in your parents and others--qualities you'd like to nurture in your own life. Finally, think about people with characteristics that impacted you negatively. Ask God for healing and freedom from the patterns you may have developed in response. Then shift your focus to godly attributes you want to exhibit instead, such as peace, grace, and gentleness. The heavenly Father wants to free you from any negative trends that took root early in life. He can break any unhealthy pattern and replace it with hope and deep satisfaction in Him. As you explore the effects of childhood experiences, pray to see through a lens of truth. When you recognize ways that others negatively influenced you, pray for strength to forgive and God's help in mending areas of brokenness--whether spiritual, emotional, relational, or mental. For more biblical teaching and resources from Dr. Charles Stanley, please visit
  11. Dave: Glad you are okay. A fall like that can be harrowing, and the shock of it is sometimes worse than the injuries.
  12. Adorable little goat dances on rooftop Too cute!!!1
  13. Patriot: Good post re: being sure to see an ILADS-certified physician!!!! Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money.
  14. For quality Lyme Testing, check with the ILADS (International Lyme and Associated DIseases Society). They have made strides in better testing and best labs to use. Just FYI, there are people (I'm one of them) who have what is found to be a probable Lyme-associated condition in addition to Parkinson. I know there are people who have both Parkinson's and this other condition--called Filimentous Borrelial Dermatitis (even though,the condition is systemic). It's been found that one of the meds used to treat another pathogen that is often involved in Lyme DIsease actually treats the Borrelial one better than the one that would be thought best to treat Borrelia issues. Do you have any skin-type symptoms?
  15. Feisty, I love all of your thoughts as to what it could be. Being able to do that as the creative person you are is real strength. MM, have you thought of contacting both your supplier and the manufacturer? It would be interesting to find out if they have had other calls with the same issue. I have heard that getting a message out on Facebook (to anyone) will hasten a company's response, because that's one of the last places they would want anything negative to be said about their company/products. Companies find out pretty quickly when their name has been entered on Facebook, so you might find a quick response from them that way.