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  1. Good for you, nosoup!! Very good decision.
  2. PIGD

    Dan, thanks for your response. I think I may be having problems absorbing the point of what you are saying. Can I take from what you have shared above that PIGD can become a part of my symptoms as I lose the relative advantage later on and (1) may/will also include the side effects mentioned above that come with PIGD or (2) will not/may not include those side effects?
  3. What an encouraging post, smalltownguy. And I'm so glad it has worked so incredibly well for you, transforming your life!
  4. PIGD

    Dan, thank you so much for taking the time to share these two posts with us. Are you by any chance in the health profession? At any rate, these are very well written and helpful. I'd be interested to know what you think about my situation with PIGD. I have had symptoms of Parkinson's for years (tremor, fatigue, cognitive issues) but was not diagnosed until 4.5 yeas ago when my tremor began to show in both hands. So it has progressed slowly over time. I did not have PIGD until the last 2 years or so. Would you think that may be because is comes from the natural aging of the brain rather than being dopamine related? I don't have serious issues you mention above that usually go along with PIGD. But I do have a meningioma that abuts my cerebellum that makes me wonder if that may be what is causing the PIGD. I get yearly MRI's to follow whether or not the meningioma is growing. So far it has been behaving pretty well. Thanks for any insight you may have on this.
  5. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Hello, Debsten. Good thinking on being firm and sure as to what you know you need and how you will proceed. Everyone is different. I would not be able to function without antidepressants, and I would personally encourage you to try that route. Once your depression and anxiety are under control (and if you don't have clinical depression--where your body lacks in the things that the antidepressants give you), your doctor may slowly wean you off of them. We are very fortunate to have the help the antidepressants can give. I went to a social worker years ago for severe anxiety and depression. At that time, only the very, very worst cases were prescribed medicine. A couple of years later antidepressants became available for patients and were prescribed in combination wiith therapy by a mental health professional. I tried each antidepressant as they came out, as the early ones had some not-so-nice side effects. I want to share with you what has remained helpful for me for years. It's a combination of wellbutrin and cymbalta. Many have found this combination to be extremely helpful. Since I have clinical depression, I'll always need meds to provide for my body what it doesn't produce without them. Your mental health professional may recommend something different for you if you are not clinically depressed, but situationally depressed. I strongly support your knowing it's wise to shop around for an MDS you feel comfortable and confident with, as it's so important as a foundation for going forward. We have found that It's best to go to one who is with a research university affiliated medical center, just FYI. I'll pray for you right now, and please do keep us up with how things go for you.
  6. Apathy - any suggestions

    And Scoop, I wish I had some answers/suggestions for your apathy, but unfortunately I am in the exact same boat on every point you make. It's just awful. I do find that a nice cup of strong coffee gives me little bit of get-up-and-go...it has to be a very strong blend and a large amount to do the trick, though. But I know you are on tea now since coffee was affecting you adversely, I think with your tremors. I went on line awhile back to see if I could find any helpful information on how to beat apathy, and the only suggestion that really hit me was someone who said that you just get up and do what you have to do. If it has to be done, do it. I don't know why that helped the most, but somehow it did. A little. Somewhere deep in my brain and heart. It didn't resolve the problem, but it put it succinctly right on the mark. Bottom line. And yet here I am still paralyzed with apathy so much that I can't do one last thing to complete my 2015 taxes. And then do my 2016. And then my 2017. I used to have my filing and records in perfect shape and could put my hand on anything I needed to find. No more. But....the taxes HAVE to be done, so I am going to just have to bribe myself, perhaps, with some sort of treat to reward the effort--but a hot fudge sundae (which is what I would choose) is definitely not okay at this point as my last lab tests pointed out.
  7. Good morning!!

    jb, I enjoyed your Jan. 6 post, above. I always feel like I'm right there, visiting. Have a nice day, and we always look forward to our next visit with you! P.S. How are the preliminary things going prior to DBS? P.P.S. Your description comparing how PD and being cold affect us in the same way is right on the mark! VioLinda
  8. Apathy - any suggestions

    Dianne, that AA post is excellent. I've been working through those same things, and it expresses exactly my feelings. Thanks for sharing it, and even more I'm so glad that you are who you are. Those difficulties in your life in that respect helped make you the strong and caring person that you are.
  9. Also, add to your list kleenx, a snow shovel, non-clay kitty litter, an ice scraper...
  10. Seriously, the most important thing is like adam said--be sure to leave enough distance between you and the car in front of you, and drive as slow as you feel you need to. . You also could always pull off the road if you need to take a break.
  11. Evening restlessness

    Hi, jb! Good to see you here and good to know it's a helpful thread.. Just FYI for those experiencing the restless leg/body issues, here are some sites I found this morning that may be of interest. There are a lot of people struggling with this issue. https://www.ninds.nih.gov/Disorders/Patient-Caregiver-Education/Fact-Sheets/Restless-Legs-Syndrome-Fact-Sheet#7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g90U6gPSWEs https://healthunlocked.com/rlsuk/posts/269742/does-any-one-else-suffer-from-rls-all-over-their-body https://www.ninds.nih.gov/Disorders/Patient-Caregiver-Education/Fact-Sheets/Restless-Legs-Syndrome-Fact-Sheet
  12. If you have a very reliable car, perhaps with alert beeping and automatic emergency braking (e.g., if you are crossing over into the other lane or driving too close to the car in front of you, etc)., have good tires and good front and back window defrosters, and have kept up with service and keep your gas tank full, have had a good night's sleep and a full stomach and extra medicine, plus some water, snacks, a blanket, enough battery power to keep your car's rear blinkers on, mittens, hat, scarf, boots and extra socks, a charged cell phone, a working flashlight, something to read and something to write on and with (in case you want to leave a note to someone, just in case)....well, then......unless someone else has anything to add....you should be good to go.
  13. inhaled levadopa

    I take Prilosec once a day about 2 hours after or two hours before sinemet. Sometimes I'll take it around between 3:00am and 4:00am if I happen to be up then. It's very hard to know how to space things, which things to trade off and not take for a more important med, what not to take together, what food not to eat or what food to eat with any meds... Sometimes we just have to do the best we can figure out and then put the outcome in God's hands.
  14. PIGD

    Hello, Dan. I'd be very interested in hearing the information! Thank you.
  15. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    Way to go, LADDIE!! Fun that we have the same MDS, too. I had wanted to participate in both the guitar and African drum research groups, but I just don't have the strength any more to even think of doing it. Sure would have been fun, though. You'll have to keep us up on it as you go along, okay? I know you'll have a great time, especially being with other Parkies also doing it.