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  1. Finally sleeping about 8 hours - just amazing

    Wow, DB! http://www.boeing.com/history/products/f-4-phantom-ii.page
  2. Finally sleeping about 8 hours - just amazing

    Hi, pdman. I'm sorry to hear you have that odd restless leg all-over issue, too. It's awful, isn't it. I try to not take more than 4 doses a day, and I try to space them so that my last dose is between 11:00pm and midnight. Sometimes that will take me through a good night's sleep. Those times when it doesn't, I may take another dose at around 4:00 or 5:00 am and then can go to sleep again for a few hours. Depending on when I get up, I may consider that 4:00 or 5:00 dose as the first dose of that new day, and take my regular first dose at a later time in the morning, thus planning my whole day's dosages on that new start time. I don't know if that is clear or not. I'm not sure it's even clear to me. Some days my dosing schedule works perfectly for me, but other times I can forget to take the dose after turning off the timer and resetting it for the next dose. This has been happening a lot lately, as my mind is trying to go in too many directions, and I can't successfully multi-task like I used to. So, in answer to your question, I'm flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak! Each day is an adventure in Medicine Land. There are some days I take five doses, and there are some days I wake up and find that there are one or two doses that I didn't take and didn't realize it. So some days I may have had only three or so doses. I just do the best I can at this point, which obviously is pretty scatter-brained... I think I may not be as affected as some are when extra time happens between doses. I can feel the effects, but not enough that it causes huge problems...
  3. Good morning!!

    LAD, have a really nice time on your vacation, and stay safe!
  4. Good morning!!

    Hi, Tex. Glad to hear Mrs. Tex is keeping close watch on you. Has she been able to do some volunteering like you suggested? It's obvious how much she loves and cares for you, so it may be hard for her to get out and do other things. Understandable too that she would love for you two to go on a vacation and worry about the debt later, although I can surely understand your concern about debt. Seems that those of us who have medical issues either get the help we need OR have a bank account with some money in it to do some fun things, but often not both. Maybe there could be some sort of compromise, like a vacation someplace nice but not too far away, and where you can take your dogs. Sometimes just a change in some way can be so restful, enjoyable, and memorable. Am so sorry about your coastal friends' aviation-themed hotel having to be gutted due to Irma. What sorts of things are you thinking of creating with your wood-working skills? How did your husky/retriever mix do as to the t-shirt she/he ate?!?!?! LOL! Animals do the strangest things. One morning I went into the kitchen and happened to see my kitty sitting by the sewing cabinet with a strange look on his face. He had swallowed a lot of a string and was sitting there with the spool of thread with the string still attached. Had to scoop him and the spool up and go to the ER where they performed surgery. He still looks for string to swallow. Why...?!
  5. Good morning!!

    Hi, jb. I'm sorry I'm just getting back to your same question earlier about how it is on the East Coast... Thanks for asking. Our skies these days have a hurricane look to them. It's different than any other weather-related look. Often, in a storm for instance, there will be clouds, but there will be bright blue sky above or below the clouds eventually. Or the whole sky will be dark. But the hurricane sky is a strange mixture of clouds that are different. It's hard to explain. We have not yet had much as to any effects from the hurricanes, but that can change from moment to moment I'm finding as I watch the forecasts. It's been such a terrible happening for the Caribbean islands. And just continues... Such awful devastation. Glad you were not hurt in that accident, jb. I know how awful the driver must have felt to have caused it. I did the same thing one time on my way to work one day. I was very distracted and didn't see in time that the cars in front of me had stopped. I woke up the people in those five cars, but we were all so stunned that we couldn't process what happened for literally a few minutes. And needless to say, I felt terrible. What an adventure you get to go on to get to the hospital! I would get totally confused if I had to do that alone. And just think: You get to do this again! And again..... LOL! It's so good that they are so thorough in checking people out prior to the surgery. Glad you are in good hands. Are you holding up okay in these months you have to await surgery? Are you able to still do all that your homestead requires of you? You can be looking forward to knowing the hay has been harvested and stored so that you can relax in front of your wood stove post surgery without that chore facing you. It also sounds like you and your grandson and his friend did a good job of helping with the other things that needed to be done (after you rounded them up from the pool!). LOL! I still laugh about how they ate their dinner as they routed through the refrigerator looking for what to fix for dinner! Kids are so much fun to have around, aren't they. Take care, and please keep on keeping on with letting us know all that is happening up there on the farm. Linda P.S. I love the maple cookies from Canada that we can get at our grocery stores down here. Just delicious! I also get a very large jar of dark organic maple syrup at Mom's Orgainic Market down this way that reminds me of Canada. I use it in so may things. I've read it's a great antioxidant, so that gives me a good excuse to use so much of it.
  6. Finally sleeping about 8 hours - just amazing

    Hi, DB. I think you might find the dose of sinemet to help you sleep longer. I try to stretch out my doses so that my last dose is around 11:00pm or 12:00am , and if I wake up 5 or so hours later, I take another dose, and it almost always works to help me get back to sleep. I'm finding that more and more if I wake up long after my last dose of the day, I start to get that strange thing of feeling like I have to tense all my muscles, and it's awful. Do you know the sensation I mean? It's like having restless legs, but all over. I love your avatar!
  7. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Ella, I hope you definitely stay with us. We feel you are part of us, so don't feel uncomfortable to keep posting. I'm so very glad to hear that you are 90% free of the anxiety you had been experiencing. From having experienced the awful, awful affects of (social) anxiety, I am very happy for anyone who has worked through to the other side of whatever kind of anxiety they deal with. I am a totally different person inside and out from having faced it, gotten help, and then working hard to get through it. It was not easy. But so, so worth it. I suffered from it from a very young age. I think it was caused by both not having had much self confidence at all in my younger years, complicated by my body not having what antidepressants eventually were able to provide medically.
  8. what do you do for fatigue

    Great post! So much wisdom and practicality i what you say. I've found it all to be true in my own life. No way to get around having to cut back on so much in order to get the rest our body lets us know it needs. This past weekend I got into something I've been needing to get done, and I got energized but pushed way beyond when my body had told me to stop. I've paid for it the past three days. Interesting that the push got the things done i wanted but caused me to to lose 3 days I could have done so much more. :--)
  9. Just Interesting Things about This and That

    Dad Tells Dog He Ate All The Bacon — Captures Hysterical Reaction! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGeKSiCQkPw
  10. Just Interesting Things about This and That

    Zaha Hadid architecture https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Zaha+Hadid+architecture&FORM=EMSDS0
  11. Good morning!!

    Our boys are opening up!! Seriously It's so very good to read your posts, Tex and jb. Really, really, and really. Love hearing about how things are going and what thoughts and feelings are inside you, and the humor and strength you both show through it all. You're manly men, with depth, and consideration for others. (Yes, you are.) Tex, am so glad to hear Mrs. Tex was with you at your MDS visit, and also that the adjustment was successful in helping lessen your tremor. And yes--"One day at a time, and enjoying espresso." Mrs. Tex, how is your shoulder doing? jb, you have a lot of company here as to your second paragraph above. And love the last sentence of that pp. Patriots' Day. I had to look it up. For the U.S.: https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/patriots-day It is very similar to the Canadian civil holiday, jb. And jb, Simcoe was mentioned. I'll try to find the site so you can read about who he was. http://www.canadahistory.com/sections/eras/british america/Simcoe.html I forgot that Patriots' Day was also a remembrance of 9/11. A friend of mine lives on the other side of the mountain where the plane crashed on 9/11, and she said that she and her neighbors heard the crash but had no idea it was a plane. And I just learned that Patriots' Day is also in remembrance of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombers..
  12. Just Interesting Things about This and That

    So cute! It will make you smile... Mini maestro, little girl conducting a church choir, Kyrgyzstan: Девочка руководит хором
  13. Good morning!!

    Dianne, the middle of the week is very close now... I truly am so sorry about the issues regarding your daughter. You handle it well, but I can only imagine how it must hurt. I'm stopping to pray for you right now, asking the Lord to continue to give you strength and wisdom in dealing with the situation with your daughter, and that you feel His love and presence in a special way--not just for this situation, but also in your everyday life with the challenges you have. Take care, and know that you are very special. Linda
  14. Good morning!!

    And P.S., jb. You've never been a "poor me" kind of person. You were responding to my asking you how you are. It's always so helpful and appreciated when someone explains well in their reply to being asked. Then we know better how to go along with you through your experience (and for those of us who pray, it helps us know how to pray for you). And we'll be waiting to hear after you go to the hospital next Friday what you find out what's helpful and educational about the process and just generally how things go (if you care to share that, of course). Take care! Linda