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  1. Handwriting changes

    Thanks for the information, Bill.
  2. Handwriting changes

    Hi, Bill. That is interesting to hear that Sinemet can cause cognitive problems. I thought it would help them. Yikes.
  3. Good morning!!

    Hi, our dear jb. We've missed you. Hope you are holding up okay. Please don't forget that we're here for each other and that means in good times as well as nor-so-good times. If this is one of those not-so-good times, we're available with open ears and caring hearts.
  4. Just Interesting Things about This and That

    This is such a fun, fun video to watch. Hey Ginger/LAD/Muffet--You and your DH, Fred, are in it. (Did you two time travel?)
  5. My reaction to coffee now is that it puts me to sleep. And it has to be extremely strong for me to be able to taste it at all. Orange juice has become very bland; cannot sense the acid in it, yet Buffalo chicken wings set my mouth on fire. Brussels sprouts no longer taste awful. I can't taste the savoriness in seasoned meat loaf. Are any others experiencing things like this?
  6. Summer adventure season starting

    Peace, I always enjoy reading your contributions. They are so well written, and always kind. You've uplifted me at a crucial time or two when I really needed it.

  8. Summer adventure season starting

    And your last paragraph explaining the many ways animals in nature die is surely a valid thing to think about. My dad used to say that nature in the raw is seldom kind, and that is so, so, so sadly true. You're a good man, Stump. And a good thinker and well spoken. I have a lot of respect for you.
  9. Summer adventure season starting

    Hi, Stump. I'm not vegan. Just an animal lover (and I know that most hunters are, too, and can separate hunting as a sport). I would never mean to offend you, and sorry it turned out the way it has here. It's always so nice to read of how much you love your adventures,and it makes me feel bad if this thread was spoiled by those of us who are very affected by any animal being hurt. (And I'm aware that what we eat if often an animal that had to be slaughtered, so there is the irony.) Maybe the answer is to just let us know if something is coming up in your posts about the kill part so that we can not click on your posts at that time.
  10. Good morning!!

    Texas Tom, this is for you:


    Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. –John 15:13 We give thanks for our veterans today who’ve given so much! Thank you for your service! --Warren and Virginia Olson, Senior Living Ministries--
  13. Good morning!!

    jb, we miss your posting, but most of all hope you are okay.
  14. Good morning!!

    Ah. Root cellar. Yes, I think I have heard of that term, too.
  15. Good morning!!