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  1. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Thanks, Marcia. I should have thought of that.
  2. Linda Garren

    Just Interesting Things about This and That

    “Progress in America does not usually begin at the top and among the few, but from the bottom and among the many. It comes when the whispered hopes of those outside the mainstream rise in volume to reach the ears and hearts and minds of the powerful.” (Pro. 31:8-9) (From Jon Meacham's The Soul of America as reported in Daily Briefing by Nick Pitts, PhD, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Engagement at DBU
  3. Linda Garren

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    We understand. A non-MDS neuro could possibly help, but we hear of patients not getting the most up-to-date info from them, as they are researching, collaborating, helping patients etc., in their pwn specific specialties. It's hard for them to have adequate time keeping up with the updates re: their own specialties. It's the same for MDS's. There is so much information it would be impossible. When I look at what my own MDS does, I always wonder how in he world he does it. Full load of patients, some of whom he specializes in as a subset of patients with Parkinson's; research involving his and other patients; answering e-mails from patients (in a very timely way), etc., etc., and always upbeat and smiling and compassionate and energetic. It's mind-boggling. It's hard on those who do have to wait a long time to see an MDS, which most of us have experienced, but well worth it. Have you considered posting in the "Ask the Doctor" and "Ask the Pharmacist" forums here?
  4. Linda Garren

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    Hi, Christian. So sorry to hear of your problems. It sounds like your non-neuro doctors are well informed re: Parkinson's to have replied with the information they did, but you are very wise to have made an appointment with an MDS, as they are the ones with the most updated information. Is your MDS's practice associated with a research-based university? That is very important. Those of us suffering from some of the same symptoms you have (esp. fatigue and apathy) are very empathetic. We understand what you are going through, and especially at such a comparatively young age. On the positive side is that there is so very much research going on that seems to be making headway as far as early diagnosis and early interventions, as well as research focused on helping those of us who have had symptoms for years. There are a lot of very motivated top research organizations and individuals working hard to find some things to help us, so please keep that in mind. We are also here to support you in any way we can, as are a number of other Parkinson associations. Being in contact with those who are also going through what you are is one of the very, very, very best things from early on and forward if your diagnosis does turn out to be PD. I'm glad you found us. Welcome. Linda Garren DIagnosed 2013
  5. Linda Garren

    Bible Verses....

    Love it!
  6. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    ?? I've tried to figure out your cute post above, but so far no luck. LOL! Are those little chickens? And they are all in for the day? (Somehow I don't think that's it, though...)
  7. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Hey there, jb. I was without my laptop last week and missed out on the exciting news. You were in and out of the hospital in such a short time, and that is wonderful. I'm praying that you can rest well and that your headache lets up soon, and that the surgery will help with your worst symptoms. We're all pulling for you. You have quite a fan club here!
  8. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    jb, we have been following the awful incident in Toronto in our news, too. The officials who have been reporting on it have done such a good job of communicating to the public. Very professional, well spoken, and caring. It's horrendous what this man did. One wonders at what must be going on inside so many who have done this prior to this incident, as well. There must be tremendous anger and feelings of no hope. (I remember driving many years ago on Yonge St. where the incident took place when I had been coming up to visit a friend who lives in Toronto.) The following article is being shared just "FYI," jb. Dr. Mari who is mentioned in the article is so well thought of and looked up to in the Parkinson community (he led the DBS Division of the Dept. of Neurology at Hopkins until he got recruited away last year by an offer that was too good to turn down in Nevada). I wasn't sure whether to share the article with you or not since you are already deep into your plans and only two weeks away from surgery, but I felt compelled that you at least have the opportunity to know about it. I would imagine you could phone or e-mail Dr. Mari and discuss your situation and where you are in the plans for your surgery, and just see what his thoughts are. He might well advise you it would be best to keep to the plans made, but without checking, there is no way to know. https://parkinsonsnewstoday.com/2015/07/16/johns-hopkins-student-developed-noninvasive-brain-stimulator-may-ease-parkinsons-symptoms/#at_pco=tst-1.0&at_si=5adf8d9148f3f153&at_ab=per-2&at_pos=0&at_tot=2 We're all thinking of you and appreciate your keeping us up with things and your plans on what you hope to get done prior to the surgery. Linda
  9. Linda Garren

    Just Interesting Things about This and That

    Isn't this just precious???s!!! (And sooooooo funny!) https://www.inspiremore.com/toddler-instantly-falls-asleep/
  10. Linda Garren

    This & that!

    This is one of the best things I've been reading about lately--the idea of exercise being just like medicine and why. It prompts me to think more seriously about getting into a routine. We have a workout room here and get free directions on the use of the equipment and a suggested workout regimen tailored to our needs. I really need to get into it.
  11. Linda Garren

    Just Deny Everything

    Great replies, Stump and Coop.
  12. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Thank you LAD, Lorraine, Pathfinder, SoCalGal, and Beau's Mom.
  13. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Wow, jb!!! This is really close now! We are praying for you that everything continues to flow so well both in the preparation and the surgery itself, as well as the recovery. Before you know it, you'll be back to your farm home, with the horses looking in and asking where you have been, and the little house dog dancing in anticipation of lying in your lap as you enjoy sitting in front of your wood stove!
  14. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    LAD: What a precious picture of you, Little Miss Muffet, with Jack in the Beanstalk!
  15. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    That is very tempting, Em! I've never been abroad except to Canada (LOL!) and California (another LOL!) and Guadaloupe, which was beautiful but a lot of French people who made it very clear they did not care for Americans.