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  1. Natasha, I've found the same thing regarding heat, so your post was of interest to me. I use a heating pad underneath my back (temp on low) at night, and it has made a tremendous difference in helping me get to sleep and stay asleep. I have often awoken in the morning in the same position (on my back) as when I fell asleep. In the past I would toss and turn a lot at night.
  2. Now here is a very interesting thing about the above post I made that helps me understand something that happened towards the end of March. In the thread I initiated for those interested in Christianity, the thread was closed down on March 30 because of a couple of members who trolled the thread and attacked me in ways that were obviously meant to hurt and discourage me. I had reached the end of my rope when their last comments that day and in the immediate few days prior were especially meant to hurt. They had teamed up together and said some things that I tried to respond to objectively but then subsequently posted a further response to each out of anger when they continued to barrage and disrupt the thread by coming personally at me. It was not my best moment, and I've regretted it. I just now realize (and this is not to excuse me) this all happened at the most vulnerable time for me that month. I was really on edge. I told one of my friends here that I look at what I posted there and in another thread at that time and just didn't even recognize myself and couldn't figure out what was going on. (And again, this is not to excuse what I did), but I now realize that this situation took place at precisely the days of the month that are difficult for me--the days preceding, during, and after the new moon. This scenario is an example of just how much I'm affected. I can look at this situation now and be grateful that it had made it glaringly clear to me to take a few steps back in the future when this time of the month comes. I'd be interested in whether others have experienced this issue.
  3. I've had very occasional times in the past year with all of my muscles tensing up, and just like pdmanaz, it seems I should be able to control this just by relaxing, but that doesn't quite take care of it. It is very odd in that I can't figure out if I'm tensing the muscles intentionally, or whether something else is going on. T he tensing happens when I'm asleep, and it wakes me up. I think it happens close to waking up. In the past week I've been having the tensing happen more days than in the past. It's the first time (even since when first diagnosed) that I feel a little...scared. I remember contacting my MDS about it, and he said that it doesn't sound like it's a PD symptom, but may be related to (REM since it happens close to waking up). I have an appt. to see him in a month or so, and I'll ask him if he has heard of anyone else having the symptom. We just had a week or so of the new moon, and I have weird symptoms each month before, during, and after that phase. The symptoms I notice at that time are that I get very tense and agitated and extremely fatigued for days. The last two months at that phase I've noticed that I also have been having the problem above--the muscles tensing all over my body. All I can do is literally sleep through those days for the most part. I looked up geomagnetic storms at my MDS's suggestion after I told him of these symptoms in relation to the phase of the moon. I found that because of how the moon and earth are very close to each other near the new moon phase, the magnetic field becomes extremely strong, even though there is a strong barrier around the earth that protects us from the effects, in theory, but sometimes science has not caught up with everything we experience and what are the causes. The fact that (without exception) I experience what I do at the same time each month leads me to believe it is indeed related in some way. Dianne, I appreciate your mentioning that deep breathing from within the belly, and learning to focus purposely on relaxing help. I found that I hadn't been breathing from deep in my belly when I tried to relax and when doing breathing methods that I've read about. It makes a difference! What I have been doing is slowly breathing in for 7 seconds, holding it for 4-7 seconds and then slowly letting out the breath through the mouth. That has always helped me, but the deep belly breathing makes it even more effective. This morning when I woke up with the symptoms, I took 0.25mg generic Xanax and 5mg Nature's Bounty melatonin, and they helped, along with the breathing exercise to go to sleep for about three hours without waking up. It's amazing how sleep and rest do help in so many ways for so many things. (I don't often take the Xanax and melatonin except before regular bedtime, but I felt I needed to in this case. And it plus the deep breathing worked beautifully.) As a believer in and follower of Christ, I also ask Him for His help when things like this happen, remembering His wonderful promise that He's with us always--through everything. I remind myself that He never promised we won't go through difficult things, but that He allows them, that we can trust Him for the reasons, and that He will help us through them when we trust in Him. From experiencing just what He promises, I have found Him to be true to His word. Those times have strengthened me as a person and have strengthened my belief in and trust in Him. They also help me relate to others who go through difficulties and be able to empathize with them. These positive outcomes convince me that those are at least some of the reasons He allows difficulties. I love Him so much.
  4. I am usually successful in this by clicking on the video itself and copying the URL and then just pasting it directly into the post you want it to show up in. Then you can open it in the post. Has worked well for me. Let me know if anyone tried this and it works.
  6. Thanks so much!
  7. Lonnise: Do you know whether there are a number of guest rooms here at Oak Crest?
  8. Lonnise: This idea has just been getting going since this morning, so we'd eventually find what dates and days of week would be best for everyone if it turns out there is enough interest That might mean a weekend, so if you found it one that would be available for you and Rob, maybe you could come... FYI, everyone else: Lonnise's mom lives a couple of floors down from me! Small world!
  9. It looks like Shepherd's Spring is very close to Martinsburg, which I hear has some interesting places. Both are in a beautiful area.
  10. Hi, swamper. Thanks very much for your suggestion. I will surely look it up.
  11. Hey, there, Lonnise! I was trying to find one of your prior-mails to me to find your e-mail address, but it took me a number of tries before I could remember how to spell your name. I had wanted to make sure you were aware of our planning to get together. And yes, Pappas Restaurant has wonderful food, and I had never noticed it has a fireplace. Probably because the restaurant is always so crowded. Btw, they are known for their crab cakes, but I wouldn't recommend them unless our blue crabs are in season.
  12. I'll do a search for a lodge or someplace else not too far away from me that has wood-burning fireplaces. A retreat center may be a good possibility.. In fact that may be the best place to have our get-together
  13. Shrewsbury is 20 minutes from Hunt Valley. .
  14. Re: the fireplace. Perhaps there is a restaurant somewhere that has a real one that we could sit in front of.
  15. Nice, Dianne!!!!!!!!! How very nice it would be to meet you in person.
  16. Bummer that the fireplaces are gas instead of wood. I love wood-burning ones. The smell and the crackling and watching the wood burn down are all so nice
  17. I forgot to mention, too, that a little "park" area on the campus is in construction that has bocce ball courts, a putting green, walking paths with benches along the way...and maybe a few other things. And there are pool tables in the buildings near the fireplaces.
  18. I wonder if we could arrange for others to come for an early fall visit. I live in a large retirement community in independent living. It is very near a nice park, and even just walking around the loop road of the community is pleasant, and there are places to sit near ponds--a small one with a lot of of turtles and a larger one with geese. We have a little--I mean little!--walking trail through a wooded area that takes about 20 minutes or so to walk. Halfway is a bench and bridge over a stream where it's so nice to just sit. Perfect for Parkies (and probably hiking poles or ski poles would help, as the first part gently slopes down, and the second part is a little steeper). There are (gas) fireplaces in three of our buildings around the campus. Meeting rooms are abundant. Meals are very reasonably priced and good. Am about 30-45 minutes from BWI airport. I have a very small apartment, but have two sofa beds I could offer, and there are numerous motels nearby. If we do manage to pull off some sort of group get-together, I would need to approach Administration and also the dining room to ensure they would be okay with our group being here. I think it will be, as long as it is coordinated with them.
  19. Lad, please see the second question in the first sentence of my post....
  20. So let's see... Do you mean coming down 83 South from York? If so, can you remind me where (what town/route) you cross the line into Maryland? I can estimate from there. There are good roads (Interstate all the way when you come 83 South). I would say the best time to travel 83 South and then 695 East is between 10:00 and 2;00 because of extremely heavy rush-hour traffic at the other times. Also, after 6:30pm or so is good. From Hunt Valley it takes about 1/2 hour or so to get to my place. It would be interesting to hear if there are others within a reasonable distance from where I live.
  21. I'm impressed. You did really well,
  22. That sounds real nice, Muffie/GInger.
  23. She-Ra, very interesting. I did the same yesterday (not watching Law&Order, but did not want to do anything but stay in bed and read the news all day combined with falling asleep off and on all day). Interesting. I am affected by the phases of the moon and wonder if perhaps that affected you in the same way. You can read about geomagnetic storms and see their huge magnetic force affects earth's magnetic fields. (My MDS had told me to google that information when I told him I felt affected during certain phases of the moon.)
  24. jb is probably an hour or so(?) from the Canada-Niagra Falls, N.Y. border (i.e., on the Eastern side of Canada). (I once took the controls of a small plane as we few over Niagra Falls. LOL!! Such a short takeover that I can hardly claim I did it.)
  25. Well, we would surely love to have you with us, Em. Would be nice to hear your Irish accent, too.