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    Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    My mom has a great movement disorder doctor, he recommended Duopa pump, she decided to give it a try. She gets her Carbidopa thru the pump, for sleep 1 Tylenol PM and 0.5 mg Mirapex twice a day to help the rigidity. She has the pump for 2 years already and doing great. She is 73 years old ,diagnosed when she was 60. We live in Miami and tried many doctors until we found one that really cares for his patients.
  2. leslie1017

    No Sleep For The Weary

    My mother was diagnosed 12 years ago. She takes 1 mirapex 1 mg we give half in the morning and half in the afternoon. Duopa Pump that delivers the medicine thru her stomach , and Trazodone 100 mg to help her get some sleep at night. Trazodone has helped a lot.
  3. leslie1017


    Hello Doctor, My mother has Duopa Pump for a year already doing pretty good except she starts acting different in the evening and at night , she puts on 3 blouses, she goes thru her mail and go over the same papers for 30 minutes or more , she sleeps walk takes her purse and ready to go out. This only happens around the same time every day. i mentioned all this to her doctor and he prescribed Nuplazid 2 tables 17 MG each. I noticed that she is having more off times than before and getting lot of nausea. Can the Nuplazid be causing this? do you know of anybody taking this medicine ? my doctor told me that this medicine did not have side effects but when I read the labels it says that can cause kidney , liver , nausea and heart beat among others. should stopped giving her Nuplazid the doctor says it takes 3 month to see the good side of the medicine but I see her worse now. Any recommendations?
  4. leslie1017

    duopa pump peg-j tube

    My mother has duopa pump since March 2016 they have replaced the tube one time because it got kinked after that the only problem she has had is that gets clogged but we flush it with warm water and it starts working again but we have not had the problem you mentioned. I suggest you call Duopa and explain the problem,they are very helpful. Good Luck!
  5. leslie1017

    Magnesium Threonate & Parkinson

    Sorry, I forgot the most important information she just got Duopa Pump two weeks ago which delivers her carbidopa levodopa continuously for 16 hours .
  6. My mother has Parkinson for 11 years, I was reading an article that says that Magnesium Threonate is very good for the memory specially for those suffering of Parkinson disease. I was thinking of buying it for my mother, but I am not sure i am afraid that thisl will interfere with the absorption of her Carbidopa Levodopa medicine. I appreciate any recommendation.
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    Thank you so much for your quick response and advices .
  8. leslie1017


    My mother was prescribed Azilect for her Parkinson , the co payment with her insurance is 250.00 for 30 days supply, this is really high and very hard to afford , I was wondering if anybody is going thru the same situation that can give me some advice. is there a generic for this medicine?. she has Medicare part D . any recommendations are really appreciated.
  9. My mother is taking 1 stalevo 150 mlg twice a day and 1 Mirapex 3 times a day of 1.5 ml . I give her 1 Mirapex and the morning at 7:15 and 1 stalevo at 8:00, it is working very good for her. Her next dose which is at 12:00, I give her only 1 Mirapex then she starts getting nauseas, low blood pressure and tremors, her cheeks turn red and hot. she remains like that until her next dose which is a 4:00. At 4:00 I give her the Mirapex then at 4:45 I give her the stalevo then she feels nauseas for like 30 minutes and she feels good again. Her last dose is at 8:00 I give her the Mirapex again 1.5 milligrams and she starts feeling bad again. I am so confused. does she need the stalevo 4 times a day? may be this medicine is not working for her. I need and adive