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  1. Hi there, Sorry for jumping in to this thread - hope that's ok. As I started on a low dose of Sinemet CR (which I am still on), in the future might there be any benefit of starting an agonist as the disease progresses. Or does it not normally work that way round? I'd be interested in your thoughts. Thanks Nick
  2. buzbyc

    Sinemet CR spacing

    Many thanks for your thoughts Mark, much appreciated. Can I just check one of your comments. I think you suggest that an increase to having 4 spaced doses during the day instead of an increased dose at lunchtime (i.e. still 3 doses, but a double dose at lunchtime) gives more risk of side-effects. Have I read that correctly? I will certainly make use of your recommended spreadsheet. Nick
  3. buzbyc

    Sinemet CR spacing

    Hi there, I would appreciate your advice relating to increasing my sinemet cr dosage/timing. I think I am probably in the minority in the sense that when I was diagnosed with PD I was started on half-sinemet CR three times a day. I am three years down the line with thankfully not too much progression of the disease and things are generally good. Having said that my computer typing at work is slightly deteriorating about 3.5 - 4hrs after my last dose, and my neurologist recently recommended doubling my lunchtime dose. I would value your advice on whether you feel that instead of doing this it would be better to space the doses out to four times a day to potentially get more even concentration of drug. Would value your thoughts. Many thanks Nick
  4. buzbyc

    Young Onset Parkinson's Photoseries

    Hi corgi-reporter. I would suggest you have a look at this guy who is doing some amazing work and is planning/hoping to tour worldwide with his exhibition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1CAwSTZyyQ best wishes Nick
  5. Hi there, Currently on fairly low dose of 1/2 Sinemet CR. Diagnosed last year, currrently aged 42. Just wondering about best times to take sinemet CR with food/without food. I've found an old study (Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of Sinemet CR: a summary of human studies) from 1989 which states that "Food increased the levodopa bioavailability of Sinemet CR. This increase was attributed to an increased gastric retention time." It also mentions that bioavailability of levodopa was less with younger patients which they suggest was due to faster gastric emptying (which in this case was obviously a less beneficial effect). So, with Simemet CR, would you suggest combining with food. Does protein timing matter or with the slower uptake of the meds does normal advice of 1hr after etc not apply? Are there any more recent studies which offer any guidance? Thanks for your help Nick
  6. buzbyc

    Sinement and Protein

    Hi there, i've been diagnosed recently but have had symptoms since 2010. Started on sinemet cr 125mg bd on 08/11, increased to 125mg tds on the 21/11. Currently taking at 0700, 1200 and 1700. Left arm is still fairly stiff so my neurologist is considering upping the first dose to 250mg. I'm generally arranging it 1/2hr prior to food. Is the 2 hour recommendation still valid for sinemet cr. (My PD specialist nurse seemed fairly dismissive when i mentioned about the protein connectionn). Would be grateful for your thoughts on the regime and protein issue. Many thanks Nick
  7. buzbyc

    Early onset PD

    Dr Okun, Many thanks for your previous reply. I{ have seen both a general neurologist and MDS now who both agree that i have the symptoms of young onset PD. The question i am stsruggling with now is about medications. My symptoms are about the same as in my previoius email but i am getting increasingly frustrated by not being able to use my left hand to type apart from with one finger and also more generalised tremors, and am therefore keen to start some medications. General neurologist suggests sinemet. MDS although not definite wither way suggests an agonist (I think because he felt my symptoms were relatively mild). I would be grateful for any thoughts you have. Kind Regards Nick
  8. buzbyc

    Early onset PD

    Hi there, Would be grateful for your thoughts. Currently 42, Started to have tremor in left hand approximately 8yrs ago. seen by Neurologist, MRI normal, no obvious featues of PD at that time, diagnosed as focal dystonia. Currently taking propalol with seemingly not a lot of benefit. Anxious about this so have looked at poxxible symptoms therfore some thoughts below. Now: Tremor is not confined to left side any more and spreads intermiteently to the right and sometimes involves the trunk. Used to be able to touch type (also pianist) but now fingers on my left hand do not want to work and i'm resorting to using one finger on that hand. I seem to get very tense as a try to make my hands work which makes the problem worse - like now! Have noticed my left leg feel a very slightly weaker than the right which makes me feel like I'm slightly limping along. No obvious reduction in stride length. Also find my lips trembling often and strangely the corners of my lips sometimes feel like they're drooping down. No loss of smell Have struggled with feeling like i have catarrh in my throat for several years. (MRI did previously show blocked sinuses). Often feel like my voice is dull, particularly by the end of the day and end up drinking carbonated drinks to try to help. Have recently had a very stressful situation and potential redundancy at work so not sure whether this has contributed to the symptoms. Have another Neuro appointment in 3 weeks but would be keen to hear your thoughts. Nick