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  1. NN, You are not alone. Friday, Went to with my wife lunch, paid a $23 lunch bill with $40 but spaced change should be $17. Cashier had handed me $7 when I turned to leave (I had left $5 on the table as a tip) but caught me and handed me to other $10 in change. I really wasn't sure what I had done, but must have been distracted. Then on a whim, joined my wife for pedicures. Once a year I'll go with her, so off we went for a rare treat for my wife. $40 each, plus tip. I went to pay the cashier but paid $80 by handing over eight $20 bills. My wife was standing next to had asked "what are you doing?" Scary first for me as it didn't even dawn one me that I wasn't handling money correctly. I've love to say I was distracted, but tried to pay $160 to cover a $80 bill. $10 tip to each person, so $100 total. My wife was still wondering what was going on. I am great at math, but both times had a harder time calculating change. Scary as I am so fast and good with math, but these days will use cash to keep on a budget (credit cards are evil). Once I run out of cash, that's it until next pay day.
  2. Good Morning Everyone. Had a great weekend. Saturday, A three mile hike was planned with our Golden Retriever Rescue group. Trainer was to cover packs, loading, commands, trail etiquette when hiking with dogs. Lots of great material. i had been looking forward to it all week, well Friday night my Golden came in with a bleeding nail bed! It was like she amost ripped her nail on something, she was walking just fine but it was bleeding badly. Wasn't sure what I going to do, but figured the rest of the group would be there, and the best place for me was hiking with a bunch of Golden Retrievers. Despite a last minute location change, we all got to the same location and enjoyed perfect hiking weather. Lots of good tips (some of which I actually remembers long enough to write down). Sunday, good weather held out. So mowed the front and back yard (1.5 acres). Riding mower for big areas, gas powered push mower under trees, bushes, etc. Hit a metal disc (part from a citronella candle) which impacted my leg hard! Nice bruise, but carried on. Five hours of yard work, amazing I kept at it as I wanted it done. Still managed to spend the afternoon in the workshop on a wood project.
  3. Good Morning. Fired up the lawn mowers last week, mowed the back yard. Yesterday afternoon was time for the walk behind mower to get the stuff (under trees, around bushes) that the riding mower can not get to. My friend, the Cardinal, was back battling his arch enemy that appears in the mirror of my truck. Does anyone want to knit me some mirror covers? Then he is funny to watch, at times reminds me not to be so hard on myself for not getting everything done, but enjoy what I can accomplish.
  4. I do the Rock Steady Boxing program. LVST BIG was great, but after a few months I wasn't doing the homework. To get an idea what we are doing in Rock Steady Boxing - Austin, take a look at their instagram. Every workout is different, coach is working with a bunch of trainers & PT to get idea's how to mix things up. One thing we do is most of use are in socks (MMA use gym, so keep your street shoes off the gym floor). I wore 'ankle boots' as my ankles were so weak. Standing on that blue BOSU ball is hard, but make you use ankle muscles! I'm doing much better now than two years ago! Marcia and her husband were in town, and sat in one of our classes. I did tell her this was the "level one" fighters, but pretty active group. Rock Steady Boxing around the country varies (I've heard back some -- some locations just suck as they do the same thing every workout. Boring!)
  5. Bill, this is why my avatar (photo next to my name) has my Golden Retriever. I tell everyone he is my dedicated smiler. My wife for years would ask "are you mad at me?" "Are you upset?" As I concentrate on anything, I forget to smile! It is just the muscle memory isn't there any more, it is still in our hearts, but not "automatic smile" on my face. Worst part is I'll be tired, and sit down for a while. Not only not smiling, but mouth drops open and suddenly I realize I've been drooling. Oh my! There is a wonderful cartoon by Peter Shohls-Dunlap that sums up "the parkie face" -- works great when buying a new car. Drives salesmen crazy as they can not "read" your expression.
  6. No cell phone. To No talk radio shows (music is good). I am concentrating on awareness of other vehicles, speed, lane position. Then I forget to take the correct exit! What helps in cell phone on LOUD, Google Maps. Phone is resting in console, I can hear it but can not see it. "Exit 253 in one mile" will jog my memory back to where I'm going. I know where I am coming from, I know where I am going... but at times don't recognize where I am at. Routes I take at least three times a week, no problem. Routes I take once every three or six months, don't remember the land marks to remind me I'm on the correct road. If I need to look at my cell phone, pull of into an empty parking lot. Stop the vehicle, then look at my cell or directions.
  7. I'll post a follow up in "Service Dogs"
  8. Bill, She will pull me slightly. Our trainer didn't like her pulling, but took a while to figure out what we both were doing and what I needed. I now use a double leash. A short "traffic leash", that is less then 12" in length, and a double ended leash that attaches to front and rear of her Freedom Harness. When I am walking fine we use the longer leash. When I come up to loose/slippery surface I go with the short leash. Harness is in the middle of her back, and she can tell the difference that I have that leash. She now takes shorter steps, and waits for me to step forward or if I tell her "step" she takes one step forward. She is pretty good with me on stairs waiting as I take one step. The DBS has helped quite a bit with my freezing, foot dragging. Still a work in progress getting the DBS set up, but so far so good. She is still with me on daily walks.
  9. Johnnys, No I'm not a veteran, just pointing out the series of video's from the VA on Parkinsons is a great resource. It is interesting in our Rock Steady Boxing classes and with Parkinsons meet up how much every one is so different. As a whole those boxing seem to have less progression than friends who just attend meetings and are not active. That video on cognitive decline does describe me, but that isn't me in the video. Thankfully I'm still driving. I do recommend all of us go for a "tune up" drive with a driving instructor. AARP has has a list, as do most insurance companies. For me it was good, biggest issue is a harder time breaking gradually as when I am off I stomp the break pedal. Oh, John is featured in this video, and in our Rock Steady Boxing Classes. His wife commented he is doing better after working out with us for the past year. We're all still competitive, so makes some of the exercises fun! Trivia my ex-wife was a 68D (Army MOS). She is now a surgical nurse, great profession. Also great we are still on good terms as she can give me her opinions of surgeons in town! Also some great feedback when the surgical team is speaking that patients still hear you subconsciously. On, 97th General Hospital in Franfurt, Germany. I was civvy, but would fly out of Frankfurt and leave her my German Plated BMW when I was gone. Drover her first seagant crazy trying to figure out where she was hiding me. Health and Safety Checks!
  10. NN -- A lot of that sounds familiar, but not likely MSA. I jumped up out of bed (well, got up too quickly) and over I went. Missed the dog (thankfully). My BP had been rock steady (pun there, need to use when I remember) at 110/70 POST OP from DBS. Brain Swelling. It was wonderful, felt great, pee'd without issue, moved when I wanted to. Now that I am four months post op my wife is worried about me again. Post Op - cut my sinemet to about 1/4 what I was on (Now 1 25/100 every four hours, ER at night) but the on/off is much better. Hills (doing great) and valleys (some tremor), but things have shifted a little. Cognitive - some days are worse. Some days are great. A bit like that file cabinet that was knocked over, can not locate anything but if I lean over a pick up something I can remember it. Youtube video from the VA just nails it. Thinking and Memory Problems with Parkinson Disease LINK Biggest thing I found to help with all symptoms. Exercise till I work up a sweat, and keep going. It is odd as Dystonia would wake me in the middle of the night. The "Claw" would return (hand turned in, foot turned in). I always thought dystonia fully subsided when sleeping, but would wake me or keep me from drifting back off to sleep. DBS made a huge difference (ya!) but not that darned Peripheral neuropathy is waking me up at night. A little like a toe that hurts until you smash your thumb with a hammer and no longer notice the toe!
  11. Bill, sounds like you are getting it dialed in. Adjust and wait to see how it goes is good. The pee factor! Nothing helped my bladder until I got the dosage of Sinemet dialed in. No magic number for dyskenesisa. Dystonia was something I lived with for years, wasn't until I had gotten on Sinemet did I realize that cramping was something different. Best part is with DBS (GPi) it just isn't occuring. Still dialing in settings as I have some tremor on right hand, zilch none on left. Still working on DBS settings.
  12. Link i found from Martin J. Bee and The Dopamine Chronicles, Explains originally "Agent Orange" was not toxic to humans, but to keep up with production requirements they use a higher temperature making it very toxic. Quite a few Vietnam Era Vets in my Rock Steady Boxing Class. Marty has quite a bit to say about this,but worth while for all Vets: Tom
  13. Sinemet is levadopa/carbidopa. Long term may cause dyskenesia, but something of interest in Dr. Ahlskogs Parkinson's Disease Treatment book was his comment it affects about 50% of those who started Sinemet before age 40. There is almost no issue with dyskenesia with those who started taking the drug after age 70. Jonnys - I added Comtan when it was obvious just C/L didn't last long enough. Stalevo is a commonly prescribed, as it is C/L plus Comtan in one pill. It was much cheaper to buy C/L & Comtan as two separate items.
  14. Still adjusting voltage levels, just three months since DBS turn on (11/09/2016). Reduced meds. No freezing; left side almost zero tremor; right side still has tremor (currently low voltage settings, adjusting slowly). Way too easy to fall over first thing in the morning. I do not feel still, no dystonia issues, so tend to forget I have issues, get up fairly quickly and over I go! Work in progress.
  15. THe LVST PT was a wake up for me to improve movements. For me to keep active and moving is my Rock Steady Boxing Classes. Just helps to have a wonderful coach remindine me how far apart my feet should be, how to move my rear out first then squat. Oddly enough the mechanics of a lunge (elevator lift) took the longest time to master. I didn't realize how different my right and left sides are. One thing we will do is get off the floor, but don't use your hands. Seemed simple, but I have to practice to remember how to do that. Little things, so best to keep moving!