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  1. Night "shudders" - anyone else?

    Hi Kim, My wife tells me I get them also. They just started within the last 9 months or so and are random. On rare occasions one will wake me up but usually the wife needs to wake me out of it. Haven't seen my MDS recently to mention them but I'm sure he'll say they're just another thing to deal with. Other than waking up the wife I haven't seen any problems them. Bob
  2. I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 51. Tried the 3 main agonist with and without Sinemet. Without question the agonist made symptoms worse and even added new symptoms (especially cognitive) for me. I guess it's worth a try because all you read is they affect everyone differently. I ended up at Sinemet 1 25/100 every 3 hrs while awake and that's the sweet spot for now.
  3. Levodopa Pump...

    Thank for the info Mihai, definitely worth discussing with MDS next visit.
  4. Levodopa Pump...

    Mihai, In another post you mention the pump is worn 16hrs/day and strapped to your waist, I assume it's removed at night? How large is the pump and is it worn inside clothing? Some of the articles I've seen show the pump worn by a strap over the shoulders like Bones on Star Trek. I would think current technology would allow for a relatively small device...This sounds like a promising option....thanks Bob
  5. Laminine, and Azilect

    Hi Luba, I've been on Azilect for 3 years and have not experienced any BP issues. I eat pretty much eat anything and everything in moderation, nothing has affected it yet. I don't know what Laminine is.
  6. Some one stop this ride! I want to get off.

    Adam, Sorry about your dog. I've been a dog person my whole life and it's never easy losing one. In my experience with PD things will get better. I think it was a combination of time to accept my PD and finding the right med's that helped. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago at age 50 (symptoms for many years prior). Tried all the agonists to no avail, went on Sinement and it helped tremendously. Not sure who your MDS is but I'm right down Rt 104 west of you towards Buffalo. I went to URMC on Westfall Rd for a 2nd opinion back when I was diagnosed and was really impressed with them. If I lived out that way I probably would have continue to see them. One last piece of advice.....get another puppy!... it always helped me ease the pain of losing a "best friend"
  7. YOPD meds

    Good choice Magma, I was diagnosed ~3yrs ago at 50 (had symptoms for many years prior). I tried Mirapex, Requip and the patch for the 1st year with poor results. I didn't develop any compulsive problems but they made most symptoms worse and mentally much worse. I finally found a MDS that bucked the status queue of waiting to start Sinemet and it has worked out great. Sinemet has made a huge difference in daily life but as we know everyone is different. I had no problem trying all available options to see what worked for me. The way I look at it is I'd rather have several more quality years now. Good luck hope all works out for you too.
  8. Awake again....

    Try one 3mg tablet of Melatonin about 1/2-1 hr before bed. My MDS recommended it and it's really helped me sleep through the night better. Usually it doesn't keep me asleep all night but there are no linger effects the next day either.
  9. Life Insurance after Diagnosis

    By the way, that was my first post after a couple years of "lurking". Hope it helps
  10. Life Insurance after Diagnosis

    I was diagnosed ~2 1/2 years ago at 51, no other health issues. Already had group life thru employer but decided to also apply for term life incase I lost job. Applied to about 4 or 5 insurers, denied by all but ING & Transmerica. Went with Trans @97/month 10yrs/250,000. Then changed jobs ~6 months ago and also got group life thru new employer with no questions asked. I'm sure if I try to renew term at 61 rates would be sky high.