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  1. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    Thank you everyone for your responses to this post. I am currently still pursuing my final diagnosis. I am currently taking sinemet, with some, but not total relief. Have to drive six hours to the nearest va MDS to try to get a diagnosis, as my Parkinsonism does not follow the normal pattern, and my progression has advanced very quickly in the past six months. Will update you on how it goes. Thank you all at this forum. It has helped me not feel so alone in all this.
  2. What to do when you get sick?

    Doing better this morning. I made it through, but it scared me a bit. Have an appt with my neurologist next week and will see what she suggests. The er is three hours away from me if the roads are good, and much longer when the snow flies. I need to try to be as prepared as possible, as I am very close to immobile if I don't get my levadopa.
  3. What to do when you get sick?

    Seems we have a stomach bug going around. What do you folks do if you can't keep your meds down?
  4. PD and ED?

    Will be interesting to see if va will cover mine or not when I can finally get them. My Ed started years before my dx.
  5. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    Hi all. I am recently diagnosed 39yo Gulf War Vet. I am looking for other vets who have been diagnosed with PD. For those of you who aren't aware, there are studies that show a higher risk for ALS, and PD in gulf war veterans. http://www.m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/news/20000525/evidence-gulf-war-syndrome
  6. PD and ED?

    This is a subject that I think is important. I am newly diagnosed and we are still working out my pd "cocktail". Doc won't give me any little blue pills till we have that worked out. My wife is pissed... I am too, its just under the layer of apathy.
  7. Smoking-does anyone here smoke?

    This is going to be a bit of a tough one for me. I've been a pretty heavy smoker for twenty plus years. I am 39 and was recently diagnosed with pd. Due to the severity of my pd symptoms, I've probably been dealing with it for a very long time. I have the ridgity form without a lot of tremor. My diagnosis came after I started stuttering severely, my head started bobbing, and I started having trouble walking. I've always enjoyed smoking and its going to be a tough thing to let go of. Matthew
  8. Co existence of PD and MS

    I guess I should have mentioned that I am 39 years old, and otherwise in good health re. Cardio vascular. I am having to work with a va neurologist who is three hours away at this point. It takes a month or more to get an appointment. Won't get to see her till nov 4th at this point. Matthew
  9. Dry mouth.

    Thanks tndad.
  10. Dry mouth.

    Hi all, I've been on sinemet now for about six weeks. Never really feel "normal", but definitely feel a lot better. Still working on adjusting medication, but it's a challenge working with a va neurologist who is three hours away. Dry mouth is one of the problems I've dealt with for years before diagnosis, but it has gotten worse since I've started sinemet. What has worked for you folks who deal with this?
  11. Co existence of PD and MS

    I recently started levadopa/carbidopa and had success in reducing severe stutter and head/neck tremors. We are still adjusting meds to try to get me optimum relief. I had an MRI last week and had "scattered foci of increased t2 signal in the white matter of the centrum semiovale, corona radiata, and periventricular regions that are non specific." From my research, this would be an indication of possible ms, and would be unrelated to pd. How common is it to see MS and PD together?
  12. "On/Off" questions

    Hi all, thanks for your comments. Doc changed me to an extended release version last Friday. It's making a difference. Probably still going to have to increase dosage, as I'm still not able to do much without triggering and still have to much stutter. Any relief makes me happy though.
  13. You might have Parkinson's if.........

    You might have Parkinson's if: reading this thread made you wake up your wife giggling and your face hurt for three days from over exertion! I'm new here too.
  14. "On/Off" questions

    I started sinemet about a month ago. My "off" periods haven't really changed that much with the exception of my first one of the day. I just realized in the past few days that I have been trying to do more in the morning, because that is when I feel best. I'm learning to pace things out a bit so that I don't hate life for 2plus hours until the next dose kicks in. I started sinemet as a "pd test" and it worked. I was desperate for any kind of relief. I couldn't drive because my right shoulder and arm would lock in spasm, had developed a horrible stutter, and could barely walk. All those things come back at least three times a day for me, but I honestly think they are only worse when I push a little too hard. Matthew