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  1. Hi Jetje, Welcome. The social isolation is something, isn't it? We're still at the earlier stage, although most friends and some family have disappeared. It's because of the discomfort of not knowing how to react, I expect. DH is physically fine, just stiff and lumbering. The mental issues are at the forefront. I know what you mean about the following from room to room. Luckily I knit, so that is easy to calm myself with. Lots of socks! Very small, portable, and not obtrusive. Have you ever tried a special quilting frame? I have quilted in the past, and found this amazing small and no fussy frame that works in small places. I gave mine away 3 years ago to a fellow quilter (I'm putting a link at the bottom for the frame, see if you are familiar with it). Anyway, I am glad you found the site, drop in, most CGs understand about LBD. It's no fun...
  2. Hi John, As I've said on another thread: "The issue is actually Medicaid. A $880 billion permanent cut to short term nursing home care (after hospitalization), long term nursing home care, respite care, physical therapy, home health care aides, hospice and respite services, hoyer lifts and hospital beds for the home, wheelchairs, drugs. That's just for the PD population. If you want further info for addiction services, psychiatric treatment, children's coverage, pregnancy, homeless vet care, go to The issue is the deep cuts to the elderly, sick, very young, and disabled among us." The AHCA is important, as the major purpose is to remove Medicaid. All Americans, whether they know it or not, use Medicaid in some part of their lives. Let your Representatives know what you think, however you think.
  3. The issue is actually Medicaid. A $880 billion permanent cut to short term nursing home care (after hospitalization), long term nursing home care, respite care, physical therapy, home health care aides, hospice and respite services, hoyer lifts and hospital beds for the home, wheelchairs, drugs. That's just for the PD population. If you want further info for addiction services, psychiatric treatment, children's coverage, pregnancy, homeless vet care, go to The issue is the deep cuts to the elderly, sick, very young, and disabled among us.
  4. Sigh. No one ever did on any thread I was on. Why does draconian cuts to the poor and ill among us bring the president to mind? The issue remains: What type of country do you want to live in? I choose tolerance, compassion for others, and open minded discussion.
  5. Hi guys. Discussion has obviously been discouraged, but this is important. You may or may not care about the 14 million losing their insurance next year, (and yes, I will be one as I am in the open market and am in my 50s with a pre-existing condition), but the following year, 2020 is vital. That is when the 880 billion permanent cut occurs of Medicaid (corrected, see below) funding, and coincidentally, the same year an 880 billion tax break is given to the extremely wealthy. Nursing homes will suffer. No more opiod addiction treatment. No more PT, except for immediate gain (broken leg, post surgery). Read the CBO report. It is interesting. Good luck. ETA--sorry, sorry, sorry. I spent so much time working out the correct figures, that I wrote "medicare" not MEDICAID. I've corrected the post. My apologies.
  6. I encourage everyone to read the Snopes article. Much better than quoting some of it out of context. Or if you are interested in the bizarre decades long smearing of Soros, here is a pretty calm accounting:
  7. We have met the enemy, and it is us. Sitting alone in a closed chamber, fostering our hatred and outrage by only exposing ourselves to so-called "news feeds" that reinforces our grudges, fears, and hatreds. We are better than this. We have brains, we should use them. I am sure the daily caller is correct, and that Soros may have given the Alliance for Global Justice $50,000 sometime in the past. And that a company that Hillary sat on the board of back in the 1980s recently gave the AGJ $20,000. And as soon as someone provides me with an address I may invoice them for my mass transit tickets for going out and protesting, if they pay me back, I would be inclined to give this delusion a little more weight. Facts matter. Words matter. Actions matter. But not to the Daily Caller. (see their article on the NOAA 'falsifying data.' They KNOW this because one crack pot told them so, and showed them "irrefutable evidence" which they will not disclose, they will not discuss, and so 'Believe me, it's Yuuuge.') We are mostly a country of immigrants. The only 'true' Americans have been pushed into reservations and poverty. We are also a country that believes in justice, fairness, and opportunity. So why are we banning believers in a religion? Why are we trying to stigmatize and remove healthcare from the lower parts of our population in order to give an immediate tax break to very, very rich people? Why are we trying to wipe out the retirement savings of the middle class and below in order to make big banks and Goldman Sachs very, very happy? What am I doing? Reasoned action. I am calling my elected officials and telling them which of Trump's cabinet proposed members are too incompetent or corrupt to serve. I am also telling them that I don't like Tillerson, the VA guy, but it is the role of the Senate to advise and consent. I am also telling them that Judge Gorsuch is distasteful, and I will NOT countenance McConnell's call for an "up or down" vote until Gorsuch is questioned by the Senators as is USUAL. At which point, the Senate's job is to 'advise and consent.' Unlike the Hyper-partisan McConnell, I believe in our institutions. SCOTUS nominees are to get a hearing, and then a vote, not just an "up or Down Vote." Treating Trump's nominee for the SCOTUS with a Hearing, followed by a vote is in direct contrast to what Judge Garland received, but I, unlike Senate Majority leader McConnell, believe in our institutions. I am also protesting peacefully racist policies put forth in a confused and erratic fashion. So what are you doing to preserve our country?
  8. Day 15: The first 'successful' raid into a terror site in Yemen has netted us 30 Yemeni casualties along with one American soldier (one of the children was also an American citizen). It was worth the civilian casualties (including women and children) because of the wealth of information. Oops. Turns out the wealth is video tapes from 2007. And I know, women were seen picking up guns. I must admit, if I were in my family courtyard and I saw gunships shooting my children and husband, I might also stoop down and grab a gun from my dead husband's hands. On the lighter side, the Republican Congress has undone the regulation directing Oil Companies to capture methane gas from their wells. Methane is the most important non CO2 threat to the global climate. While methane can be used as an energy source, it is not very profitable. Much more profitable for the companies to just release it as a byproduct of wells. So we are sent back to the 'science' of the G.W. Bush era where 'cow farts' are seen as worse polluters than cars.
  9. While we are all watching with either horror or joy at thousands of legal immigrants being turned away from our shores, and thousands of desperate refugees who have been vetted for 2 to 4 years being thrown back to die in war zones, and legal residents of the US prohibited from traveling, there is another problem. If you have no Christian compassion for the poor, look to the financial future of the middle class and below in their elder years. Trump is preparing to sign executive orders that allow financial institutions to do two things: 1. Banks will now be able to trade your retirement money for their benefit, not yours. 2. Financial advisors to retirees no longer will have to trade for the interest of their clients, but can do it for their own interests. Neat. America First means we don't have to trouble our conscience over 'others', and now Swamp Dwellers will have the law on their side as they loot the retirement holdings of the middle class and below in America. Day 14.
  10. We are on the 13th day of Trump's presidency. What are the shining accomplishments? fight political correctness Commemorate the Holocaust without mentioning Jews. This made the White Nationalists (KKK light) very happy. protect the country from terrorists Well, banning legal immigrants, and refugees who are 'vetted' for 2 years or more by 6 intelligence agencies within the US will certainly keep out the lone wolf shooters who go to elementary schools and shoot small children. But our doors remain open to countries who have sent terrorist here. After all, Trump has business interests with them. Oh-- and you know those refugees? The ones Trump points out are only Muslims? And that if you are Christian you can't get a shot at refugee status (grain of truth as #1 target of Isis is other Muslims; Christians are often just in the way)? Well, last year we took in 37,521 Christian refugees. We took in 38,901 Muslims who are under greater threat. crack down on illegal immigration, Build a wall that American Tax payers will pay for, and now threaten Mexico with military action. See the White house protesting too much: [ETA: Oh wait, the White House now admits he threatened them, but it was "light-hearted." ] Cut Regulations Rescind two important rules: The Stream Protection Act. In mining areas, companies had to monitor the streams they were dumping chemicals in so as not to poison the inhabitants living downstream. The regulation that Oil and Gas companies had to be transparent in their foreign dealings. Now those are 'job killing' regulations. At least is will boost customers for Doctors in rural areas. Oh wait, their healthcare dollars are being taken away ..... make Washington’s swamp dwellers uncomfortable. Snort. MAGA Well, we've threatened Australia, NATO, Mexico, Iran, Iraq, but look on the bright side, yesterday's cozy chat with Putin was "the best."
  11. Patriot, this has been a real attempt at understanding. I am well aware of the fact you want to enrage and inflame people, so that you can justify in your own mind your own cherished beliefs. I get it. Trump won. Women are totally equal and yet get 'special' consideration because of our disgusting wiles. We should spend more time and money upon fetuses, because heavens knows, we won't support them once they are born; and any woman who has one without a husband who has a job is only a welfare queen who is so lazy she deserves to starve and her bastards with her. I get it. Any person of color also has it easier than the average old white male. I get it. 'Those people' just want "free Obama phones." You don't have to keep repeating the same points. You have convinced me top "count you out" from seeking common ground or solutions to our problems. I get it. Guess what, reasonable people won't go away. People who actually CARE about other people and injustice. You are perfectly able to continue to troll and learn nothing from your fellow human beings on the planet. That is your right. I have heard every thing you have said. Sound and fury, only calling up our past, yet no whisper to our aspirations. I wish you peace, and growth. Good night, and "that's the way it is ..."
  12. So, is America only for a certain type to keep us safe? Cool. Let's ban toddlers. See this tweet from a Christian leader. but maybe only ban the non-christian toddlers, that would probably cut the number of toddler caused deaths a by 1/5.
  13. The new President has been in office a week. We now have a Muslim Ban in effect (except from the 3 countries where Trump owns luxury resorts or luxury hi-rises, and which were the nations the 9/11 attackers came from.) Steve Bannon, who I feared as a man who professes white nationalism is on the National Security Council (friday's executive orders). Michael Flynn, who I feared as a rabid Islamophobe and conspiracy theorist is also on the NSC. Kellyanne Conway, who spearheaded the defense of Todd Aikin for Senate in MS after he claimed that women who were raped could not get pregnant if it was a "legitamate Rape," is now a counsselor to the president. (and a theorist of "Alternate Facts.") On 11/12 I wrote: I went to bed on Tuesday night and wept. I woke up afraid. I did not know where I was, no longer felt safe in my own country. My despair was not that my candidate lost. My despair was that actions of sexual assault were not perceived as repugnant to most of my fellow Americans. I saw the two little bi-racial girls next door getting onto their school bus. I wept. I was afraid for them as racial slurs were now an example of refusing to be 'politically correct' to most of my fellow Americans, and I knew I could not protect those 2 beautiful, shining, bright, funny little girls from the hurt that words cause. The house was cold. Our furnace is broken, and last week we had a plumbing problem that took out our discretionary spending for the month. We can't fix the furnace until after the 20th of the month, no money, it's a warm November thank god, and I will be able to fix the furnace after the 20th. But I have friends who are worse off than I am, and the state legislature is announcing this election is a mandate to get rid of the high cost of health insurance premiums through increasing the insurance pool by discontinuing the state assisted plan for those at the bottom rungs of society. This will lower all our premiums as the insurance pool will now be larger. My friend can't make her co-pays now, and gets help from a food shelf. I can't help her this month (furnace), her situation has just got worse and I can't help, and my fellow Americans voted for this mandate. I weep again. And my eyes are again welling with tears as I write this. These are real and honest fears. They are echoed across the voting spectrum. Words matter. Words inspire action. I am afraid because I feel my fellow Americans have voted for someone whose words have inspired others to make my life unsafe. Do they see what fears their actions have engendered? How can I understand support for a candidate who has made sexist and racist remarks in his campaign speeches? To me, not calling someone out on such speech is condoning that speech. I truly don't understand how to reconcile my belief in my fellow Americans with what just happened. The problem is not a political one. I am struggling to see how this was not a repudiation of everything I have always believed was at the core of all Americans: the shared belief in justice, equality, compassion, respect for other human beings. Words matter. Words inspire action. Help me understand what happened. How do I look my fellow Americans in the eye with trust in their basic humanity? I ask again: How do I look my fellow Americans in the eye with trust in their basic humanity?
  14. Thanks Linda, The Hill is one i look at every day since you suggested it previously. I have found it excellent, and I thank you. Always good to get another fact based reporting site. I can adjust for bias or slant, and differing views can also illuminate aspects I haven't considered. My list was getting long in my post above, so I left it off.
  15. maral77, I don't know what to say. I am so sorry, and I am so glad that he is in a safe place. You have done such a wonderful job taking care of him, and with the constant visiting, you still are. The future is never ours to see, but the past is. Your path getting to this place is a record of love, care, and giving beyond limits. Check in often, let us know how it's going. (I promise not to talk politics! except in one thread, different forum.) We are too important for each other. Take care, come back soon.