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  1. Muscle weakness?

    Hey MM....D here! Buy a Bender Ball to work on strengthening your fingers, hands and legs....I use it and I also do a workout session teaching my Support Group Members how to benefit from using the ball. The Bender is soft and easy to use. Also great to put behind your lower back when sitting. Cheers!!
  2. Predisposed to Parkinson's

    Dr Okun I have heard on more then one occasion that if you have Parkinson's you were predisposed to it since conception. Is this true? Is it only predisposed when it comes to genetics? If not genetic then it's idiopathic. I was at a Support Group and this came into the discussion. Thank you for any clarification. Discovery
  3. Parkinson and treatment drugs

    Right back at ya MM..... Hugs
  4. The Problems with Medical Marijuana

    Patriot, Really appreciate your honesty. However never expect anything less from you Cheers D
  5. Parkinson and treatment drugs

    Miracle, wise I'm not sure about that! Lol However I'm tired of others pushing their "opinions" and "no that won't work" or "what, your not on Sinemet yet, big mistake" I am the only person who will make my choices. If my choices are wrong it's on me. If they are right it's on me. This insidious disease is hard enough on us, having people nattering in our ears makes it down right impossible to keep in our lane of sanity. I play hard, laugh loud and love always. ...this keeps me afloat. Cheers MS? D
  6. Parkinson and treatment drugs

    Rainbow, One thing I have learned in the past 3 years is to do what works for you. The Forum is a great place for info and chatting with others in the same space. Though at the end of the day we are all different in our progression and mind set. My beliefs will be different from the next who is exactly where I may be in the disease symptoms but chooses a different path. I am a strong believer in exercise and a healthy mental state. If you lack in one the other won't survive. I sense that you are a caring daughter one that will do what it takes to keep Mom healthy. I admire that kind of love. All the best D
  7. Parkinson and treatment drugs

    I am on Azilect and one 81mg aspirin daily, that's it. I have never had side effects from Azilect however I have read from some on the forum who have. Ask your pharmacist regarding the drug interaction, it's important to have that info. I wish you all the best! D
  8. Parkinson and treatment drugs

    I just want to comment on Azilect (Rasagiline). I was diagnosed in 2014 and have been talking nothing but Azilect. My Neurologist (MDS) on June 27 told me my progression is slow/delayed by daily exercise routines and Azilect. I shake my head when I read Azilect does nothing. Tell that to my symptoms or lack of!! D
  9. Prolopa

    Dr. Okun Excuse me. I forgot to add this other concern. I read that Prolopa brings on involuntary moves ( dyskinesia) more so then Sinemet does in shorter time. Is this true? Is this a wiser choice over Sinemet? Discovery
  10. Prolopa

    Dr. Okun, Is Prolopa a drug of choice when a patient is early stage showing tremor and ridgity? (12.5/50) Are there greater side affects with Prolopa then Sinemet? Is there a drug reaction between Prolopa and Azilect? When do find it's a good fit with your patients? Thank you Discovery
  11. How did you talk to others?

    Me too... My family and close friends of course know but it's a tight circle. D
  12. Restore Gold

    Fred, your pm is not taking messages. can you clear. D
  13. Back from Gainsville and Azilect Study - any others?

    Hey MM, hope all is going well for you!! Thank you for the link regarding the Azilect study. I'm taking it that Science wants to put a final stamp on whether Azilect indeed slows down the progression of Parkinson's. It will be very interesting to read the results. I had my yearly check up with my MDS at the Pacific Parkinson Research Centre in Vancouver June 27. Dr Mc Keown for the first time in three years didn't talk to me about getting on Sinemet due to having a positive 2 hour exam. So far so good. Is it due to Azilect? Who really knows. I just know I'm feeling good, however my time will come when Sinemet will be added. I'm not living in a fools paradise! D
  14. Back from Gainsville and Azilect Study - any others?

    Hi Lorit249 What is the study? I've been on Azilect for 3 years and it's benefits work well for me. I didn't realize there was ongoing studies on a med that's already mainstream. Cheers D
  15. Benserazide HLC/Levodopa

    Hello Mark, Do you know of any drug interaction between Benserazide HCL/Levodopa and Azilect? The dosage is 50/12.5 and 1 mg of Azilect. Thank you Mark Discovery