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  1. NN...what a great question to ask Dr.Okun..I like many of us would like to read his answer. Sorry to hear your DH is having such issues. I know how you feel. When my DH was going through his bladder cancer he had an accident or few and it's very defeating indeed. Best of luck to you both. D
  2. Thank Dr. Okun, I only ask because of the expense of the drug. Trying to stretch the dollar but not a great plan at the expense of ones health. D
  3. Dr. Okun If a PWP was to take Azilect 1mg every other day instead of everyday what effect would it have? Discovery
  4. I agree ( not for you Linda )....dislike button would be handy... D
  5. Hi Twitchy Mama i sent you a pm
  6. Thanks MM for the PM...
  7. Hey MM, who did you order the Azilect from? Can you post link please... It's $300 CDN per 30 days so you got a rockin' deal.... Cheers D
  8. Hi Noah I wrote the administration direct through my personal message section. It may help. D
  9. Linda, I'm really sorry to see that your thread has been shut down. Truth be known, I have not been one to post my beliefs on the thread nor have I really took time to read it. I find such injustice that because a couple of haters or do we call them "trolls" who can't tolerate difference they attack to the point of meltdown. I have written the Administration asking them to reconsider and unlock the topic. After reading a couple of pages I can see that many members find comfort in the thread and in each other. Let Linda love Christ. What harm does it do to anyone? If it offends you then don't read it.....quit easy! PWP find comfort wherever they find it....who are we to judge, therefore it belongs on the forum. Seriously, doesn't Parkinson's give us bigger issues to put our energy into other then picking on a woman who only offers comfort? D
  10. I too get earth shattering charliehorses in my calves and hamstring.....worst when I've had a lazy day...don't know why... The best thing to do is walk them out....but also taking magnesium has really helped them come few and far between. D
  11. NEWS ARCHIVESRead News Parkinson's decline slowed with extended MAO-B inhibitors Monday March 06, 2017 Amy Wallace UPI - A study from the University of South Florida has shown that long-term use of MAO-B inhbitors may slow decline in patients with Parkinson's disease. Photo by sfam_photo/Shutterstock Researchers from the University of South Florida found in a retrospective analysis of clinical trial data that long-term use of monoamine oxidase type B, or MAO-B, inhibitors slows the clinical decline of patients with Parkinson's disease. Previous studies have shown MAO-B inhibitors produce neuroprotective effects in cell culture and animal studies of Parkinson's disease, but clinical trials had shown mixed results and appeared not to have a significant effect on Parkinson's disease symptoms. A secondary analysis of the NET-PD-LS1 clinical trial -- a multicenter, double blind, placebo-controlled study of 1,741 participants with early Parkinson's disease from March 2007 to July 2013 -- was conducted by researchers. Roughly 784 of NET-PD-LS1 participants received a MAO-B inhibitor and were assessed using the Global Outcome, allowing researchers to consider a combination of five measurements of change from each participant's baseline measurements. The new analysis revealed a significant link between longer duration MAO-B inhibitor use and slower clinical decline among Parkinson's patients, the researchers report. "Earlier large trials aiming to evaluate potential disease modifying effects of MAO-B inhibitors unfortunately suffered from confounding motor effects or yielded conflicting results," Dr. Robert Hauser, of the Department of Neurology, Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida, said in a press release. "Our study suggests that we should not give up on the potential long term benefits of MAO-B inhibitors. A definitive, rigorous, long-term trial should strongly be considered."
  12. MM...I'm wondering if you don't need 20% THC in the oil to notice a difference.. Also I read some sell you hemp oil which is not the same results... Keep posting your journey on the oil....I'm totally interested on how it goes!! Good luck buddy!! D
  13. Hey MM... i wish you great luck!!! When I arrive home I too will be trying CBD Oil....80% cbd 20% thc... Wilson the above poster has been a huge help to me in this area....thanks again Wilson.. D
  14. NN, I lost a friend to MSA. Sadly Joanie was diagnosed and in less then 5.5 years passed away. It was a blessing she did due to the last three years of her life. Wheelchair, spoon feed and only communicating with frustration and ilegiable printing. It's was a very sad and speedy death. I hope you find your answers and none being MSA. D
  15. Ella, i know it's been a long hard road for that hasn't truly ended. You are more then welcome to hang around with us....glad you still want D