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  1. This & that!

    I read them both, I think I enjoyed the first book more. Order of reading these only matter because he builds on what has happened since and things he talked about in the first one. I think reading the first one my add that "Ahh" effect to the why he mentioned things he did in his second book. Hope this make as munch sense typed out as it did in my head when I wrote. Feeling tired and might be typing gibberish. Blessings
  2. Loving Parent

    Loving, I was 35 when I was diagnosed, as I made the rounds telling parents and family my mother and I did not talk a lot about Parkinson's. Unfortunately I was diagnosis with PD just after my sister was given a diagnosis of MS. It wasn't until an opportunity to vacation with my mother did we really talk about Parkinson's and it effects on me. To my surprise she had been doing some research and reading up on the disease. She asked me what it was like. She wanted to understand what I was going through. I explained everything I could and I assured her that even though it is difficult and challenging that I am ok. I don't feel like a sick person. I encourage you when the time is right to just sit and chat whit you daughter. Cry together if you need to, but I bet you will both feel better in the end. Blessings Adam
  3. Tremors only -- could it be YOPD?

    Roses, On the day of my Diagnosis I told my husband that if he did not want to remain married to me because he did not sign up for this he responded with, "I did not marry you because of a preconceived idea of what our future would be like. I married you out of love and I will be by your side no matter what happens." My point of this is don't worry yourself over a future that has not happened. The future you imagine will never turn out the way you thought it would. If you love him and cant imagine not having him around, and he feels the same then you are meant to be together. Trust me when I say I understand your feelings. Coping with a diagnosis of anything life altering is stressful, going through the process of not being sure what is wrong is even scarier. We are here if you need to vent. Please don't worsen you anxiety on a picture of the future you have not experienced. I can promise you the future I envisioned 10 years ago is nothing like what I am currently living. It is so much better. I can honestly say that once I put my faith in the fact that I will end up where I meant to be, I am much happier now than I have ever been. Even though PD has been the most challenging a frustrating thing I have ever had to deal with, it has opened me up to new ways of looking at life. Be happy now, celebrate waking up and have who you have around you. Yesterday is in the past and nothing you do will change it. Tomorrow is a new day that has not yet been written, so live now, be in the now and love those who are by your side now. Blessing and Love and light to you Adam
  4. Restore Gold

    Ursodeoxycholic acid or (UDCA). Urso meaning bear bile is how the acid gets its name. It is found in bears stomach acids. There has been very little scientific studies into the use of the compound in the treatment of Parkinson's. You will find a small contingent of people on this Forum that swear by it. I my self have never tried it because it can be expensive to treat ones self with over the counter supplements. (I need my insurance to keep my cost down) I also have not tried it because I can find little to no evidence of its effectiveness on the symptoms of PD. Hope this helps Adam
  5. Tremors only -- could it be YOPD?

    Welcome Roses, I am not a doctor but with just tremors on both side and no other symptoms it leads me to believe the Neurologist may not lean toward a Parkinson's Diagnosis. I have seen a several people come on this forum who have used antipsychotics in the past with tremors. Generally Parkinson's starts on one side of the body and the tremor (if present) is a resting tremor that goes away when movement is initiated. Also there is usually other symptoms as well rigidity, slowness of movement, Gait problems, lack of smell just to name the most common at Diagnosis. I hope for your case, that it is the drugs and not Parkinson's. This is not a disease I would wish on anyone. I hope you find the answers you seek on the 8th of Feb. Stay positive because attitude is half the battle with any medical problem. Keep us posted. Blessings Adam
  6. ISO Book/Cookbook recommendations

    This is a link to a free book you can Down load. It has some great info in it. It was published a few years ago so the info on the Duopa Pump and some of the DBS systems is a bit dated, but other than that it has been a great read that I found very helpful. http://parkinsonscreativecollective.org/pdf.html Blessings Adam
  7. Snow never stopped me. I have driven through many snow storms after dx. Just remember take it slow, no sudden lane changes and leave plenty of time to stop. Good luck. Adam
  8. maybe PD?

    When you trial the sinemet (carb/Levo) try eating some crackers or pretzels. This will help alleviate the nausea. Good luck and I hope you find some answers. As My friends all say "Getting old is not for the faint of heart!" Blessing Adam
  9. This & that!

    One of the first books I read after DX. Very good book. Helped me remain positive.
  10. Acupuncture

    I used acupuncture for over a year when I had insurance that would cover it. I thought it helped my stiffness a lot. Massage therapy also helped. Good luck Adam
  11. Weather and PD

    Living in Western New York with temps between 0 and 15 degrees all week. I feel more stiff and have more joint pain. I have found that if I keep from getting chilled and shivering then I am ok. If I start to shiver then my right arm and leg is useless till I get it warmed up. We have thought about snow birding in the south for the winter. Still debating the possibilities. Blessings Adam
  12. Dad newly diagnosed

    Hello NickP, I was Diagnosed at 34 years old. Attitude is %90 of the battle. If you and your father can maintain a positive realistic attitude he will do much better. The good news is he dose not feel he need meds so don't start unless you feel you need them. Also Exercise is the best medicine for PD. Once he heals from the fracture, help him to discover an exercise he enjoys, Walking, running, swimming, boxing, biking, ect. It can be anything that he like and gives him benefit. The worst thing a person with PD can do is sit around and do nothing. Get him up and keep him moving. Even puttering around the house is beneficial. I have found that as long as I get up and keep moving, stay active with friends and family, and keep going to work, I feel much better. When I let the apathy part of PD take over and sit around all day I feel my worse. Good luck Blessings
  13. maybe PD?

    I agree with the above statements. To me, (I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one). Your symptoms do not seem to be indicative of classic PD and the lesion you mention is curious. I hope for your sake you find a good Neurologist who can figure out exactly what is going on and hopefully they find you don't have PD and it is something curable. Blessings Adam
  14. Rasagiline and other drugs

    Yes they do both. I have a High deductible insurance plane through my employer. This means I pay for everything till I reach my deductible. The assistance fund pays for my Azilect/rasagiline tablets. The out of pocket cost for me is $1100 for a 90 day supply. What my pharmacy does is run the meds through my health insurance first, then runs it through assistance fund, once that is done I end up paying a $10 copay. The assistance fund works like a secondary insurance for medication copays they approve you for. I did not ask them to cover my other pills since I can afford those. I was approved instantly when I applied online. My house hold income is a little above average for middleclass in New York state.
  15. Rasagiline and other drugs

    Before you need to refill your Azilect prescription next year try applying here. https://tafcares.org/ They covered all my $1100 out of pocket each time I refill. All I had to pay was a $10 copay. The coverage is good for one year then you can renew. Hope this helps