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  1. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    Here is the link to rating information. https://www.hillandponton.com/camp-lejeune-presumptive-conditions-parkinsons-overview-va-ratings/
  2. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    Pdmanz the dignosis of PD alone which is rated as a paralyzing antigen under 8004 of the rating scale of the VA, is 30%. But all residual signs and symptoms are to be added to that as well. This would include the adjustment reaction to PD, as a secondary for another 30%, plus a rating for each limb effected, olfactory deficits, if you do not receive 100%SC some messed up. Hill and Pontoon has published a report on this matter, and I would suggest reviewing it and discussing it with your attorneys.
  3. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    Pdmanz, did your claim for Camp Lejeune, go to the specific RO, I believe in South Carolina, who was specifically tasked with handling all of the Camp Lejeune claims?
  4. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    If your Tbi is service connected PD is presumptive service connection secondary to TBi, unless you are claiming environmental exposures, then it gets much more complicated. I have been fighting since 12/2014 including American legion, congressman senators and the state of Louisiana department of veterans affairs. I have a blog set up at www.myjourneywiththeva.blogspot.com that may show some of the battle I have gone through so far. The biggest challenge with va claims is the wording of the claim itself. There is also a group on FB called veteran to veteran that has a tremendous amount of support for filing claims. If i can help in anyway I will, but unless you fit one of the presumptive service connection conditions it is almost impossible to obtain service connection, even with all the evidence, and a doctor's opinion supporting service connection, because the vba typically uses C&P N.P. who usually has no specialized training and almost always opposes service connection.
  5. Muscle weakness?

    Grip strength has always been identified by the multitude of the VA doctors, in my case. All with varying determinations be as vast as the number of treating providers. But in my opinion my hand grip strength would best be described in the context of the degree of rigidity or stiffness at the exact moment of the evaluation. And this varies greatly as does almost all of my PD symptoms, due to the complex algorithms of PD management.
  6. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    For all veteran PWP, I recently underwent a VA hearing for service connection for PD due to environmental exposures. Although there are some presumptive service connection conditions established, such as Vietnam, Camp Lejeune, and TBI, that leaves many veterans out. Using, 38 CFR 3.303(d), whereas any disease or diagnosis post service can be considered Service Connected, if it is supported by way of, a medical nexus statement or opinion. In lay terms as per NPF, and others the human body due to the natural aging process will experience a natural loss of dopamine producing neurons. And if we where to live long enough, everyone would eventually develop PD. This would be considered the natural progression of Parkinson's Disease. As set forth in the law above the condition either has to be caused by or aggravated beyond the natural progression of the disease. So any development of PD even at the age of the sixth decade of life, would be considered an aggravated beyond natural progression, meaning with proof of any environmental exposures while in service, known to specifically target dopamine producing neurons, the VA cannot rebut or deny service connection. The VA would have to establish beyond all reasonable doubt that not one single dopamine producing neuron was lost prematurely due to environmental exposures while in service. TCE and or PCE are ingredients often found in cleaning and/or decreasing products, such as Brakleen 05089. These chemicals are the ones associated with the Camp Lejeune presumptive service connection. These same chemicals are also identified by GW research as known solvents used in GW service, specifically in IOM Vol. 2. As well as being attributed to the causation, or associated with the neurobehavioral effects of GW service, many of which are also known as the "cardinal symptoms" of PD. The National Academy of Sciences, recently determined that the neurobehavoral effects described by NRC, IOM, and others can be PD, being that the NAS is the parent entity of the others, this is very significant. The VA website list TCE and or PCE as the solvents many veterans were exposed to in service. But any neurotoxin specifically targeting the dopamine producing neurons will suffice. I would also like to disclose that I am very aware of the effects of the injuries sustained in connection with military service, and in no way mean to discredit those. But at the same time understand that the injuries sustained by way of the toxic chemical molecules while in service are as equally devastating to the human body, as those bombs and bullets are as well.
  7. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Not all doctors are correct 100% of the time. Especially neurologist when there is no absolute test. Even with as much as is known about the human brain, more is learned every day. As we all know PD is a complicated diagnosis, and one that is for many patients misdiagnosis, happens. For those of us who have been members of the forum for awhile, have heard many times of people who have been told they don't have PD, then was seen by the right doctor and diagnosed right away. We have also heard the patients who were diagnosed with PD to find out they did not have PD. Thankfully PD is a slowly progressing disease and the correct diagnosis eventually is revealed. So, long story short, relax take a deep breath, find a trusted MDS. And live your life to the fullest.
  8. This is interesting, we take the grandkids to a local pool frequently. And my legs sink like a rock. Even holding on to the edge of the pool trying to just relax and float and cannot do so. Maybe the rigidity?
  9. vietnam veterans with PD

    I have the pesticide exposures of GW and also tce pce exposure from brakleen use while in the USAf.
  10. vietnam veterans with PD

    Something that I just sent to the National Director of Neurology of the VA. Sorry for posting in several spots but hopefully it will gather support and help improve the way the VA serves veterans. Take a moment and help me share this. Send a email letting the VA this is needed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/americans4vets/permalink/1593911713961740/
  11. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/americans4vets/permalink/1593911713961740/ A little project for veterans and a suggestion I sent to the National Director of Neurology for the VA, concerning PD, please help me share this.
  12. Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    We all know how complicated being correctly diagnosed can be. The VA has some of the best MDS available, but they also have many health care providers who simply are not capable of diagnosing PD. So I have been working on trying to gain support of a few ideas to correct this in hopes that fewer veterans will face the issues I did. Here is my Facebook group and the email chain from the National Director of neurology for the VA. https://www.facebook.com/groups/americans4vets/permalink/1593911713961740/
  13. Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    Yes Linda there is a lot of advantages. I have personally avoided some falls because the space is so small there is always something to grab a hold of. But some disadvantages also like days of rain there is not much room to walk around and loosen up a stiff body. Much like everything it has its pro's and con's. PD is the same way too it's all personal perception .
  14. Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    Thank you to all who have taken the time to post so far. I will post some of my craft projects most likely next week. For the past four weeks we have been at the lake but will be "moving" within the next day or two. My DW and I live in our RV so moving is not a huge undertaking but my internet is currently limited here at this campground. One big major project I have accomplished was to dismantle a mobile home that had been damaged by fire on our daughter's property. It did take a lot of time but I did it a little each day or so until finished.
  15. I know that we often come to the forum looking for answers to problems that we as Parkinson's Disease experience, or to offer assistance to those facing the challenges of living with PD. That being said I thought it would be a good idea to focus at least one thread on things that we can do, instead of those things we are challenged with. I struggled with this topic for a few days before posting it, because I don't like to brag or pat myself on the back. But if we all would share some of the things we have done post diagnosis it may give hope to those just beginning on the journey of PD. I truly think hope and inspiration can be just as powerful for managing PD as the medications we take. So please share your accomplishments .