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  1. vietnam veterans with PD

    I have the pesticide exposures of GW and also tce pce exposure from brakleen use while in the USAf.
  2. vietnam veterans with PD

    Something that I just sent to the National Director of Neurology of the VA. Sorry for posting in several spots but hopefully it will gather support and help improve the way the VA serves veterans. Take a moment and help me share this. Send a email letting the VA this is needed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/americans4vets/permalink/1593911713961740/
  3. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/americans4vets/permalink/1593911713961740/ A little project for veterans and a suggestion I sent to the National Director of Neurology for the VA, concerning PD, please help me share this.
  4. Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    We all know how complicated being correctly diagnosed can be. The VA has some of the best MDS available, but they also have many health care providers who simply are not capable of diagnosing PD. So I have been working on trying to gain support of a few ideas to correct this in hopes that fewer veterans will face the issues I did. Here is my Facebook group and the email chain from the National Director of neurology for the VA. https://www.facebook.com/groups/americans4vets/permalink/1593911713961740/
  5. Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    Yes Linda there is a lot of advantages. I have personally avoided some falls because the space is so small there is always something to grab a hold of. But some disadvantages also like days of rain there is not much room to walk around and loosen up a stiff body. Much like everything it has its pro's and con's. PD is the same way too it's all personal perception .
  6. Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    Thank you to all who have taken the time to post so far. I will post some of my craft projects most likely next week. For the past four weeks we have been at the lake but will be "moving" within the next day or two. My DW and I live in our RV so moving is not a huge undertaking but my internet is currently limited here at this campground. One big major project I have accomplished was to dismantle a mobile home that had been damaged by fire on our daughter's property. It did take a lot of time but I did it a little each day or so until finished.
  7. I know that we often come to the forum looking for answers to problems that we as Parkinson's Disease experience, or to offer assistance to those facing the challenges of living with PD. That being said I thought it would be a good idea to focus at least one thread on things that we can do, instead of those things we are challenged with. I struggled with this topic for a few days before posting it, because I don't like to brag or pat myself on the back. But if we all would share some of the things we have done post diagnosis it may give hope to those just beginning on the journey of PD. I truly think hope and inspiration can be just as powerful for managing PD as the medications we take. So please share your accomplishments .
  8. I had a DATScan a couple of years ago which was deemed as being normal. I like most others can check off PD symptoms going back for years. I moved, was seen by a new set of neurologists. And sent home with C/L after four neurologists spent a hour examining me, with a follow up to a well known MDS a few weeks later. When I asked her about the normal DATScan she laughed and said she trust her experience and the gold standard four symptoms and positive response to C/L. She also stated I should have been diagnosed way before the time I was
  9. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    My experience was not a lack of willingness to diagnose at the VA but a lack of experienced neurologist. Fortunately I moved and ended up going to the Dallas Texas VAMC, they have a team of exceptional neurologist to include a well known MDS. On my first visit to Dallas I was scheduled for an emg by the ALS clinic. The test was performed two weeks later. At the conclusion of the test the neuromuscular specialist said she was pleasantly surprised. But that left another problem of no diagnosis. She left the exam room for a few minutes and returned with three other neurologists, they spent a hour in the room with me. I was sent home with a year supply of c/l. Four weeks later I returned to the MDS who confirmed my diagnosis within the first ten minutes without any hesitation.
  10. vietnam veterans with PD

    Va just linked the chemicals TCE and PCE to PD for Camp Lejeune vets due to water contamination. I was diagnosed at the Dallas VA by an mds there. I served 1994_1998 in the USAF. Served two tours in Saudi during that time. I has a heavy equipment mechanic in the AF. We used Brakleen a chlorinated degreaser all day everyday. Up until late 1994 Brakleen was +90% by volume TCE and +90% PCE from then. Still is even today. I filed for reconsideration just yesterday with VSO, and will be in a senator's office Monday morning.
  11. Hello fellow PWP, I just wanted to let you all know that just within the past few days, the VA has decided that Camp Lejeune veterans are presumed service connection because of TCE, PCE, and VC water contaminants. This is good for us all because the VA will now kick in more research dollars hopefully.
  12. Environmental exsposures

    Dr. Okun, First I would like to say thank you for all your efforts and the time you spend helping PD patients. I have recently been diagnosed with PD, a brief summary of medical record is as follows: According to the medical record, he initially began having some issues with his right upper extremity about 2 or perhaps 3 years ago. He began experiencing some intermittent and predominantly resting tremor of his right arm and hand. In October 2014, tremor in the right upper extremity apparently worsened. Around that time, he also began having some difficulties with the use of his right leg stating that it was dragging and that he started having gait disturbance. Testing done: cranial MRI as well as a cervical MRI lumbar puncture and spinal fluid analysis which was unremarkable as well. Normal Lyme titer, HIV, HTLV, gad 65, AMA, rheumatoid factor He underwent some nerve conduction/EMG studies -- had denervation one muscle; the assessment was that he possibly had a motor neuron disease. He also underwent some pulmonary function testing which were felt to be abnormal and consistent with a diagnosis of motor neuron disease. EMG nerve conduction study test done by Dr. Marder December 2015 : Normal EMG without evidence of chronic or active neuromuscular process at this time. Dr. Marder also suggested starting the patient on carbidopa?levodopa. Today, he is currently on carbidopa?levodopa 1 tablet 3 times a day; according to him, his symptoms improved by about 80%--- he has now decreased tremor, decreased shortness of breath, better ambulation and balance, improved facial expression and speech. Assessment: 1) Parkinson's disease-he has the typical resting tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia with asymmetry and with significant response to a dopamine agent - carbidopa?levodopa. for the early morning stiffness and tremor, add carbidopa?levodopa 50?200 CR 1 tablet at bedtime. Return to clinic in 3 months. Now here is my question. I have no known family history of PD, I am 41 years old. While in service I served in the Gulf War Theater. While there I had an extensive exposures to numerous pesticides. As per the Research Advisory Committee 2008 report, these consisted of Organophosphates, Organochlorines, and Carbamates. Also during my service I was a civilian equivalent of a heavy equipment repair technician. In this job field we used aerosol solvent degreaser's heavily on a daily bases. As per Material Safety Data Sheets for these solvents during that time the main ingredients where TCE and/or PCE. This time frame was 1994-1998. In your opinion is my exposures, at least as likely as not, or greater than 50%, a contributory factor in the subsequent development of Parkinson's Disease. Thank You, Kevin Wilkinson.
  13. She Said Psychogenic and I Shouted.

    Been there done that myself, my wife jumped between me and the first neurologist when he told me it wasn't pd because it never starts on one side. I receive all of my care at the va, which doesn't leave a lot of options for seeing different doctors. After a year and a half, I moved. This took me to a different va. Second visit at the Dallas va, I was sent home with a trial of sinemet and a follow up with the mds there, got home realized the prescription had a years worth of refills. Took my first pill the following morning and new finally an answer. Saw the mds at the follow up and she was like what took you so long to get here,lol. So find a mds. And let all of us know if we can help.
  14. VASRD

    Another thought which applies to me is TCE,PERC,and ccl4 appears to be another route to service connect besides pesticides. These three chemicals are the top three according to research in the solvent area. These three are also the top three in brake clean. Which as equipment technician I used almost daily.
  15. VASRD

    I researched a lot of appeal cases yesterday. For the most part. The best way to service connect pd is va mds state more than likely not your condition is service connected. The second part of that is the mds also has to give a creditable rationale behind the statement. My first claim was denied which was filed by a vso. That was prior to diagnosis. Now I am getting things ready to reopen based on new evidence ie diagnosis. I am planning on taking the research along with exposure statement. I have tried to use research posted by the government. In gathering your research also try to make sure you list the researchers credentials. Good luck, Kevin