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  1. waruna01

    DBS Course

    For anyone interested https://www.dbscourse.com/
  2. waruna01

    I think I have parkinsons

    If your smell is still good, I would not worry about Parkinson’s.
  3. waruna01

    Young onset PD testing

    If your smell is still good, you can smell coffee, banana from a distance, most probably what you have may not be PD given you also didn’t respond well to levodopa. Smell is a good sign to tell your brain neurons are still very healthy. pD symptoms usually appear years after smell is gone
  4. waruna01

    I think I have parkinsons

    If your smell is still good, I would rule out Parkinson’s myself. I would not go with a Sinemet trial unless your md is 99% sure you have PD but this doesn’t sound like Parkinson’s at all even remotely
  5. waruna01

    Does this look like a PD Tremor?

    Stop thinking about if it’s not causing you any problems. It will probably go away. If you go shopping for a diagnosis, your doctor will be happy to give you one.
  6. waruna01

    Does this look like a PD Tremor?

    Seems more like a nervous/anxiety type tremor to me
  7. waruna01

    Father with PD coping with alcohol

    Alcohol will likely aggravate PD progression. Alcohol affects digestion and PD is very closely related and might even result from poor digestion in the gut according to new studies. Keep gut healthy. Probiotics type foods might help. Thripala , wonderful fruit herb, also improves digestion.
  8. waruna01

    Nutrition interventions

    Add a teaspoon of thripala for healthy digestion at night. Mix with hot water. It can work wonders
  9. waruna01

    DBS and Lithotripsy

    I would ask dr okun in the forum
  10. waruna01

    Need help, Hate knowing its Parkinsons

    Two herbs that I can recommend in addition to exercise would be thripala and ashwaghanda. They are excellent brain tonics.thripala will also improve digestion
  11. waruna01

    Tongue Biting After DBS

    It might be dbs induced subtle form of dyskinesia. Better see your programmer. If it doesn’t improve, see an expert programmer like Sierra Farris Denver or Pam at UF Florida medical center
  12. waruna01

    Parkinson's Disease & Dementia

    i think its crucial when diagnosed with PD that one takes care of remaining healthy brain cells. exercise is your best friend. drastically cut down or eliminate sugar intake. eat brain healthy foods such as blue berries. take your vit d. Herbs I recommend include thripala, ashwaghanda, Shankhpushpi, brahmi. Take them in moderation while rotating them. These are ancient ayurvedic herbs for healthy brain cells.
  13. waruna01

    27 Male Frightened of YOPD.

    You might be setting a record getting Parkinson’s at 27. Majority of people get Parkinson’s mind age in 50s. Relax, what you have is not Parkinson’s. Stop diagnosing things from internet. Similar thread to read.
  14. waruna01

    Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Most people can do better with Sinemet only.
  15. waruna01

    dbs overstimulation and is explosion possible

    Looks like your leads are either suboptimally placed or your device is suboptimally programmed. You should visit a expert dbs troubleshooting clinic like Sierra Farris in Denver or UF Florida center with Dr okun and Pam. Dbs shouldn’t act like that. Not normal at all.