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  1. How good is your smell? Can you smell a banana? Coffee? If your smell is also diminished, I would suspect PD and get a diagnosis. If not, please relax for now until you get more debilitating symptoms
  2. waruna01

    Voice weakness

    Get a second opinion from someone like Sierra Farris if you are not satisfied with DBS results. It’s well worth it
  3. waruna01


    I believe Dr okun said in this forum that melatonin can actually make sleep problems worse.
  4. waruna01

    Generic Azilect price

    What is the cheapest price 30 day supply?
  5. waruna01


    Going to sleep and waking up at the same time is a good habit. Caveat, you have to wake up even if you don’t get much sleep at your designated time and follow the same principal for sleeping time. Sleep at the same time whatever other priorities you may have.
  6. waruna01

    Impulsive Disorder/Pathologica Gambling

    Azilect is not an agonist but can induce similar effects. They are all sensitize dopamine levels
  7. waruna01

    Impulsive Disorder/Pathologica Gambling

    Dopamine agonist such requip , azilect can also cause this. Too much dopamine is not good
  8. waruna01


    Some people are born that way and it’s not Parkinson’s. Some people’s brains are passive during day time and very active especially at night. There is lot of mental chatter that happens at night. People decode messages, learn new lessons especially at night from problems encountered during day. It’s a good thing. If you try to treat, you only going to agitate it. Accept it and move on.
  9. waruna01

    Swedish Hospital

    You can also get a good second opinion from this facility if DBS is truly right for you. Sometimes it is not and people jump into DBS out of desperation and end up making things worse. DBS can cause major issues with speech which can take a big toll on your social life as you find itdifficult to communicate https://www.centerformovement.org/sierra-farris/
  10. waruna01

    Generic Azilect price

    What is the cheapest generic azilect price for 30 day supply? Has the price come down lately?
  11. waruna01

    Swedish Hospital

    Have you been on sinemet? If so, that should be your 1st
  12. waruna01

    Swedish Hospital

    First you should get an expert diagnosis from a neurologist. You can’t self diagnose Parkinson’s. Dr Monique and Sierra are good team. You are in good hands if you use Swedish Denver as Sierra will be with you during surgery. UF Florida Gainesville is also good with Dr Okun and Pam as programmer.
  13. waruna01

    Swedish Hospital

    You may be jumping on DBS bandwagon too soon. Did you get an official Parkinson’s diagnosis? Normally people can go at least 10 years with Parkinson’s meds alone before their quality of life is affected to some extent so they explore DBS as an option. DBS have its own setbacks so it must be done at the right time in order for it to be worth it. If not, it may make things worse. Swedish Medical center in Denver Colander is excellent since they have a good team and an excellent DBS programmer called Sierra Farris. I don’t know about the one in Seattle.
  14. waruna01

    DBS Course

  15. This is hard but if you could use your situation to gain something very positive in life, a new identity, a new you, that you like more than the previous you. Make it a blessing in disguise whatever the situation is whether you truly have Parkinson’s or not. Something very positive in life that would not have happened had the diagnosis was not made.