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  1. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Sierra Farris MDS clinic in Denver or UF Dr Okuns Group is also very good. They see many PD patients from across the country
  2. Hallusinations

    All Pd meds that affects dopamine levels in the body can cause hallucinations, abnormal thinking including Sinemet, requip, Azilect when taken in excess. Requip, Azilect are more prone to hallucinations
  3. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    If you still have your smell and have PD, I would think it’s still a very positive sign as your PD is likely mild and will progress slowly if you stay positive and don’t let it get to your hear. I probably wouldn’t go too overboard with PD and depression medication as it might aggravate PD. Go slow and steady with meds only take the lowest possible dose that you need to function. If you can stay off Sinemet with just Azilect for some time, I would think it would be better. Exercise regularly. Eat brain healthy foods. Blueberrys are great. Herbs I recommended might also help. Get your Vitd levels checked too.
  4. Azilect generic price

    Has Azilect generic prices come down? What is the average cost for generic Azilect 30 day supply?
  5. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Mucuna and Ashwaghnda were ancient Ayurvedic meds to treat Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders thousands of years ago. They may work if you can find right combination. You can get Mucuna over the counter. Both herbs have rejuvenating properties on brain cells when used properly and sparingly. Whereas, you need an official Parkinson’s diagnosis to get Sinemet. That can have ramifications as you will have to live with that diagnosis. If you have issues with digestion, bloating is a warning sign, you are more prone neurological disorders like Parkinson’s. Eat healthy foods. Hot water helps digestion. You could make a habit to drink warm water if you can. Thripala is also helps digestion when taken at night. It’s a great herb for Parkinson’s patients to take as it also helps constipation
  6. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    It went away. I convinced myself I wouldn’t worry about Parkinson’s until I have my smell. If you go shopping for a Parkinson’s diagnosis, eventually one doctor will diagnose you with PD. Parkinson’s diagnosis is still not cut and dry like a HIV test. There is no right or wrong diagnosis at first. Parkinson’s diagnosis only becomes accurate as years go by. That is why most MDs don’t start you off with Sinemet right away. They usually prescribe Azilect or requip before prescribing Sinemet as others mentioned here. You got plenty of time to prove your self otherwise as you only get diagnosed once in your life. Wouldnt you rather diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 50 rather than 40? There is no harm proving yourself otherwise if you can still function properly without meds. You can always use Mucuna if you don’t have Sinemet. If what you have is indeed Parkinson’s, it will slowly surface as years go by and will likely need Sinemet as it is more potent than Mucuna and contains carbidopa that helps deliver dopamine directly to brain instantly . Mucuna doesn’t have that. It needs to go through normal food channels into the brain. Its natural so It’s much slower. You need higher doses to get same effect.
  7. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    If I were you, I probably wouldn’t have even worried about Parkinson’s until my smell was significantly diminished. There is no point in a forced Parkinson’s diagnosis. It’s only going to make things worse. It will affect your health and life insurance and family life decisions. More years you can go without an official diagnosis is better in my opinion . Unless of course your symptoms are crushing in which case you may need meds but then you probably won’t need a dat scan in the first place to tell if you have Parkinson’s. When Parkinson’s is being judged by a DAT scan, I highly believe Parkinson’s diagnosis is premature. Given you are still very young, have not lost your smell or have constipation which are classic very early Parkinson’s symptoms that takes place years before Parkinson’s symptoms appear , I probably would have waited few more years before jumping into conclusions. Your anxiety will significantly go down when you take some time off and spend some time with your family is Australia
  8. Tremors only -- could it be YOPD?

    you now have a good motiviation to start exercising - NOT get Parkingons's in the first place. Be sure to eat brain healthy foods. Blue berries are great choice
  9. Sexual dysfunction

    Shatavari is a great female libido booster. It can be combined with Ashwaghanda to boost its effects. Macca, butea superba, xanthoparmila, Ashwaghnda, pine pollen, tongkat ali, muira puama, cnidium, cistanche, katuba bark are all natural herbs to boost male libido
  10. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Iam not sure if your antidepressants will help much at this point as your depression and anxiety is likely related PD diagnosis. Normally antidepressants are prescribed at later stages of PD. Not during initial diagnosis. Did you get it confirmed by a DAT scan? PD and taking Sinemet at 40 is bit rare. Even if it is PD, at 40, you should be able to continue few years without needing Sinemet with something like requip or Azilect if what you have is indeed Parkinson’s. Anxiety can can mimic many PD symptoms and Sinemet will likely help as it elevates dopamine levels in the body. Did you get your diagnosis when you were already anxious about PD? If so, I would get a second opinion after your anxiety subsides. You can’t make a good PD diagnosis when anxiety is mimicking PD symptoms. Can you function normally without needing Sinemet when you are completely free of anxiety and depression? A long vacation to another country might help you to get over the anxiety cycle and relax. Then only you can make a proper judgment about yourself when you are not worrying about yourself. You can work with your doctor to wean off all meds and go med free for about month or two.
  11. Tremors only -- could it be YOPD?

    If your smell is still there, you can smell a banana, cofee, I would rule out PArkinsons. Loss of smell is a classic PD symptom that happens years before tremors and rigidly comes. It will save you an expensive doctor visit. There is absolutely no benefit of an early Parkinson’s diagnosis. Dont go looking for Parkinson’s on the internet. Internet will always prove what you believe is right. You do however need to work on your depression and perhaps work toward a goal to be free of anti depressants if you can. Exercise is an excellent antidepressant and will likely cut your chances with Parkinson’s or alzimers and other neurological disorders. I also recommend Ashwaghnda, it’s a very effective adaptagen
  12. Azilect generic price

    Good to know. Do you anticipate the Azilect generic price to fall as much as generic Sinemet in the next year or so?
  13. What are some common methods to increase energy?
  14. Those diagnosed over 60 and their experiences

    Perhaps get him an alarm system that alerts if falls? They give out keychains. Getting a lower level apartment also helps. Falls are major issue with PD especially in later stages. Can he move closer to you?
  15. Dad newly diagnosed

    I would recommend that he start taking brain healthy foods, music, family time, de stress, exercise to delay taking PD meds for long as possible. Ashwaghnda,and mucuna are great herbs that mimic natural dopamine which might help him delaying PD meds. Also recommend thripala which is also helps constipation.Delaying meds may help him avoid dyskinesia induced by meds which happens after taking Pd meds for several years.
  16. what do you do for fatigue

    Your loss of Sinemet might be partly to blame. Dbs works best with Sinemet at a low dose
  17. Energy

    What are some common methods to boost energy levels in PD patients?
  18. Constipation

    Are there any ways to surgically alleviate PD related constipation?
  19. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Since you were diagnosed at a young age, your decease will,progress slowly if it is in fact PD. Remember to exercise regularly, keep stress under control. Ashwaghnda and shankhpushpi are also good herbal brain tonics to keep use every few months interchangeably. You can also try mucuna, which is natural dopamine. Some substitute it for Sinemet
  20. 23 year old female worried about PD

    Most people only have PD symptoms on one side and it some times takes decades for Parkinson’s to develop on other side. Also note that more you keep reading about Parkinson’s, even reading this forum, more you will think you have it. You are way to young to get Parkinson’s. 23 is not an age you should worrying about Parkinson’s. Go live your life. I recommend you curtail your internet usage until your anxiety cools off. Try going off internet for a month or two and interact with real people instead. You will be surprised how much anxiety is tied to internet use
  21. 23 year old female worried about PD

    Also try out some Ashwaghnda. It might help you with your anxiety issues
  22. 23 year old female worried about PD

    Do you still have your smell? Can you smell a banana, cofee etc? If yes, chances of you having PD at this age is virtually none. Good thing is you became aware of PD at a young age so you can take steps to prevent it later on by exercising regularly, eating brain healthy foods etc etc.
  23. Newest DBS system st Jude's

    It takes few years to get dbs settings optimized provided they implanted leads with millimeter precision. Don’t make any judgements until at least 6 moths. Go to an expert programmer like Sierra Farris in Denver if side effects worsen