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  1. Just diagnosed at age 40

    Look into exercising that has gentle stretches. Sometimes being so tight can be painful. Ask the doctor formun would be good too. You may benefit from physical therapy. I do a program called PWR (www.pwr4life.org )Physical therapists and athletic trainers are certified in it. keep moving!!! LAD
  2. Just got the news 😕

    I do take an anti depressants/,anxiety but not that one
  3. Great Club

    You are doing the right stuff!! Keep it up! where are you located? LAD
  4. Good morning!!

    my favorite part of Christmas- our nativity ... we add a piece each year. One year my son hid baby Jesus so well we found him by New Years!! LAF
  5. Just got the news 😕

    It is a process. Anger is part of it but so is accepting, adapting & adjusting. If you exercise and get a good MDS, PD symptoms can be managed. Exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself - find something you love to do- exercise with your family. My husband and I started Dance lessons when my MDS recommended it. We've been dancing for 3, years. I also do a program called PWR...www.pwr4life.org. PD is not for wimps so choose to fight it. Be present in your life. Don't worry about what may or may not happen. Everyone is different. Your mindset is part of the battle every day. Eat ice cream for breakfast with your kids. Keep a journal-it's a great way to vent. You will look back and see how far you've come. LAD
  6. Rasagiline and other drugs

    I take selegilne which is similar to azalect - not sure of the difference but I'm doing well. I also take an agonist and I'm fine on that too. Everyone is different - keep exercising that's a gamechanget. good luck LAD
  7. Good morning!!

    Prayers to you Dianne.... LAD
  8. had not put a good quote up in awhile
  9. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    People with Parkinson's
  10. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    You will be ok. It's a process..you will get there....life will be different but it can still be great. Be present...don't worry about things that haven't happened or will happen. Your mindset is a big part of the fight and it's a fight. If you don't exercise regularly-get started. That's just as important as medicine! LAD
  11. nutrition

    www.pdonthemove.com looks like a good informative site LAD
  12. Good morning!!

    Yes JB - I am quite ADHD - my son gets it from me. Glad you all are well. I made biscotti cookies and they got a bit crunchy -my mom told me I need a new oven! I did get an error code for temperature out of range so my 350 could have been 500! They are good in coffee or wine. Happy Friday!! We lift each other up!!! LAD
  13. Good morning!!

    Good morning gang... it's been too quiet. Maybe it was the turkey. I hope these next few weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas bring you all joy & hope. Peace- LAD
  14. Post in the ask the doctor forum on this site. They may be able to give you some feedback. LAD
  15. Good morning!!

    I couldn't do a pull-up if I tried for days!