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  1. LAD

    Welcome to the club

    Parkinson’s is a word...not a sentence. I intend to have many Screw PD moments and to kick some PD ass for a very long time. (I am with Stump!) LAD
  2. LAD

    Good morning!!

    I feel like my good morning gang are my go to gang..... I know some of you may have read my blog .... any thoughts?! I’m hoping I help someone somewhere. LAD
  3. LAD

    A journal became a blog

    Wow...thank you! I hope I get feedback from everyone! LAD
  4. What started as a journal became a blog...DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING LAD https://ladpdjourney2.wordpress.com/
  5. LAD

    Welcome to the club

    You have come a long way. You’ve educated yourself and are ahead of most people in your shoes! Michael J. Fox..... Acceptance doesn't mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there's got to be a way through it. stay strong & stay hopeful!! LAD
  6. LAD

    Good morning!!

    My son & his girlfriend did a duet..enjoy!! LAD
  7. I got an 18!! Meds were worn off ....exercised in the waiting room since I was the last patient and my doc was running behind ! LAD
  8. I agree..., take a breath.... one step at a time with an MDS. LAD
  9. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Prayers to your family! Stay strong & stay hopeful!! Lori
  10. LAD

    Trekking pole walking

    Sure.... I will bring them...see you Monday
  11. LAD

    Trekking pole walking

    Guessing you could use ski poles but trekking poles are adjustable and have flat feet. Try what you have & see. LAD
  12. LAD

    Trekking pole walking

    I have started pole walking. It’s quite challenging. It’s a coordination workout with cardio. It also helps your balance, posture & gait. Try it!!! LAD
  13. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Hang in there in...try to stretch those muscles and keep moving my friend! LAD
  14. LAD

    Welcome to the club

    Well on the bright side - he’s being thorough. Not rushing into a diagnosis. I go for my yearly follow up tomorrow. Be patient...you’ll get your answers! LAD
  15. LAD

    Good morning!!

    https://ladpdjourney2.wordpress.com/ new post if anyone is interested....Happy Monday!! LAD