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  1. Boy am I new to this

    Nice! Happy to see you are doing well and encouraging others! LAD
  2. Boy am I new to this

    I do the PWR program.... love it
  3. Good morning!!

    Not sure if you all are a FB crowd but here is a link to the PD exercise program my friend/trainer and I started....I'm winning today! LAD
  4. Good morning!!

    I helped my dance instructor with a Harvest Moon Dance at a senior living community...I was terrified but it was great.....I met a Vet from WWII who was almost 100 and wore red dance shoes and was bustin a move....I danced with a couple little ladies in their wheelchairs and took selfies with all of them....one guy couldn't figure out how he could see himself in my camera. I didn't get paid but I got lots of hugs and "God Bless You"'s so I'm guessing I'm earning my way to heaven:) Good day all! LAD
  5. Boy am I new to this

    Ditto to all of the above. Exercise is one thing everyone agrees is beneficial. I kept a journal in the beginning to help sort out how I was tolerating meds. An MDS you like and trust is important as well. Keep moving! LAD
  6. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    Not the best and not sure why others of my son come in as well. We are going to a wedding this weekend so maybe I'll get a good one
  7. traveling with pd

    We love live music and will dance anywhere we find a spot. We tend to make our own dance floor if we need one. LAD
  8. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    MusicMan- My friend and I saw Beautiful The Carole King Story on Broadway....excellent...see it if you get the opportunity. I never knew she wrote for so many other artists before making it as a singer on her own. Music and dancing have been a major tools in my toolbox. My husband and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons for over two years now. I honestly forget I have PD when we are busting a move. Dance like noone is watching folks! LAD
  9. Nupro patch vs mirapex

    Absolutely. I have already done a few but they did not involve any medicine. They were observational only. One is long term - once a year. Honestly, I think my exercise regimen is just as important in mangaging my symptoms as my meds. LAD
  10. Vertigo after Cruise Vacation

    My mother in law had some sort of crystal imbalance in her inner ear. You can google inner ear crystal vertigo. LAD
  11. traveling with pd

    Glad to hear it went well Noah! Grand Canyon is on my list! I think there's a trip to Nashville first - do some dancing!! LAD
  12. Good morning!!

    109.....maybe there's something to be said about sticking to the basics and as my kids say "Old school." I'm gussing Alice also wrote traditional thank you notes too. I make my kids do, despite all the protests that an email is easier. Peace to your mom.... LAD
  13. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    sent you a PM
  14. Nupro patch vs mirapex

    My MDS said the same thing when I talked with her about the trial. Have a good day. LAD
  15. Fit as a fiddle- nice!