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  1. LAD

    Good morning!!

    πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™to all on these challenging days
  2. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Yes it was a picture. He just did a video submission so once that is over I'll post it. LAD
  3. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Yes it was a picture. He just did a video submission so once that is over I'll post it. LAD
  4. LAD

    Good morning!!

    No it was in Baltimore. I know he's from the Portland area. I would love to go to one of his retreats. LAD
  5. LAD

    Good morning!!

    I went to a PD symposium and got to meet Brian Grant..it was a game changer when I read his story after my DX ...he was a great speaker! Yes I am little but he is a big dude! LAD
  6. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Which performance? My YouTube links are private right now. I will change them back in a few weeks.
  7. LAD


    My dr taught me to completely exhale out your mouth .... Deep breath in .... Exhale through your mouth like you are exhaling through a straw... It slows your addrenaline...I also have stickers all over reminding me to do it LAD
  8. LAD

    Anxiety causing tremors and off time

    Yep.... I tremor when I am upset or cold. Anxiety is an often overlooked symptom of PD. I do the same with breathing and talking to myself. I also exercise when it happens. I do try to do breathing exercises all throughout the day LAD
  9. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Jb-I use the microphone on my phone when my fingers don't cooperate. Lots of us have been "off" in our class. I think it's the weather! πŸ™πŸ™ to all posting to my blog tonight if anyone wants to check it out LAD
  10. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Since you all enjoy my son on stage... yes ... the one in the front with the beard...this would be Bitsy Bontana & the Garden Guild LAD
  11. I may have posted this before... sorry. I was using it in my blog and felt the need to post it. LAD
  12. LAD

    I think I have parkinsons

    That's unfortunate... I guess I am lucky... I have had good experiences.
  13. LAD

    I think I have parkinsons

    Try to see an MDS --- movement disorder specialist --they know PD LAD
  14. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Happy Easter to all! We had an empty nest so we took a road trip. Went to mass outside at OUR LADY OF LOURDES GROTTO in Emmitsburg MD. Quite lovely. I could not be home on Easter morning without any of my boys😩 LAD