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  1. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Ok so I said I would share my son’s video when the competition was over so here is one of his traditions songs.... LAD
  2. LAD

    Good morning!!

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ in!!! You got this! LAD
  3. LAD

    Bible Verses....

  4. LAD

    Good morning!!

    https://ladpdjourney2.wordpress.com/ final post to end Parkinson's AWARENESS month LAD
  5. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Jb49....πŸ™ And thoughts are with you! PWP are some of the bravest people I know....stay strong stay hopeful! LAD
  6. LAD

    Pain in hip

    Tightness in my hips is painful. Stretching helps, LAD
  7. Keep exercising.... look up neuroplasticity.... exercises for your brain with physical exercises... Exercise is like medicine to me... welcome...life's going to be different but it can still be great!!! LAD
  8. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Chasing that dream! He better remember his mom when he gets To broadway
  9. LAD

    Now I know the enemy

    You seem like you have a great attitude & mindset which is important...hold onto it! You are absolutely correct in educating yourself but not go down the rabbit hole of doom & gloom. Start exercising if you don't already! There are lots of options...find one that works for you! Welcome to the forum! LAD
  10. You are doing all the right things. Keep a journal to see what may be triggers for you and if your are comfortable with them...share it with your doctors especially your psychologist. I had to try a few different meds before I got the right combination that works for me. My psychologist also taught me breathing techniques to help me. I have green stickers all over my house to remind me to breathe. You will get there. LAD
  11. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Here is a clip from a cabaret at a local restaurant... LAD
  12. LAD

    Good morning!!

    jb49- I will add you to my morning prayers- especially next Tuesday. One of my classmates just had DBS this week. Sent the class some pictures...he seemed great in a remarkable short time! πŸ™πŸ™ LAD
  13. LAD

    Tremor when nervous?

    I chew gum. I think it helps 😊 LAD
  14. LAD

    This & that!

    Yes you do. Maybe I can help you get started. We can talk about it via messenger. LAD