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  1. This & that!

    Thanks ! I'm going to order the first one.
  2. This & that!

    Has anyone read Lucky Man by MIchael J Fox (that was his first book I believe)....I think I got his 2nd book for Christmas and it's good but I feel like I should read them in order. Thoughts? LAD
  3. speech therapy

    LSVT is supposed to be good
  4. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Keep a journal.... I did that and brought it with me when I saw the psychologist. It helped her see where I was coming from at different times. It's a process and you will get there. Find something you love to do .., dance with your kids.,., it's good for you and them! you are a mom.... kick PD's butt... LAD
  5. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    You may want to post on the ask the doctor or pharmacist forum.... They should be able to guide you in the right direction...I am only speaking from my experience. I think celexa or any anti depressants/anxiety takes a few weeks to be effective. I suffer from anxiety as well. I went to a psychologist for awhile and she taught me breathing techniques that helped. It helped to talk to someone not close to the situation. Keep exercising....TAI CHI is relaxing. And Adam is right...exercise gets that dopamine going! You have choices...you cannot choose to not have PD but you can choose how to respond to it. It's part of who you are now but it does not define you. Be present in your life....eat ice cream for breakfast! Stay strong! Stay hopeful! LAD
  6. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    Not sure if this works but we do DRUMMING in the class I help out in here in York.
  7. Loving Parent

    Try a journal- it helps to write it down. You can express yourself but not feel like you are dumping it on anyone. you may Also want to post in the caretaker forum...you are not her caretaker but you are helping her... LAD
  8. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    Thanks! It is DR. P'!! I did not ask many questions.. He just said....a study with guitar .... and I jumped in! LAD
  9. Loving Parent

    As a parent, it's has to be difficult. Your daughter has a manageable disease-her symptoms can be managed. Exercise is important- you can help her....exercise with her or help out with her kids so she can do it. PD isn't easy. It's a journey we didn't plan on taking but it's ours and it's not a choice. Life is different but it can still be great. My relationships with my family are stronger now than before my PD. Michael J Fox said "family is not an important thing...it's everything." That is so true. It's ok to be sad or mad but don't let that ruin today. Be present and you may find your daughter and you are closer now. peace- LAD
  10. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    I'm hopefully starting a study about PD and guitar in February... fingers crossed!! MusicMan - I'll keep you posted! LAD
  11. This & that!

    I'm enjoying the book. It hits home sometimes and I find myself crying. Not sad but emotional. LAD
  12. Good morning!!

    My son said the later half of the new Star Wars movie was better than the beginning!
  13. This & that!

    I wish I had more time to read it!
  14. Summer adventure season starting

    Booked the next bucketlist trip.... seeking out live music in Nashville for a few days! LAD
  15. Early PD and vigorous exercise

    All exercise is beneficial...you have to know what you can do...if someone hasn't exercised regularly it's not going to be easy to start a vigorous exercise program. You don't want to get discouraged. Find something you love to do - it makes it easier to stick with it. I'm not an expert...just my experience so far... Keep moving!! LAD