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Everything posted by LAD

  1. Summer adventure season starting

    Nice! It's t-minus 1 for our family trip to London. Stay tuned! LAD
  2. Anxiety/Tremor Help

    Try some breathing techniques- there are lots out there. Also, relaxing music/ meditation helps me relax at night....put on a sleep timer. http://www.anxieties.com/57/panic-step4#.WcMs5-v3arU one site with breathing techniques LAD
  3. Diagnosed 6 months ago at the age of 52

    It's a process. Life will be different but it can still be great. It is overwhelming and scary at first but you will be ok. I did a journal early in my diagnosis-it helps to just write it down, type or voice record. Looking back at my journal I have come a long way since my DX 3 years ago. You will get there. As Dave said... Exercise... Find something you love to do. If you & your husband like to dance, I highly recommend it. Keep moving and dance like no one is watching! Peace- LAD
  4. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Ella-do the happy dance and do what works for you! I do have anxiety- it's my primary trigger for tremors! And it is very real with PD. And often overlooked. I exercise when I'm having a bad day! It helps me to manage it. So....PD or not ... Keep moving!! LAD
  5. Good morning!!

    I saw my son at college this weekend! We brought him his passport for our upcoming trip. I pray he gets to where he is to meet us to fly together. The whole terrorist bombing in London has made me nervous but my son said "we are going...if we don't go...they win..." Happy monday to all!!! LAD
  6. Lots of good stuff in here and you can go online and order the book for free. There is a whole page on stretching. LAD
  7. Summer adventure season starting

  8. Opinions on diagnosis

    My left shoulder was an early issue for me. I would request a DAT scan. Was the neurologist an MDS? That is pretty important as well. Good luck! LAD
  9. Balance

    You can get the videos on YouTube. They do have a book you can order and you can try to find a certified therapist or instructor in your area using the website. https://m.youtube.com/user/exercise4brainchange http://www.pwr4life.org/professional-directory/ LAD
  10. Good morning!!

    Hope all is well! I'm at a conference with my hubby so I'm in my own during the day to explore. The hotel is huge and I've gotten lost trying to find our room twice but I'm getting my steps in every day! I'm learning everyone gets lost so it's not just me! Lol happy Wednesday! LAD
  11. Balance

    Noah- look into www.pwr4life.org...it's a PD specific fitness training program developed by Becky Farley who pioneered the Big & loud program. It builds on the fundamental stuff you learned- at least I think it does. I use it but I never did the B&L program. LAD
  12. Find something you love to do..... Whatever it is incorporate other things... If it's walking, look around and say the colors of what you see or walk with a ball in your hand and switch it from one hand to the other... Exercise your brain too!! As Patriot said just keep moving! LAD
  13. Found this...love it
  14. https://www.michaeljfox.org/foundation/news-detail.php?the-new-prescription-for-parkinson-puttering&os_cid=fb-a30U0000000OXR2&s_src=MJFFfb&s_subsrc=puttering_3.11 exercise !!!!
  15. Good morning!!

    Dianne- my prayers are also with you and your family. I tell my boys all the time that if I did not have my faith foundation, I would not have made it through this far. Lad
  16. traveling with pd

    Yes with prescriptions on the bottle. I kept mine in a clear plastic Baggie in my carry on
  17. Good morning!!

    Happy Friday to all! Jb- you won't be down for long...it's not your style! We are here to pick you up! Be well! LAD
  18. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Exercise is just as important as any meds! It's one thing everyone agrees is beneficial for PD! I was prescribed an anti depressant for anxiety and sleep. I do sleep better now. I also do relaxation exercises in bed....breathing and yoga type music. Hopefully you will see an MDS and get things sorted out. LAD
  19. New here

    You should be able to Just tap the envelope by your profile picture. I think I was just replying to you😀
  20. traveling with pd

    Noah- hope all is well.... Take meds in prescription bottles only- don't separate them. go on TSA website and print out medical condition card- I'm hoping I can use it to avoid taking off my shoes in security Happy travels!! LAD
  21. Good morning!!

    Thanks! Nice to know there are kind & tolerant TSA agents! They have a tough job. LAD
  22. Still fighting for a diagnosis!

    Megse & Lee- welcome! If your symptoms were interfering with what you wanted to do and the meds have restored your lifestyle-go for it! Live life and embrace your slow progression. I was DX almost three years ago at age 46 and I have had very little progression. I do a PD specific fitness program and I do take meds but the exercise is just as important as any meds I take. I also take dance lessons with my husband - it's one good thing that has come out of this PD journey. Good luck... LAD
  23. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    Music definitely helps with gait & freezing.
  24. Good morning!!

    Thank you all! Has anyone ever used the medical form on TSA website? I'm hoping I won't have to take off my shoes. I get nervous when I'm not going fast enough for everyone around me.... guess I'll just do my thing and All my boys will take care of good ol mom? My meds will be strapped across me in my bag!! They don't leave my sight! pathfinder- hope your DH gets to feeling better soon! LAD
  25. Good morning!!

    Greetings all! My anxiety is coming out in full force since a family trip is The trip is well planned and we will all be together so It's a completely irrational response to the situation. I know it but I can't stop it....my symptoms are much worse and it is making me so mad!! Well, I will fight through it because I'm going to travel now and enjoy my family-PD won't win this one. I will be symptomatic but I will keep going! Keep enjoying the weekend! LAD