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  1. Love the last part! i also love when someone says "well you look great..." I just laugh and ask " am I supposed to look like crap?" It usually lightens the mood. and attitude is everything, you're right! LAD
  2. I look like I'm having a seizure when I get cold⛄️❄️ On the bright side... I am an avid PITT football ball fan so now we had to get club seats so I can get out of the cold 😎
  3. No I don't have the button but I loved what it said ! Have a good weekend everyone!
  4. I had some depression if you say a daily cry qualifies..,,but I got major anxiety. I was put on a low dose of remeron at night to help me sleep and I needed to gain weight (I lost 15 in my medical limbo). I have tried to go off of it but my dr asked" why are trying to break something that is working for you?" I also believe in the whole mindfulness-tai chi aspect of treating the PD. And exercise!! Good luck!
  5. Thanks! Funny thing... I gave up FB for Lent and decided to try to reach out to others who may be where I was 2 years ago by posting in the forum. It has ended up helping me. Don't get me wrong. I'm not all sunshine and roses. There are times when I get downright pissed. But quitting just isn't an option for any of us! LAD
  6. Found it
  7. sorry-had to do it! Made me laugh out loud!
  8. I guess I am fortunate to be doing well on my meds and my MDS started me on small doses of everything. But I am a firm believer in the exercise part of things. I probably had PD for 2 years before my DX but exercise held it at bay. Exercise is medicine for PD. LAD
  9. Can't hurt to try some
  10. I take the agonist mirapex. I have not had any problems with it. I'm exercising as well. I have not needed a dopamine replacement so far. My MDS says when PD changes the way you live your life, it's time to revisit your meds. LAD
  11. I agree with all of the above. Get a good MDS. Make a list of questions. I had 3 months of medical limbo before I had a DAT scan to confirm my DX. You will be ok ether way. Just take it one day at a time. I saw a psychologist to help me. She taught me breathing exercises and just let me cry if I needed it and set me straight when I needed it too! good luck and glad you found this forum! LAD
  12. I have learned I am not the girl for the ER but I'm good with dr visits and follow ups. So, the many family members that are local will be backup! I'm half Italian so I have lots of them! Thanks for the encouragement! LAD
  13. As a young onset person with PD, I have had to help my parents with medical issues recently. I work to have my anxiety not take over when I need to be the daughter and help my parent. So far so good but do I trust myself?
  14. You go papa57! You made my day! Keep fighting - one day at a time! But I am sorry you were having a "bad" day, LAD
  15. Thsnks JB! I often though of starting a blog of my journey. For now, the forum works! Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my PD journey. My friend and trainer is getting certified in Parkinson wellness recovery. I get to go and participate in the workshop training by being a patient. I may not come out alive. Officially certified, we will launch our new program! Fingers crossed we can help others in there fight against PD! LAD
  16. So, had to go back to the ER with my mom in the early AM. I had taken my Miripex 2 hours prior. I got to the ER and saw my mom and ran out of the room. I am known for fainting with medical stuff and I knew I was going down. My BP tanked really fast. I guess my BP must go low when I sleep. Who knew? They threw me on a guerney and put me in the room next to my mom. It was quite comical actually. Mom was sending my dad over to check on me and I was sending my husband to check on her. They tilted the bed and I was fine. I go back in to see my mom and the same thing happens. I literally made my husband run out of the ER with me because I knew I had to get out or they were going to not let me go. I was fine in the fresh air. Moral of the story...I am not your girl for ER situations. Anyway, I never fainted and through it all....not one tremor. My mom was sent home and I escaped:) Happy Friday! LAD
  17. Thank you all for this thread. There are so many negative ones out there. I get that PD is difficult and quite frankly it sucks but it's the hand we've been dealt. You choose to play it or fold. Folding is not an option for me. Thank you all for being "players", encouraging each other and allowing me to be part of it. LAD
  18. Serenity Now- hope all is well!
  19. Chief2 - hope you are adjusting and adapting.
  20. We got through the latest health issue and I was able to do what I needed to do for my mom. I guess something just kicks in and you do what you gottta do:)
  21. I don't have the shirt just the picture This thread is great- did you all see my post about taking care of parents? Love your thoughts! LAD
  22. Thank you. I don't take sinemet yet. I take an agonist. My dr also let's me tweak my meds. I will look into taking an extra immediate release.