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Everything posted by LAD

  1. Good morning!!

    I'll take spring !!
  2. Early PD and vigorous exercise

    Papa57- you may get knocked down 9 times but you will get up 10.....maybe a bit slower but you will keep getting up !!!! LAD
  3. Good morning!!

    JB...you are right about having a strong family structure... "Family is not an important thing. It's everything." Michael J. Fox LAD
  4. This & that!

    Some days can be difficult but stay hopeful. Find peace, love & joy during the holiday season. Peace- LAD
  5. Freezing when using computer mouse.

    Silversurfer-Please let me know how it goes and if anything works! LAD
  6. Please do not link yourself to MJF and his foundation. It's just ridiculous- you don't even spell his name correctly. LAD
  7. I reported one of his posts to administrator LAD
  8. This & that!

    Thanks Em feel free to add to this thread!!! LAD
  9. This & that!

    stay strong everyone!! LAD
  10. Freezing when using computer mouse.

    Welcome & thanks! I try😊 Saw this online... it's older but maybe worth a read.... also try tapping your fingers...to a beat... http://medialt.no/news/en-US/pc-users-with-parkinsons-disease--tips-for-appropriate-adaptations/576.aspx
  11. Good morning!!

    I got the cold but it's pretty when it's snowing LAD
  12. Freezing when using computer mouse.

    Sometimes if you wiggle your fingers or manipulate something in your non tremor hand, it will settle the tremor . LAD
  13. Good morning!!

    My favorite Christmas present from my sons!! Bottom right picture is me being a nut on the dance floor at our local hangout and waving to the bartender who had my camera! Happy almost Friday! LAD
  14. Good morning!!

    love it! you need to check out the thread I started on "newly diagnosed forum" called "a little something to think about" and the one on "young onset" called " this & that" ...I have tons of quotes! Please add to either thread... I love thought provoking quotes... LAD
  15. Early PD and vigorous exercise

    What's vigorous to you may be different than vigorous to me. Do what you like, get your heart pumping and do it safely. Exercise won't help if you injure yourself. If we keep moving, maybe it won't catch up!!!😉 LAD
  16. NCFred- you can get free information books on the main National Parkinson's foundation Website....lots of good stuff https://secure3.convio.net/prkorg/site/Ecommerce?store_id=2162 LAD
  17. It also depends on if you are interested in getting involved in research. I would think the centers may have more opportunities....you can look into that if that interests you. No right or wrong answer If it's an MDS and you like them. Start exercising if you don't already. Don't get hung up on what's the right way...just do something you like to get moving! LAD
  18. Freezing when using computer mouse.

    Try keeping music with a good beat on while you work if possible
  19. Good morning!!

    We visited during the week - weekends are crazy.
  20. This & that!

    Hopeful reading... my alma mater... if I posted this before, I am sorry. There's new posters out there that may be interested. http://www.pittmed.health.pitt.edu/story/fishing-clarity LAD