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Everything posted by LAD

  1. Good morning!!

    Glad to help! Enjoy the little one! Happy almost Thanksgiving all!!! LAD
  2. Just diagnosed at age 40

    Amy2beth- Be present.... Eat the cake .... Buy the shoes...take the trip ....and my motto- dance like no one is watching!!! Stay strong & stay hopeful!! LAD
  3. Good morning!!

    I have been asssigned pumpkin muffins, breakfast casserole and beer for our thanksgiving celebration. Me ...beer imagine that?! We plan on going to our cabin near the Appalachian trail near Gettysburg. Our oldest will be working so we will have dinner again on Saturday when he comes home. Peace- I highly recommend the color wonder stuff by crayola...no mess but 3yr olds love to think they are drawing all over the place! HAPPY MONDAY LAD
  4. Getting to thankfulness

    Not thankful for the disease...no way... But it has made me thankful for the good stuff in my life. It has changed how I view things. I have a seize the day mindset and have gone on some great adventures. My husband & I discovered dancing and that would NEVER have happened. So I'm thankful that my life is good despite the fact that it's different. But I'll take a cure and be real thankful for that!!! LAD
  5. Found this...love it
  6. Just diagnosed at age 40

    It's a process. It takes time & you are going to be ok. I am coming up on 3 years. Life is different but it's great! My perspective has changed-seize the day. I kept a journal in the beginning so I did not overwhelm my family. It helps to just write it down. Get a good MDS. Start exercising- a PD specific one is great but find something you love to do- anything but exercise is just as important as meds! Everyone agrees it's one of your best tools to fight PD. Feel free to reach out anytime. LAD
  7. Good morning!!

    I had my son help me get rid of things.... It's easier with a partner in your quest for purging! We fully intend to move in two years so the big clean out is coming but for now it's baby steps. JB49- glad to hear some words of wisdom. Feel better soon! Have a good week everyone! LAD
  8. Summer adventure season starting

    We are planning a trip to Nashville soon! LAD
  9. Summer adventure season starting

    I was ready for some fall & winter adventures Stump! I read what I want to read... skip what I don't... LAD

    I posted this twice ...sorry... Thank you all who serve or have served to protect us... LAD
  11. Good morning!!

    I have been a hobby photographer for years... This is one of my favorites.... In honor of veteran's day.... LAD
  12. Good morning!!

    I visited my son for his 21st birthday!!! so blessed with my boys!! LAD
  13. Good morning!!

    I was just thinking its been quiet on the thread! Happy Wednesday ! LAD
  14. I do the PWR program.., go onto www.pwr4life.org and look for a certified trainer in your area. LAD
  15. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    One step....one day at a time....exercise PD or no PD😊 LAD
  16. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    Thanks! We go lots of places but the videos were from a place called Mexitaly here in York. My sons videos are from all over- whenever I can get a video of him. LAD
  17. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    Someone got us tonight ....we messed up once at the end LAD
  18. Summer adventure season starting

    FALL adventure season starting...GO! Any beautiful fall walks? I've been to Pittsburgh a few times to go to the PITT football games and to visit my son... who's next??? LAD
  19. Hand tremor while walking?

    Forced use.....swing those arms!! LAD
  20. Photography and Parkinsons

    My latest project.... homecoming! Sorry I posted this on two threads😊 LAD
  21. The Picture Post

    My latest shoot...my son's homecoming LAD
  22. Good morning!!

    And what's an expeller class? I meant exercise class! LAD