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  1. glad to time you do it...close your eyes or say girls names of each letter of the those neuro pathways! This is a great exercise..,I do it every day
  2. Check these exercises for hands
  3. I do the PWR4life program and take dance lessons with my husband. My MDS says your mindset and attitude are important in your PD fight. People who have a positive outlook and hope do better. Find what makes you feel good and stick to it!
  4. My DAT scan was positive but looked close to normal if you compared it to a normal scan. But even the small difference confirmed my DX along with my symptoms. Good luck. Exercise and do what works for you - PD or no PD!! They will figure it out
  5. You are correct - they are connected. Becky Farley developed both programs. You can try to look for an instructor or class in your area via the website. Or go to their YouTube channel-it shows a lot of practical videos. I've been doing the program and taking dance lessons with my hubby. I have maintained for 2.5 years. No dopamine replacement drugs yet. I'm a firm believer in the exercise and the neuroplasticity. ( I do take a dopamine agonist ) and yes aerobic exercise to get your heart rate up is important as well. My dr told me to keep doing what I'm doing 😊💃💃 Two great YouTube channels to get ideas...
  6. I do the PWR4life program or some form of execise daily, especially balance exercises. You can incoroporate things into your daily routiine...especially the neuroplasticiy stuff....for example...button your shirt with your eyes closed or say things you observe when you are taking a walk....make faces and sing loudly when you are in your car. Look on youtube...there are tons of exercises. "Exercise is more than just fitness. It is a psychological tool in the fight against Parkinson's Disease" Becky Farley CEO and founder of LVST and PWR4life
  7. Saw my MDS today. She said your mindset & attitude can have a huge ettect on your PD. I've been exercising, and building an excercise program in my area. I'm feeling good and helping others as best as I can. She looked at me and said "you're doing great - I can tell by your posture. Keep doing what you are doing". So stay positive and stay hopeful!
  8. Get on a regular exercise program. I take dance lessons and do the PWR program. I don't take the med you are referring to.. Maybe a post in the ask a pharmacist forum? Good luck. Keep fighting!
  9. Look into when you finish your LVST program. You can search their site for a local certified instructor or therapist. Good luck! Becky Farley who developed both programs knows her stuff!!
  10. Exercise is a great way to manage your PD. It's one way you can fight the progression. I am working with a great trainer. We are doing a program that includes both physical and mental excercises and will include the PWR4LIFE program with a PWR certified instructor. PWR (Parkinson wellness recovery) was developed by the PT who developed LSVT BIG & loud program If you are looking for one in the YORK, PA area- reach out!
  11. You could also post in the ask the doctor forum for advice on how to find a MDS on your own. Maybe there is a network of some sort you can look into.
  12. Start an exercise regimen now, regardless of your DX. I too had cervical neuropathy. My PD was found by accident during a procedure before my surgery to correct my neck. I too was in medical limbo for 3 months. It was awful so I can only imagine how frustrated you must be at this point. Keep a journal and take it to your PCP. Find a MDS you want to see. Be your own advocate and bring backup. I'm not as intimidated if I have someone with me who knows what my "plan" is for the appointment-tell them "don't let me leave until I ..." You can also send your records on your own to some hospitals. I sent mine and the doctors reviews them and I was contacted by the MDS best suited for me. It took awhile but it eventually happened. Don't give up.
  13. You can also find a certified therapist or instructor for the PWR4life program. It was developed by the PT who developed the LSVT program. Where are you located? Look up Parkinson wellness recovery on YouTube- lots of good videos- it's a lot of cardio,circuit & neuroplasticity exercises
  14. I guess I'm going to be known as the dancing exercise lady. My MDS recommended the Argentine Tango so my husband and I tried to find a teacher and quickly realized that it's difficult to start with the AT so we started ballroom lessons. We have worked our way up to the AT after 2 years. My kids are thoroughly amazed that their dad does this---he was not a dancer at all. Now we go out and look ok busting a move on the dance floor. Anyway, I completely forget that I have PD when we are dancing. It's been one positive thing that has come out of my PD. Also, execise....I do the PWR (Parkinson Wellness Recovery) program. I highly recommend it. All exercise is great, but PD specific is even better. and lots of videos on youtube....The Brian Grant Foundation is also an exercise oriented online resource...stay away from the internet rabbit holes...only look at positive posts! I have realized that life will be different but it can still be great.
  15. I constantly move my arms and hands....I tremor when I exercise but you have to keep using your arms and hands.....use it or lose it... aerobic exercise makes your heart work and improves oxygen and bloodflow to the brain....helps muscle memory....aerobic activity is good for you....shake it til you make it!!!
  16. Keep doing the dancing! My MDS recommended it. My husband & I have been taking ballroom for 2 years. I move so much better with music playing. And keep exercising- I do the PWR4life program.
  17. Is it beneficial to hold off on dopamine replacement? I'm going with the mindset of my PD does not currently keep me from doing most things I want to do so I'm not taking the levodopa yet. Is that the right approach?
  18. You are correct that this is your PD not your father's. We know so much more now. Keep exercising- it is your best medicine!!
  19. I hate what I call the "puppy dog eyes look" and when I get "well you look great" .. I have actually responded "am I supposed to look like crap?" I guess I don't want people to ask that weird?
  20. Just saw this recently
  21. Exercise is a great way to manage your PD. It's one way you can fight the progression. I am working with a great trainer. We are doing a program that includes both physical and mental excercises and will include the PWR4LIFE (Parkinson Wellness Recovery) program with a PWR certified instructor. It was developed by the PT who developed the LSVT BIG & LOUD program. If you are looking for one in the YORK, PA area- reach out!
  22. Exercise is key! If your lovely wife likes to dance, I suggest ballroom dancing- work your way up to the Argentine Tango. My MDS did a study on the AT and PD. My husband & I quickly learned you don't start with the tango. We have been taking lessons for 2 years and we look quite impressive at the local wineries when we bust a move.(we never formally danced EVER) It also cracks up our teenage sons when we clear out the living room to practice. I honesty forget I have PD when we are dancing. It's one good thing that has come out of my PD. I've learned that life will be different but it can still be great!