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  1. Timing of Sinemet vs increased dose

    I had to increase me Sinemet dosage a few months ago to one 25/100 Sinemet ER and half of a regular 25/100 Sinemet every four hours. This worked for a while, but I had to go back to my neurologist this week to increase my dosage to one regular Sinemet and one Sinemet per dose every four hours. I am somewhat concerned that I am increasing my meds too quickly. I realize that everyone progresses and responds to meds differently, but I would like to know if there have been any studies that show the average daily levadopa dosage versus the time since diagnosis. Are you aware of any such studies? Thanks for your help.
  2. 23 and Me update

  3. Insomnia

    I get the 3 am wake up most nights, but I can usually fall asleep again until I get up at 5:30. Some nights are tougher than others depending on the tremors. Some nights I have to lay on my affected side to reduce the tremors. CPAP. Has helped some. I normally get 7 hours of sleep now. I don't function well on less than that.
  4. Diagnosed 2.5 years ago at 45. My finger tremor had progressed to my entire hand in the two months before I was diagnosed. Never stopped taking Sinemet after my Sinemet trial for diagnosis. I have had to increase my meds to 6 - 25/100's per day. Never really tried to keep my diagnosis a secret or had any regrets starting meds. I really can't concentrate on my work when the tremors and stiffness kick in.

    Because none of the treatments have been proven to help PD. Any that claim to help are snake oil salesmen and are only out to get your money.
  6. I uploaded my results to https://promethease.com/ It had a lot more information than 23& me and from what I remember, it was fairly cheap and I got my reports within minutes.
  7. Hand tremor when nervous, anyone else?

    Nervous, cold, using other hand, working out. They all make my tremors worse. My tremors are mostly in my hand, but a couple of times when presenting to a board meeting, I could feel my backside shaking. Bet the audience behind me got quite a show!
  8. Morning Stiffness?

    For years I couldn't sleep late because my mid and low back would be too stiff to stay in bed. Haven't had as much problem since starting Sinemet, until the last couple of weeks. I slept wrong, woke up with a stiff neck and have been sore in my neck ad mid back ever since. It seems to take forever for things to get better on my PD side.
  9. tensing of muscles

    Arm, hip, and calf muscles for me. Usually when the meds wear off.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/06/06/well/patient-voices-parkinsons.html?_r=0
  11. Anyone else have this issue?

    I get an electric like feeling in my arm near my elbow some mornings. It doesn't cause my arm to move or anything, but it feels like current running through my muscles.
  12. Scared about meds

    I think taking drugs really depends on whether the symptoms are affecting your daily life. My tremor and "off" feeling we're bad enough to make me feel like I wouldn't be able to work very long after my diagnosis. I have had to double my Levodopa dosage to 600 mg recently to take care of my symptoms.
  13. Sinemet Duration

    Thanks so much. I will discuss increasing my dose at my next appointment.
  14. Sinemet Duration

    When adjusting a patients dosage, do you try to increase the dosage to completely eliminate tremor, or do you only increase it enough to make the tremor manageable? My first dose of the day is 1 25/100 Sinemet CR with a half 25/100 Sinemet, and the remaining 3 doses are 1 pill every four hours with the last dose at 5:30 pm. I have almost no tremor during the first dose, but my tremor increases for the rest of the day, but most times it is manageable. I sometimes take an extra half dose if it becomes bothersome at work. Would you suggest to try an increased dosage to 1.5 pills for each dose? I will need to discuss with my neurologist at my next appointment in order to adjust my prescription if I do try an increased dosage. Thank you for your help.
  15. Question about Loss of Smell

    Same here. I can smell some things and others that should have a strong smell I cannot.