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  1. I cannot even find the view new contact button. I always use my phone to check activity on the forums and a couple of days ago it seems to have switched to a mobile version rather than the online version. Still trying to find out how to switch back.
  2. The ketogenic diet has also shown some benefit for PD. I try to stay in ketosis, but it is really difficult to stay away from chocolate and ice cream for a long time.
  3. I don't take any at night, but I would think that one 25/100 would be sufficient either at bedtime or when you wake at night. There have been a few times that I have taken a half a dose to fall back to sleep.
  4. I have been on Sinemet since my diagnosis about 2 years ago and switched to Isradipine for my BP soon after. I have increased my Sinemet to 4.5 25/100's per day to manage tremor and stiffness. I am not sure if the Isradipine is helping, but I plan on staying on it until the trials are complete. If it doesn't show any benefit in the trial, I will probably stop taking it due to it causing leg edema.
  5. I always try to take my meds at least 30 minutes prior to eating and at least a couple hours after eating, but to be honest, I really haven't noticed a big difference if I eat right before or after taking my C/L.
  6. I agree with Adam. Try to get the meds dialed in before you decide you can't work. I know that I was talking with a co-worker with PD at the time of my diagnosis, and I said I didn't think I could keep working if I progressed as fast as I did the two months prior to my diagnosis. He said not to write myself off too quickly, because he had been working for about 13 years since his diagnosis. After a couple of months on C/L, I began to feel better and even though I have had to increase my dosage a little, I feel almost as good as I did prior to my diagnosis.
  7. I am sure that I have read that people take both, but one may affect the other, so you would need to monitor your response when adding the other.
  8. Good info about CR dosage.
  9. No idea why he chose ER. There are several posts about the difference in the Pharmacist forum.
  10. I had back pain for several years prior to my diagnosis. I just thought I was having muscle spasms. Sinemet has eliminated that pain for the most part. My wrist pain started about a month prior to me noticing the tremor.
  11. I have been on Sinemet ER since my diagnosis. I was taking it every 6 hours, but recently changed to every 4 hours. It seems to take effect slower and taper off slower than regular Sinemet.
  12. They say pain is not a symptom of PD, but PD causes muscle tension and stiffness, which results in pain. Pain in my wrist preceded me noticing the tremor in my finger. I believe I was tensing my muscles without realizing it.
  13. Hope I fixed it. My phone is doing strange things lately.
  14. Without drugs I have pretty strong tremor, shuffling feet, stiffness, and had started to studder some. With Sinemet I have almost no tremor, no stiffness, and pretty much no other symptoms and have never had any side effects.
  15. I seem to feel better and have fewer symptoms after my last dose of the day. I can usually fall asleep by 10 or 11 without much tremor or stiffness, and I can usually fall back to sleep if I wake at night. I did have to take an extra dose last week when I stayed up with a family member all night at the ER. The extra half dose in the morning seems to address my symptoms rather quickly.