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  1. wifeofPWPD

    Linda's thread

    I am so sorry that Linda's thread has been shut down. Her thread was informative and encouraging to me. The fact that it had to be shut down is an example of intolerance toward different beliefs or the inability to be civil in expressing beliefs that are non-Christian. I believe Linda is as open as anyone could be to listening to others, including those who are vehemently opposed to her. She has been firm in her beliefs, but always fair in her response to those that are against Christianity. With Linda at the helm of the thread, anyone who opposes is not discouraged from posting unless they are purposely trying to insult or hurt those of us who are Christ followers. The thread was started for those who are interested in topics about Christianity. It was not intended to have the tone that it has had where attacks are the norm. Disagreement would be allowed, if expressed in a genuine way, with the intent of greater understanding. With good reason, she defended her beliefs, but I never saw her be rude or inappropriate in her responses. If there was ever a hint of rudeness it was only because she was unwilling to be trampled upon by opposition. There are certain threads that I choose not to read because I am not interested. I don't understand why all readers do not just stay away from a thread that they do not agree with or in which they have no interest. Linda, I join you in prayer for those who oppose you and I also pray for you, that God would restore you after being hurt and insulted by some forum members. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, Matthew 5:44.
  2. This story brought back a memory for me. When our two older children were in elementary school, my husband was a medical resident and we had very little money so we did not buy a Christmas tree. My mom and dad found out that we did not have a tree. a couple days later when I opened the mail there was an envelope with no return address with a $20 bill inside. My mom was trying to give us the money to buy a tree us anonymously, but I knew it was from her. It was sweet to know that she cared that we had a Christmas tree that year. She was being our provision in a Godly way by providing something for us that we could not provide for ourselves even though it was something we could live without.
  3. wifeofPWPD

    Diabetes drug

    The developer of this drug is about 40 minutes from me. My husband contacted Van Andel Insitute today. He is hoping to be considered for a drug trial. It sounds very promising! Here is a link to a local news story. http://www.wzzm13.com/news/health/drug-formulated-in-kalamzoo-may-be-first-treatment-for-parkinsons-disease/366410728
  4. I love the story about the students singing during the tornado warning! I just love that song. The video didn't load very well for me either and, you are right, the quality of the students singing isn't the beautiful part of the story.
  5. wifeofPWPD

    Janet Reno

    4. pneumonia 5. sepsis any others?
  6. wifeofPWPD

    Janet Reno

    She lived 21 years after her diagnosis. I wonder what the complications were that caused her death? Pneumonia perhaps? What other complications can occur that would cause death?
  7. wifeofPWPD

    Weight loss and muscle tone

    If you could work part-time you would be able to give yourself greater longevity and therefore better allow yourself to manage your health. Your doctor can be a great partner to you by writing you a prescription for less than full time work, however it should be defined as dictated by your health. It may take your employer a bit of time to work out the details but it would be so worth it. My husband recently switched form full time to part time work. He began discussing the necessity of it months before it was possible. He has much less fatigue since he reduced his hours. Naturally the thought of lessening your income is not appealing but if you have to crash and burn that is even less appealing. I wish you the best!
  8. For those of you on FB the topic of Parkinson's Disease is currently trending on FB. The top posts are from Michael J. Fox Foundation and the net one is from the Parkinson's Disease Foundation and Parkinson's UK as well as others. Topics include exercise and how to know if you're doing the right exercise, if that they are getting closer to a diagnostic test for PD, as well as other topics. If you are on Facebook you may want to check it out.
  9. wifeofPWPD

    First visit with MDS yesterday

    My husband was diagnosed by a neurologist at his first visit and never had a Dat scan. I read about it on the forum regularly but I don't even know what it is. I will have to google it.
  10. wifeofPWPD

    Ready, Set, ATTACK!!!

    Pretty sad, isn't it? Whatever we do, we can be kind to others. Negative attacks cause some to retreat and feel alienated and some to go for the jugular because they think it will help them gain support from others. Sadly, people tend to seek out negativity and if the demand is there, people will always be willing to fill the demand with negative attention or information. If there was no demand there would be no viewers of tabloid style news. Being kind to others really can have a positive effect on them. When people you encounter are nice to you, you feel happier. Naturally when people mistreat you or avoid you, you feel unhappy. We are primarily social creatures so the quality of our relationships has a direct impact on us. The idea of simply being kind to everyone is way too simple in real life. Some people are so toxic that it really isn't possible to be kind but nevertheless, generally speaking, making an effort to be kind (respectful, generous, truthful, compassionate, cheerful, etc.) really will make a difference in the mood and behaviors of those around us each day. Turning off the news and trying to avoid the realities around us for self-preservation may be necessary for a period of time. Politics and current events are hard to ignore but we can lessen its impact by limiting our exposure. Be a well bred, well trained Golden Retriever instead of a poorly bred and poorly trained Pit Bull.
  11. wifeofPWPD

    Martine Shkrelli's claims about Hillary Clinton and PD

    I know Bill Clinton has denied he has PD. His soft voice has made me wonder as well, but that does not mean he has PD. I do not claim to be able to diagnose PD, especially by what I see on TV.
  12. wifeofPWPD

    Martine Shkrelli's claims about Hillary Clinton and PD

    Yes, this guy's claim is ridiculous! I hope no one takes him seriously. All he did was embarrass himself, as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Apparently a pharmaceutical someone or other named Martin Shkrelli claims that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's Disease. Hmmm.... Here is a source http://www.infowars.com/pharmaceutical-exec-hillary-clinton-has-parkinsons-disease/
  14. wifeofPWPD

    Stage 3 & 4. Candid discussion. ??

    christie- That makes perfect sense to me that PD related depression can exist because of an imbalance of various transmitters and that depression can also be present in PWP for the same reasons it is found in otherwise healthy people. Thank you for that post. You wrote that so clearly. I also agree with you about people preferring other diagnoses besides mental illness, which in itself, can be debilitating, especially if left untreated. It's so sad that people have to suffer needlessly because of the stigma of mental illness when there is help available but they are too ashamed to seek it for themselves or to get help for someone they care about. Clinical depression is a disease too.