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  1. Have any new conclusions been made regarding the neuroprotective benefits of azilect? My neurologist has me on a 0.5mg dose, 1x per day solely for this purpose as I do not see any additional symptom control with the addition of azilect to my sinemet regime. If there is no protective benefit, I believe the side effects and interaction precautions of azilect outweigh the usage; however, if there is a protective benefit, then of course, it's worth taking. Thanks.
  2. mary12709


    My doctor is switching me from 4x daily CL (25/100) to 4x daily Stalevo 100 as I have developed dystonia symptoms when the CL is wearing off. Is there anything in particular I should know about the Stalevo? Concerns? Thanks.
  3. I live in an area with many general practice neurologists but no one who specialiazes in movement disorders or PD. The closest specialist would be 1.5-2 hours away. Right now I can easily drive the distance to the specialist but who knows in 5-10 years. I seeking your opinion on what to do. Should I stay with the local docs or go to a specialist. I'm not looking for just a 2nd opinion but rather someone to follow my care.
  4. mary12709

    Torso stiffness

    I have a symptom that I don't see most people talk about - torso stiffness. Anyone else experience this? I take 25/100 carbi-levo 3x per day. Diagnosed 1.5 years ago at age 58. Thanks.
  5. mary12709

    PD versus MSA

    I was diagnosed with PD 1.5 years ago at age 58 and a good friend was just diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy at age 82. We have many similar symptoms. Should I be concerned that I was misdiagnosed? Are there any "telling" symptoms that differentiate the two conditions? Thanks.
  6. mary12709

    Best time to take Azilect

    My local pharmacists are not too knowledgeable on PD drugs so I am asking your advice. Currently, I take 3 daily doses of Carbi/Levo 25/100 and one dose of Azilect 5 mg. What is the best time of day to take the Azilect? I take several other HBP meds throughout the day but I've checked and nothing interacts with Azilect. Thanks.
  7. mary12709

    Isradipine versus Cardizem

    Recently, I watched a webinar which featured a segment on the clinical trial currently underway that is attempting to determine if Isradipine may be a neuroprotective agent. I understand Isradipine is a calcium channel blocker and that seems to be the basis for the neuroprotective benefit. Is there something unique to Isradipine or would a calcium channel blocker such as Cardizem have the same potential benefit? I have been on Cardizem for HBP for several years and wondered if I should switch to Isradipine - just in case! Thanks.
  8. mary12709

    Selegiline interactions

    I was diagnosed with PD in Jan. 2015 at the age of 58. My neurologist has prescribed Carbidopa-Levodopa 25/100 3 times a day and also wants me to take Selegiline 5mg 1 time a day. I am concered about the food and drug interactions with the Selegiline. I will be traveling soon and will need to take a motion sickness preventative (I usually take Bonine.) Is there a safer motion sickness preventative I could take or am I being overly cautious? I'm also concerned about food interactions, specifically cheese, soy sauce and an occasional alcoholic drink. Should I avoid these items entirely? Thanks.