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  1. Have any new conclusions been made regarding the neuroprotective benefits of azilect? My neurologist has me on a 0.5mg dose, 1x per day solely for this purpose as I do not see any additional symptom control with the addition of azilect to my sinemet regime. If there is no protective benefit, I believe the side effects and interaction precautions of azilect outweigh the usage; however, if there is a protective benefit, then of course, it's worth taking. Thanks.
  2. Stalevo

    My doctor is switching me from 4x daily CL (25/100) to 4x daily Stalevo 100 as I have developed dystonia symptoms when the CL is wearing off. Is there anything in particular I should know about the Stalevo? Concerns? Thanks.
  3. I live in an area with many general practice neurologists but no one who specialiazes in movement disorders or PD. The closest specialist would be 1.5-2 hours away. Right now I can easily drive the distance to the specialist but who knows in 5-10 years. I seeking your opinion on what to do. Should I stay with the local docs or go to a specialist. I'm not looking for just a 2nd opinion but rather someone to follow my care.
  4. Torso stiffness

    I have a symptom that I don't see most people talk about - torso stiffness. Anyone else experience this? I take 25/100 carbi-levo 3x per day. Diagnosed 1.5 years ago at age 58. Thanks.
  5. PD versus MSA

    I was diagnosed with PD 1.5 years ago at age 58 and a good friend was just diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy at age 82. We have many similar symptoms. Should I be concerned that I was misdiagnosed? Are there any "telling" symptoms that differentiate the two conditions? Thanks.
  6. Best time to take Azilect

    My local pharmacists are not too knowledgeable on PD drugs so I am asking your advice. Currently, I take 3 daily doses of Carbi/Levo 25/100 and one dose of Azilect 5 mg. What is the best time of day to take the Azilect? I take several other HBP meds throughout the day but I've checked and nothing interacts with Azilect. Thanks.
  7. Isradipine versus Cardizem

    Recently, I watched a webinar which featured a segment on the clinical trial currently underway that is attempting to determine if Isradipine may be a neuroprotective agent. I understand Isradipine is a calcium channel blocker and that seems to be the basis for the neuroprotective benefit. Is there something unique to Isradipine or would a calcium channel blocker such as Cardizem have the same potential benefit? I have been on Cardizem for HBP for several years and wondered if I should switch to Isradipine - just in case! Thanks.
  8. Selegiline interactions

    I was diagnosed with PD in Jan. 2015 at the age of 58. My neurologist has prescribed Carbidopa-Levodopa 25/100 3 times a day and also wants me to take Selegiline 5mg 1 time a day. I am concered about the food and drug interactions with the Selegiline. I will be traveling soon and will need to take a motion sickness preventative (I usually take Bonine.) Is there a safer motion sickness preventative I could take or am I being overly cautious? I'm also concerned about food interactions, specifically cheese, soy sauce and an occasional alcoholic drink. Should I avoid these items entirely? Thanks.