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  1. Sinemet and Plavix

    Is it OK to take Sinemet and Plavix daily?
  2. Levodopa intake at 10 pm

    Dr. Okun, Are you saying that Sinemet causes dizziness due to lowering blood pressure. Can you elaborate, since I have this symptom and take Sinemet. Mainly when I'm hot. Thanks.
  3. Sleep Aid

    I have been taking a Tylenol PM at night to help me sleep. I also take Sinemet 25/100 CR 3 times a day.Other than being groggy in the AM, is it okay to take these two drugs within a couple of hours of each other? Thank you.
  4. Temporary stop Sinemet

    I have been taking Sinemet (CR) 25/100 3 times a day for a year. I have a slight tremor, plus other mild symptoms I want to stop taking Sinemet and see it there are any changes. In other words, is it doing me any good? Can I stop cold turkey, or what schedule do you suggest, both to stop and then restart?
  5. too much Sinemet?

    I can't figure out how to start a new topic, so I'll use this reply and hope for the best. I have been taking sinement CR 25/100 for one year, 3 times a day. I don't know if it's doing any good or not. I have slight tremor at rest. I would like to stop taking it for a period of time to see if it's doing any good. Is it OK to stop? What progression should I take to stop and also to restart. Thanks much.