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  1. stump

    Working with Parkinson's?

    PD is usually pretty slow to develop. I'd say you should keep working just as you have been as long as you can or until you would have retired anyway. Most likely you'll be fine to keep working until 65 if not older.
  2. stump

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    Lyme is devilishly hard to accurately diagnose. I think there's only one or two labs with a reputation of getting it right. If you can get that test done it might give you peace of mind. That said, not everyone responds well to any given PD medication. Being on my phone I can't see if your signature block lists meds, but if you can post what meds you have tried, including dose and frequency that might help. Including non-PD meds helps too.
  3. stump


    Remember that PD is supposed to be diagnosed based on bradykinesia plus one or more of resting tremors, rigidity, and postural instability. If he's seeing bradykinesia plus rigidity in your leg (and/or other extremities), even though you are walking seemingly correctly that would be enough. What is APS?
  4. stump

    Early DBS Study

    ShopGuy - there's also the consideration of advancing technology in DBS. My last appointment my MDS said that even if I were getting close to her recommending DBS she would want me to wait as she saw a LOT of advances coming in the next few years. While some of that is in the controller, which can be replaced with the battery after several years, some is also going to be in the electrodes themselves. Hard to get an upgrade there. Basically her advice was that unless it was now or never to wait.
  5. stump

    Early DBS Study

    Cool info! Though I'm still not sure I'd be up for participating in that study (almost at 3 years diagnosed so I'd qualify in that regard). I'd not be able to conceal PD from my employer anymore if I do, plus I'm not sure I'd want to be subject to those risks yet. Though, if I was able to go med free it would be nice to not worry about timing of protein consumption...
  6. stump

    Who's on your healthcare team?

    Not really. More my choice, combines with knowing there's not really any great data on any particular diet or exercise being better for PD, so I just follow general health guidelines. By the time I'm mid-50's to early 60's I'll need to get hooked up with a cardiologist. Both grandfathers died of heart attacks in the morning doing yard work/gardening (one at 69 one at 74), one grandmother had a massive stroke at 70 followed by a heart attack (she somehow lived to 80). Plus my dad and one of his sisters had to get multiple stents at 69-70. My dad's other sister had a major stroke in her 40's, though that was due to a blood clot that formed after a serious accident.
  7. stump

    Who's on your healthcare team?

    My MDS wants me to come in 3x per year. Between the drive and the cost (deductible on my insurance) I'm not going more than twice a year, unless something comes up that compels an extra visit. Other than that, to SDC's question, I have a family doc that I rarely see for myself (kids go in each year though). Chiropractor that's unfortunately just as far away as my MDS, so I can't get in nearly as often as I otherwise would (did go just a couple days ago as I'd apparently sprained my neck playing golf for the first time in almost a decade). I don't have a PT, or a nutritionist. There is a neuropsychiatrist that is part of my MDS's group, but thus far I've seen him once, and that was just for a baseline evaluation. Similar to the PT, ST and OT groups. I'll only see those folks for an acute need if one comes up, or perhaps every 5 years to document progression.
  8. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Another hurricane heading our way. Lane is currently a category 4. Luckily I should be able to get home before it hits. Assuming nothing causes major problems with the flights. Though I'll get to come home to seriously smokey conditions due to the western wildfires.
  9. stump

    Struggling with family relationships

    While Patriot is correct that might not be the most useful way of stating that. Consider switching to Rytary if you either have insurance coverage for it or meet the income guideline to get it free from Impax (300% of federal poverty level for your family size). I found my day time sleepiness was significantly reduced when I made the switch.
  10. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    No fish today. Got massive take down on my rod, but it was probably a giant trevally. Took the bait hard, but by the time I got the rod out of the holder it probably ran into a rock or coral hole and that cut the line. Surf launch was the hardest I've ever done. Took several tries and many soakings to get through the surf zone. Once past the breakers though it was fine. Almost kept the kayak right side up on the landing until the extra wave broke with me a little sideways. Will post a picture in a bit.
  11. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Hector is about 400-500 miles south of Kauai and going nearly due west last I saw. It's impacting swells here, but other than maybe some extra rain the hurricane is a non-event.
  12. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Fishing Sunday, weather permitting. Checked the swell forecast and, to me at least it looks good to go. Winds are a little iffy. We shall see what the local guy says tomorrow.
  13. stump

    levodopa challenge

    Everyone is different in how they react. Some (tremor dominant) PWP never get benefit from levodopa. Others only get benefit once they reach a relatively high dose. Some, like me, got immediate relief even from low doses. So, give it time. If you are getting some benefit now you should get more benefit as you ramp up to full tablets if it is PD and not a placebo effect.
  14. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Hawaii bound! Sitting in SFO waiting for our (delayed) flight. TSA in Seattle was fine at least. With 4 kids they were reasonably accommodating.
  15. stump


    Been dealing with that too. Thus far upping hydration has been enough. While that might help for you sounds like it may not be enough. Even if it doesn't do much for the OH it will help in other ways.