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  1. stump


    Been dealing with that too. Thus far upping hydration has been enough. While that might help for you sounds like it may not be enough. Even if it doesn't do much for the OH it will help in other ways.
  2. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    We'll be on Kauai. I'm sure we'll be doing a lot of hikes. Not to mention beach time. Hopefully I'll be able to post some good pictures.
  3. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    I've been to New Zealand 3 times, including my year as an exchange student. Otherwise, besides a weekend in Toronto when I was maybe 5-6, and a couple trips to Mexican border towns, I haven't been outside the country. This will be my first time ever to Europe, and India of course. I also get my first ever trip to Hawaii in just a few weeks. Really hoping to hook into a BIG yellow fin tuna (ahi) from a kayak. August is when the 100-200lb ahi show up over there. That alone would make that trip for me.
  4. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Well, Roald Amumdsen said "adventure is just bad planning." 😉 Anyway looks like India the last week of September and Netherlands/Belgium early October is a go. Going to meet a college buddy that lives near Munich now, and hopefully a guy I was friends with when we were both exchange students in New Zealand 24 years ago (he lives in Sweden now). They'll both meet me in Amsterdam for a weekend.
  5. stump

    Term Life Insurance -- Premiums?

    Call Zander Insurance. They're a company that shops you to insurance companies for the best rate. They are the company recommended by Dave Ramsey. I haven't bought a policy since my Dx, but I think we asked them since then and they said for a young otherwise healthy person with PD the premiums were not "super preferred" but only about 1 step down, so comparable to someone with slightly high blood pressure, or slightly out of whack HDL vs LDL or something like that.
  6. stump

    PD and immune system response

    Do you know what the blood test usually costs? With my high deductible, even if it is "covered", I'm likely to be out of pocket for a test like that. And I'm not exactly flush with cash.
  7. stump

    PD and immune system response

    Interesting. I am usually the least likely between my wife and kids and I to get sick. Though given DaveN's response I wonder if I should ask to get tested for IgX levels.
  8. This article states that the man in question had PD, and due to that was at greater risk of that infection. I'm unaware of anything about PD per se that makes us more vulnerable to infectious disease. I'm also unaware of any of the more common PD meds compromising the immune system. Am I missing something, or is that article full of bull with respect to PD? Of course, I sure hope that man recovers quickly and without permanent damage to his limbs. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2018/07/10/nj-dad-may-lose-all-4-limbs-after-contracting-bacterial-infection-while-crabbing.amp.html
  9. stump

    Dropping Things

    Until I started on the meds I dropped things quite a bit. With meds that is significantly reduced, though not eliminated. I think it is directly related to the bradykinesia. You feel something starting to slip and the fingers just won't react fast enough to the command to grip tighter so the object just falls from the hand.
  10. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    India trip has been moved up to the last week of September. Should be 4 days working in Pune, plus a day trip to Bangalore for other work related meetings. Hoping my DW can come out for a week after the work part is done. If so we will likely go to New Delhi and Agra (Taj Mahal), plus one of the tea regions. Either before or after the India portion looks like I'll also stop over to spend a few days at the European division which has offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. Applied for my passport yesterday. Been over 8 years since it expired, so high time to replace it. I've tossed my hat in the ring for a job at our India location. Low odds I'd get it, but it would be the step up I have trying to get for a long time. It would be a 3 year stint if I get it. I'd get enough trips back here that I can probably just keep my current MDS for most things. But even if not, that's problem #32. Problem #1 is getting the position to start with.
  11. stump

    Welcome to the club

    It's what I need. It's supposed to be equivalent to 1.5 tabs of regular Sinemet per dose. What are on is like half a tab of regular Sinemet. So more like you're on a very low dose than me being on a high dose. Some people need more than others for good symptom control. I know, because I did an experiment, that less than 3 capsules at 4x a day just doesn't give adequate control. If you do get adequate control, for now, with 1 at 3x a day, stick with it. Over time you'll begin to need more. And yes, my Azilect experience was pretty bad.
  12. stump

    Welcome to the club

    By the time you notice the motor symptoms of PD you've already lost 60-70% of the dopamine producing neurons. So it's entirely possible, and probable, that your PD actually started 10-15 years ago and it just took until now for you to realize it. For years before my diagnosis something just felt, ... off. I couldn't ever put my finger on it, and I never really said much as I didn't want anyone, including my wife, starting to think I was a hypocondriac. Literally the day after I started on Sinemet that went away. Would have been the same day but I started on an evening dose, so I was asleep not long after taking it.
  13. stump

    Welcome to the club

    Yep. That's one downside. Meds are pretty short acting. It may take a while to dial it in for maximum benefit. You may find you need a higher dose, or more doses per day, or both. I started on 1.5 tabs of instant release Sinemet 3x per day. Backed off the mid-day dose to 1 tablet to combat sleepiness. When that sleepiness came back I switched to Rytary 95. Tried to get by on 2 capsules 3x per day instead of the recommended equivalent (for my age/weight/gender) dose of 3 at 3x per day. That didn't work out so well, so I went to 3-2-3 capsules per dose but found I really did need 3 per dose, even at midday. Then as things progressed my MDS upped it to 3 capsules 4x per day. So far that schedule seems to be working fine.
  14. stump

    Welcome to the club

    ^^^ This. Take a look at my Summer Adventure thread. PD sucks, but it is manageable if you commit to still going out and doing awesome things. I won't stop fishing, hunting, kayaking (sometimes all 3 simultaneously), traveling, playing with my kids, accomplishing new things at work, and so on, until I literally physicaly can't anymore.
  15. stump

    Welcome to the club

    Have to admit I tried to figure out if my MDS had somehow slipped a placebo in place of the real meds. And the effect was almost instantaneous for me too, which made me think it was in my mind. I sooooo wanted to believe I didn't really have PD. But, it was for real. Sorry man. But I can say that life really does go on, and with the meds it's way better than without.