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  1. stump

    Watch your teeth!

    Nope. He quit bringing the subject up about the time I posted that. My guess is that the wear had stabilized so he saw no need. But, next time I see him I'll try to remember to ask about that.
  2. stump

    Pain in hip

    Second this recommendation. Could be a "sports hernia" which isn't a hernia but an injury to the inguinal ligament. Or any of a lot of other possible issues.
  3. While I appreciate Patriot's sentiment, I think there is a factor of this disease that causes anxiety and depression independent of our emotional reaction to the diagnosis and the effects of the disease on our daily life. I never in my life had any issue with anxiety before PD came along. Things that I could do before that, while stressful and physically tiring, didn't result in any anxiety now do. So associating issues with anxiety and depression only with our outlook on having PD is probably not accurate for at least some of us. I know that is the case for me at least. Not sure if that applies to the OP, but sounds like it might be a partial explanation.
  4. Wish I had some words of wisdom for you. But my experience has not included depression (that I know of). And anxiety mostly has been discreet episodes with identifiable triggers. I will say that anxiety has been far less of a problem if I keep up on my levodopa doses. Comparing the before/after when my MDS upped my meds from 3 to 4 times a day my anxiety level dropped noticably with the extra meds. This last week I could feel anxiety creeping up but that was more my clue to not engage in the activity (tree falling - hence my handle) that is my main trigger for a little while.
  5. stump

    Coffee, tea or alcohol?

    PD is theorized to start in the gut. But nobody knows for certain. And regular alcohol consumption will only "ruin" your gut if you are consuming fairly vast quantities. While vast quantities of alcohol should be avoided, regardless of PD status, light to moderate consumption is of no issue based on any data I've ever seen.
  6. stump

    Just Deny Everything

    You are not obligated to tell them anything about your health status, and generally it's illegal for them to ask. Choosing to disclose a PD diagnosis is a tricky decision. It is very situationally dependant. For some, especially those working for small employers, or the government (whether local, state, or federal) it can be advantageous to disclose. Often there are quotas (whether admitted to or not) in government work for having a certain percentage of people with disabilities on the payroll. And many small employers are more like a family than a corporation so they will bend over backwards to help you cope. But some, like me, work for a large corporation, and as good as they are (for most things) I don't trust HR, or senior management, and farther than I can throw them. So I keep my mouth shut about PD at work. Granted, meds keep me well controlled for now. If that wasn't the case I might feel compelled to disclose rather than risk being accused of being drunk or on illegal drugs. But, exceptions to the above abound, so take careful stock of your particular situation before you make a decision either way on disclosure.
  7. stump

    Does this seem normal? Sleep attacks?

    Mirapex is a dopamine agonist. That class of drugs is well known to cause sleep attacks. Ativan probably doesn't help in that regard either. Sounds like your mom needs a good MDS to help sort out meds and get her stabilized. It would be worth some extra driving and expense if you can get the right doctor working on her needs.
  8. stump

    Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    If you meet the income guidelines (IIRC <300% of federal poverty level for your household size) you can get Rytary free of charge directly from the pharmacuitcal company. If it wasn't for that I couldn't hope to afford it since it's excluded entirely from coverage by my insurance.
  9. stump

    Interesting article on Dystonia and Opioids

    Every opioid I've had to try eventually gave me a rash. I also never found them to be remotely recreational. Between those I'm highly unlikely to ever have any addiction problems. But I'm also a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain. Since I can't take NSAIDS for a week post surgery due to requiring blood thinners for that time frame I really just need to avoid the need for surgery. For those that need them, and don't abuse them, the restrictions on opioids are a real shame.
  10. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    I'm going to raise a batch of meat chickens partly because of that book. They're supposed to arrive Thursday next week as 2 day old chicks. Trip to freezer camp set for mid-June.
  11. stump

    levodopa long release

    Cool! More options for extended/controlled/long release meds is always a good thing.
  12. stump

    Young onset PD testing

    Agree with the above responses. I'll add that not responding to levodopa doesn't rule out PD. Some significant percentage (20% IIRC) of tremor dominant PD patients never do.
  13. stump

    Questions for next Neuro visit

    A few things, though asking Dr Okun is also a great idea. The eyelid thing is unlikely to be PD related, or at least that's what my MDS said about my eyelid fluttering. Postural rather than resting tremors needs maybe a bit more of an explanation but sounds like it is not typical for PD. The heart pounding and shaking after exertion sounds more like a cardio fitness issue (the shaking in this case could be what's called enhanced physiologic tremor - something everyone is subject to with over-exertion). As to how to ask questions, I'd start by presenting everything without regard to how important you think a given issue might be and without any worries that they might mean PD or any other neurological condition. Phrase any specific questions in ways that show you want the correct answer, not just any answer. E.g. "Why is this symptom more consistent with condition X than Y?" Hope that helps.
  14. stump

    Back on sinemet

    Yes, with Sinemet you need to avoid protein for 1 hour after taking the pills, or 1.5 hours before taking them. The protein will interfere with absorption in the small portion of the small intestine where the meds can be absorbed. I found something quite small like a cookie, cracker, or anything very low protein kept nausea in check.
  15. stump

    Loss of Smell?

    Nope. Though I'm thinking my sense of smell issues might be independent of PD. My dad has a similarly poor sense of smell but hasn't developed any PD symptoms. My oldest daughter (13) also has a poor sense of smell. Might just be a family thing unconnected to PD.