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  1. Captola

    FlyBaby - Michael

    Michael, Prayers for a speedy recovery. Many Hugs, Tracey
  2. Captola

    Workout Progress

    Having a difficult time walking. So I switched to exercise bike this weekend.
  3. Captola

    Workout Progress

    I bought Image Trekking Hiking Sticks. With Amazon Prime they were 22.99. I have been using the poles for 4 months. It was difficult for me to coordinate proper arm and leg movement. When I finally got the hang of it, found the poles really helped with posture, balance and confidence. Today my DH wants to go to a park for a picnic. I will throw poles in the back of the car in case we go for a walk. I don't usually need them but ..........
  4. That is what my Neurologist did. I take 1/2 sinemet every 3 hrs. between 8am and 5pm.
  5. Captola

    Workout Progress

    Lewis, ordered the dvd Poles for Balance and Mobility from amazon when I ordered the poles. The dvd explains how to set them up and use them. The people in the dvd have various problems like PD, MS, arthritis etc.
  6. Captola

    New format

    This is awful!
  7. Captola

    Workout Progress

    Spaxter, You strike me as a person who gets done what needs to be done! Have a safe trip .Are you serious gin soaked raisins! I'm going to try that ! I do take 600mg motrin 2 or 3 times a day. Can't say that it helps much. I have started to use tumeric in hot water with a little lemon and pepper. Have not noticed a difference yet, hoping it will help. Update on today's exercise....got 1/2 mile into my morning walk.....bird pooped on my head....I didn't want to walk anyway! Lewis, How have your walks been?
  8. Captola

    Just Curious...

    Right handed/ Left side symptoms.
  9. Captola

    Workout Progress

    Spaxter, I do feel better after I exercise. I seem to have gotten my arm swing back most of the time. My balance has improved to the point that I find myself putting my shoes and pants on standing up. The problem I am having is that my left foot is very painful after exercise. I have arthritis in that foot. I wonder if I need more sinemet. So much to learn with this darn PD! I also have to force myself to exercise. I used to such strong self motivated person now it is hard to get out of bed . Did you finish your fence?
  10. Captola

    Workout Progress

    Took 1 1/2 walk this morning. 40 min. yoga this afternoon and walked up and down several flights of stairs house cleaning. Time for a nap. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  11. Captola

    Workout Progress

    Looks like everyone had a busy week! I started a new yoga dvd this week. Easy Yoga for Easing Pain. It seems to help with my stiffness and balance.
  12. Hope you heal quickly!
  13. Captola

    Workout Progress

    Wow I have missed alot of conversation this week! Hi LewisMaxie it is nice to have more exercise buddies. I too have been doing Sherry K's exercise videos. So far the EZ PD in 15 min, Finding Your Lost Arm Swing and The Ten Minute stretch are my favorites. I had my DH download them and put them where I can find them on the computer. She is working on one for balance that I am very interested in. I follow her on Facebook, but it is easier to search videos on YouTube. I am starting a new yoga dvd this week. I'll let you know how it goes. Discovery do you workout with exercise bands? Are they beneficial? On the funny side I can't eat corn without thinking of you !
  14. Captola

    Workout Progress

    Good Morning All, I'm feeling a little stiff from playing with grand kids yesterday. All day long it was " Come on gamma follow me!" and "Pick me up!" Man I can really feel it in my shoulders and legs. I think some stretching and tai chi is in order for today. Discovery...corn on the cob is one our favorites around here. We usually have an all you can eat corn dinner a couple of times in the summer. Have great weekend
  15. Captola

    Look, Ma. I'm dancing!

    Just watched your videos. Really enjoyed the Zumba!