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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, NN. You have helped me immensely through all your posts, but this one is striking in its courage and candor. I wish you all the best--- and that none of these plans are needed, and that you will both end up with "plain old PD". In the meantime, you have given me a great deal to think about, and a road map for a future I hope never happens to any of us. You and your dh are in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. Thanks for clarifying that, nn and patriot. I stand corrected. Swamper
  3. Dear Luke: Look up posts from "Newnormal" on this board. She and her husband both have PD with negative DAT scans.
  4. Done, John. Thanks for the reminder!
  5. I have been on the patch for about a year. Started very slowly, and only recently went to the 4 mg dose. I think it has helped smooth out my on times. It certainly helped me to sleep better--I routinely get a good 6 hours of sleep a night. I have mild nausea, which I manage with omeprazole twice a day. The itching is a nuisance, but not severe enough to stop the treatment. All in all, I am happy with Neupro. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks to the new site, I am finally able to get my unread material. Thanks to you all for making it better!
  7. I read something this morning that has given me pause, and I thought it might interest people on this thread. (Including you, Linda. I hope, as do so many others, that this is a technical problem only) This is a quote from Leonardo Boff, which was put forth on "Inward/outward" this morning: "Falling Down Falling is not just a physical accident. Falling means recognizing freely and sincerely the limits of our strength in the face of situations that are beyond us and force us to submit. Falling shows our human frailty. It reveals the fragile clay of which we are made, showing us that we are neither omnipotent nor invulnerable. Confronted with such a fall, we may nurture a spirit of revolt...Or we may nurture a spirit of resignation...There is a third possibility, however: We can nurture the spirit of humility. While calmly accepting our fall, we may still trust in God, whose strength comes to reinvigorate our weakness, and get up again with renewed courage." I have thought about this all day. I hope I can have a spirit of humility the next time I fall with my PD.
  8. Dear johnnys: I want to add my thanks too. As I learn about PD it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused, and it is not often I hear someone professional who speaks so plainly and understandably. My next door neighbor has symptoms which I believe represent LBD, and it is indeed a frightening thing to contemplate, knowing we are all on the spectrum at some point. For those of you who are dealing with this problem, you have my admiration (Billrnc) and prayers (Genden69) May the Lord keep us all safe and protect us and our loved ones on this journey.
  9. A couple of thoughts, Bill. First, one week is a very short time to evaluate the dose of C/L. I would probably go at least another week or two before increasing it. Also, if you do decide to increase, I wonder about increasing by 1/2 pill, rather than to double the dose right away. I would worry about nausea and dyskinesia. Good luck, whatever you decide. Adrienne
  10. Dear nn: I will pray that you are wrong, and that we will hear that you have garden variety PD. (Such a thing to hope for!) But feel free, at any time, to vent or worry or fret or rejoice here. We get it. We really do, and you are a most valuable member of this bizarre club. Best wishes, Adrienne
  11. I need to chime in on Rytary, methinks. I am on the 245 preparation, one capsule four times a day, and have recently added in 1/2 sinemet in the morning to get me going. I have had the onset of dyskinesia, which involves chewing the inside of my mouth and clenching of my jaw muscles, which started about three m0nths ago. I am in year 4 of diagnosis, and have had the mouth chewing for longer--probably since starting sinemet four years ago. But the clenching of my jaw muscles and neck muscles is new, and I think it is dyskinesia. I figured it is simply progression of the disease coupled with the use of C/L over four years, but I would be interested to hear of others who have this strange sensation. (I am a lot older than you all, so i would not see this as something for you to worry about!)
  12. Dear Dianne: I am so very sorry for your terrible loss. Losing a child has to be the worst pain of all--and the way in which this happened is unbelievable to me. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. May you find some peace in all of this, and may your body heal. It seems as if you were doing so much better with the pump. I pray that it can be replaced.
  13. What a nice video! Thanks so much for posting!
  14. Blessings to both of you, Mara77. You are courageous and honest, and an inspiration to those of us who walk this path.
  15. I am logged in. I changed from Mozilla to IE, and still get the same message. I have no other problems with this computer. Any other ideas? Thanks~!